Free Dress Patterns and Easy Tutorials for Beginners

Get instructions to sew the dress of your dreams.

There are lots of easy dress patterns for beginners that you can print out at home and make in a snap. I've looked all over the web for the best free dress patterns for you to use. Here's my top ten.

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Quick Dress Fixes

Dress Alterations
Dress Alterations. Rain Blanken

Resize or repair a dress to turn unavailable frocks into wearable gems. I can show you how to hem, restyle and remake any dress into an even-better dress.

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Infinity Dress

infinity dress
infinity dress. Copyright Rostichery

One of the most simple and versatile dresses to make, this one by Rostichery harkens back to the 70's. The straps can be retied in several different ways to create different bodice looks.

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Turn a T-Shirt into a Dress

T-Shirt Dress Instructions
T-Shirt Dress Instructions. Rain Blanken

T-shirts are the most versatile piece of clothing you have in your closet. You can even turn a t-shirt into a dress with minimal sewing. This cute jumper-style dress is a cinch to make in just a few minutes with these easy instructions.

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The Little Black Dress

little black dress
little black dress. copyright

This simple pattern from Modern Sewing Patterns is available in S, M, L and XL.

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Little Girls Dress from a T-Shirt

T-Shirt Girls Dress
T-Shirt Girls Dress.

Transform a large t-shirt into a cute summer dress for a lucky little girl. Lindsey Carrasco shows us how in this step-by-step video.

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Asian Dress

asian dress
asian dress. Copyright

This dress from Modern Sewing Patterns has an Asian cut, and is a good project for intermediate sewers. Printable sizes are S, M, L and XL.

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Dress with Veil

Veil dress
Veil dress. copyright

This is a more complicated dress from Modern Sewing Patterns that offers a flowing appearance. Print sizes in S, M, L and XL.

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How-To Skirts

Skirt Tutorials
Skirt Tutorials. DIY Fashion

Sometimes it can help to try making a skirt before you take on the task of crafting an entire dress. Try these pattern-free methods of creating easy skirts.

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Junya Watanabe Dress

watanabe dress
watanabe dress. copyright

At ShowStudio, they've provided a free PDF of this Junya Watanabe vinyl and plaid dress. The pattern is fairly simple, whether you plan on stitching with vinyl or a more conservative fabric.

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The Coffee Date Dress

coffee dress pattern
coffee dress pattern. copyright Burda Style

This dress from Burda Style is easily customizable. In fact, there are users at Burda Style who have altered this dress and posted the results. Print your own and get in on the fun.

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Mushroom Dress

Mushroom dress
Mushroom dress. copyright Burda Style

This very easy dress from Burda Style has a Greek flair and looks great when worn with a belt of sash. Stitch up your own and show it off.

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Mod Mila

Mod Dress Pattern
Mod Dress Pattern. copyright Burda Style

This 60's inspired dress is short, sassy and a lot of fun. This dress is rated as having an average difficulty, so expect to spend a little time and patience on it. One of my favorite Spring/Summer looks.

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'Danielle' Babydoll Dress

burda babydoll
burda babydoll. Copyright Burda Style

Another Burda Style creation, this airy dress is both romantic and fun. This is an easy pattern to follow for beginners.

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Debbie Sundress Pattern

Debbie Sundress
Debbie Sundress. Copyright Fitzpatterns

From Fitz patterns, this sundress has a short skirt and simple top. From the site: "Covers big butts when worn over jeans or show off perfect ones when worn as a dress." Now there's a hard-working dress!

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Inexpensive Vintage Dress Patterns

60's Mod Dress
60's Mod Dress. Abracadabra Vintage Clothing

Vintage patterns cost a few bucks, and can be used to make nostalgic and unique designs.

If you are looking for patterns form the 50's, 60's and 70's, stop by these excellent resources for ordering your inexpensive vintage patterns.

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Make a Duct Tape Dummy

Duct Tape Dress Form
Duct Tape Dress Form. Rusty Grass on Flickr

When it comes to fitting your dress, it helps to have a mannequin nearby. Make a cheap and custom-fit dress form using duct tape and a friend. A duct tape dummy is easy to make and will save you a lot of sewing headaches.