Free Change of Address Cards and Moving Announcements

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These free change of address cards are a great way to let everyone you know that you've moved and now have a new address. Since they're free they're easy on the pocketbook after all those moving expenses. They can even be used to play a fun housewarming game!

There are almost 50 different designs of free change of address cards from the silly to the elegant. With all the variety, you should be able to find one that you really like.

Most of these free change of address cards can be typed onto before printing and all of them can be handwritten on if you'd like to give them a personal touch. You can even just adhere an address label to them if you'd like.

If you're looking for address labels for your new place you can get some free address labels mailed to you or create your own with these free address label templates.

These free change of address cards can be printed on computer paper, cardstock, photo paper, or even label paper.

There are plenty of other moving freebies besides these free change of address cards. Who wouldn't want some free moving boxes?

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Change of Address Templates

A colorful change of address card with a town


Canva has dozens of free change of address cards in a wide variety of sizes that can all be customized with your new moving details. You then have the option of printing and mailing them, emailing them, or sending them through social media to announce your move.

Canva is an easy to use graphic design website that will help you create your custom change of address cards in around 10 minutes and for free.

Besides changing the text, you can customize just about everything from the photo, text color, background color, and dozens of other details that will make your moving announcement completely yours.

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Printable Moving Announcements and Housewarming Invitations

moving anouncements

Oh Happy Day

These change of address cards from Oh Happy Day has to be the cutest on the list. Cute little houses in shades of pink, blue, and yellow, open up to reveal your change of address. There's also a version that invites guests to a housewarming party at your new place. These do take a little bit of assembly, but the finished card makes it well worth it.

These also come with an insert where you can invite people over to your housewarming party. They simply slip into the moving announcement so you can invite as many or as few guests as you'd like.

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Floral Moving Announcement Template

A pink and green floral change of address card

Greetings Island

Greetings Island has created this pretty change of address card with pink flowers and green leaves surrounding your new information. Customize the card with your name and your new address. You can change the font and add additional text if you like, or even add stickers to brighten it up. You can then print it and mail it out or send it online to everyone you know.

In addition to this change of address cards, you can find dozens of other moving announcements in all different kinds of styles. 

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We've Moved! Free Printable Postcard

moved cards

Lemon Thistle

A great way to let your friends and family know that you have a new address is with a postcard. Lemon Thistle has created these adorable ones that you can personalize for free. Print the front and the back of the postcard and customize them after you print for these personal, one-of-a-kind change of address cards.

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Free Change of Address Cards

A yellow change of address cards with a sofa on it

Brooklyn Limestone

You can download these free change of address cards in four different styles - blue/red, yellow/gray, white/blue, or purple/green. Each of the cards says "New Home Sweet Home" with an illustration of your favorite comfy sofa. These change of address cards from Brooklyn Limestone look best when you add your address before printing.

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Change of Address Printable

A change of address card with a bird and birdhouse

Grace and Good Eats

Grace and Good Eats have designed this very cute change of address printable that features a bird who has found their new "home sweet home". Download the free printable, print it out, and then add your new address to the card. You can place it in an envelope or mail it as a postcard.

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Free Virtual Change of Address Cards

A virtual change of address cards with colorful keys


Save some trees and some time with this virtual change of address cards from Punchbowl. There are 9 free designs that let you add your name and new address but that's only the beginning. You can customize all the colors and the text in the card as well as customize the virtual envelope. Enter the email addresses you'd like to send it to, and you're all ready to go.