5 Places to Find Free Hotel Coupons

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Travelling can get expensive but there are a few ways that you can save some money. Lodging takes up a big part of the travel budget so it makes sense to try to save there. Save some money on your next vacation with free hotel coupons that you can print or pick up in the area you're traveling in.

These hotel coupons will get you deeply discounted rooms at some of the most popular hotels across the country. Some of the hotels are along the interstate making them great for a rest during a road trip and others are good for cities that you may be staying in. These free hotel coupons are catered for the area that you're in, so you should find lots of good options.

These really are the traditional coupons that you'll need to hand over when you check in to the hotel. Some of them you'll need to print before you leave and others can be picked up while you're on your trip. It's a really easy way to save some money on your hotel.

Hotel coupons can be found in the below locations but you also may spot them somewhere else, like a gas station counter. Keep your eyes open while you're traveling for lodging coupons and you can save big time.

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Free printable hotel coupons by region


If you've ever taken a road trip, you've probably seen books of hotel coupons at truck stops and convenience stores. Now they're online and you can download the books and print out any of the free hotel coupons you'd like.

There are books for The Carolinas, Florida, Georgia, Mid-America, Mid-Atlantic, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest. Click on the one you'd like to view and then use the arrows to browse to the area you're looking to stay in. You'll need to download the book as a PDF before you can print any of the hotel coupons.

If you'd still like to pick up a hard copy of the book, they're still available at many restaurants, gas stations, rest areas, and welcome centers.

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America Travel Coupons

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 America Travel Coupons

America Travel Coupons is a lot like HotelCoupons and are also available at stops along the interstate all over the United States. These red booklets are also available online now and you can print as many free hotel coupons from them as you'd like.

To find the coupons, just browse by state and then choose a city or an interstate. You'll then be able to print the coupon you want.

America Travel Coupons also has an app available now that you can use on the road to see what hotel coupons are available for each exit along the way.

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Travel Brochure Kiosks

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If you're planning to stay in a tourist area, keep your eye out for those big brochure kiosks located in welcome centers, fast food restaurants, and gas stations. Many hotels will print brochures that also feature free coupons.

While you're there, take a look at the other brochures. Many contain coupons for attractions, dining, and transportation. These kiosks are a must stop when you're traveling and looking to save some money.

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Travel Guides

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Before you go on your trip, visit the state or countries tourist website and look for a travel guide that you can request to be mailed to you or downloaded from their website.

Sometimes within these travel guides, you'll find free hotel coupons. They also will have a lot of information about the area you are visiting and more details on how to save when you travel there.

You can also get these guides at welcome centers, so if you don't have time to get them in the mail, stop by a welcome center to pick one up.

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Hotel Loyalty Clubs

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If you frequently stay at a certain chain of hotels, be sure to sign up for their loyalty club. It's a great way to get coupons sent right to you for a hotel you know you already like.

The coupons may arrive in one of two ways: they might be mailed to you as part of a brochure or be included in a letter asking you to come back and stay again. Watch your email inbox too, sometimes the loyalty clubs will email out coupons that you can print and use on your next stay.