Free Kellogg's Family Rewards Codes

Use These Free Kellogg's Rewards Codes to Get Free Stuff

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These free Kellogg's Family Rewards codes will help you fill your mailbox with free stuff that you use your points to redeem. This includes gift cards, toys, photo books, and all kinds of other items.

This rewards program encourages you to purchase Kellogg's products and enter the codes into their website. They also frequently release free codes that I've gathered up here into a list so you can easily enter them and rack up the points.

Kellogg's Family Rewards Codes

Here's a list of Kellogg's Family Rewards codes that are completely free, with no purchase necessary:

  • FROO-TLOO-PSFO-REVA (100 points)
  • LUNC-HBOX-OFFL-AVOR (100 points)
  • FOODINTERESTSYOU (100 points)

Note: Kellogg's doesn't seem to accept codes anymore. Instead, rewards are gathered through receipt uploads. You can learn how this rewards program works with this video.

Entering Your Kellogg's Family Rewards Codes

You can enter your Kellogg's rewards codes on their desktop website, mobile website, or by text message. Just look for the box that says "Enter 16-digit code here".

Free Stuff You Can Get Through Kellogg's Family Rewards

You can redeem your Kellogg's Family Rewards points on free stuff, coupons, sweepstakes, and charities.

The freebies you can get changes frequently but they always seem to have something good. The last time I visited they had gift cards to places like Starbucks and Lowe's, free photo books, Redbox codes, books, magazine subscriptions, games, and much more.