Free Intermediate and Advanced RC Airplane Plans

Build highly detailed RC scale model airplanes with these plans

These free RC aircraft plans are generally more suitable for intermediate to advanced RC modelers. The aircraft often require more individual components and complex construction, but they result in more realistic scale models. A few more basic plans, such as simple foamies, might be included in some of these collections. (First-time builders may want to try these less complex, easy-build airplane plans.)

Some plans are in PDF format, requiring Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded for free. Others are available only in CAD formats such as DWG or DXF. You may need to ​download another free viewer to view and print some of those.

The following are a few of the websites that carry these intermediate to advanced do-it-yourself RC model airplane plans:


Plans From Hilbren.

There are dozens of model plans here, listed in alphabetical order. As you pass your mouse over each link, a thumbnail image will pop up, showing you either a rendering of the plan or of the finished plane. Some have photos of the completed craft. These plans are in format, and include several dozen drawings of varying complexity from many different model builders.


Plans From Aerofred.

There are dozens of plans available on this site, most all in downloadable PDF format. Some are for entire planes, others for RC aircraft components. You need to be a logged-in member to download the plans, but that's quick, easy, and free to do. And it's worth it. There are some really cool plans for the advanced modeler here, including the Avia B-534, a Czechoslovakian fighter plane, and New England modeling legend Harvey Thomasian's Half Wave from 1964. You can also order some 3-D printed kits as well.

Profili 2

Plans From Profili 2.

Enthusiasts will love how easy it is to find what they're looking for at this site. Just plug in your parameters—which include dimension, engine, model, control style, format, and even the name of the craft—and then download your pick. There are over hundred plans for RC craft alone, from micro to full-sized.

The Planspage

Plans From the Planspage.

Whether you want to fly a plane or control a boat on the water, this page has dozens of downloadable plans for building your own radio-controlled vehicle. Plans may be in DXF or PDF formats. Some of the specific aircraft include a MIG 21, a P 51 D Mustang, and an A 7 Corsair "SLUF."


Plans From Willingtons.

This page features dozens of plans, all by name and alphabetized, and all free for the picking. Formats include GIF, JPEG, DXF, DWG, and others—so you'll likely find at least a plan or two your computer can handle. Plans come from a variety of authors and may vary greatly in detail and quality, so take some time to click through until you find what you want. 

Craig Tarlington

Plans From Craig Tarlington.

These five RC airplane plans are all by the Willingtons website's owner and author, Craig Tarlington, and are offered in PDF format (see the "My Plans" link in the sidebar if not taken directly to page). Plans are for a Pilen II (.25cu), Stunt Stik (.40cu), Stunt Stik II (.40cu), Gee Bee (.15cu), and a Beach Bum.