7 Sets of Free Bridal Shower Bingo Cards

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Bridal shower bingo is a favorite game for a good reason—it's a lot of fun! Pair it with a few other free, printable bridal shower games, and you've got yourself a fun girls' day out that's all about celebrating the bride-to-be.

Some of these free, printable bridal shower bingo cards are meant to be played during gift-opening time, and others are created to be a whole game in and of themselves. There are blank templates, and cards that already are filled in, so you can choose one which works for you.

These look great when printed on computer paper, but you can dress them up by printing them on colored cardstock, kraft paper, or scrapbook paper. For markers, you can use candy such as M&M's or Hershey's Kisses. 

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Bridal Shower Present Bingo

A woman holding a bridal shower bingo card

Something Turquoise

These light gray chevron bingo cards from Something Turquoise go with any decor. You even can print them on any color of paper to create a whole new look. Hand out these cards to your guests before the bride-to-be opens her gifts. Have each guest fill-in gifts she thinks the bride may get and then play bingo to see who can be the first to get five in a row.

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Printable Bridal Shower Bingo Cards

A bridal shower bingo card with a wooden pencil and flowers

Elegance and Enchantment

Elegance and Enchantment have designed these lovely bingo cards in green and pink with beautiful vintage flowers. These cards open as a PDF file that you can use to print two cards per sheet. Each card has instructions for the game at the top.

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Bridal Shower Bingo Game

A bridal shower bingo card with lemons

Fun Squared

These blank bingo cards from Fun Squared can be used to guess the gifts the bride will open during the shower or to guess which words will be said during the shower. Besides the bingo cards, there also are free, printable bridal shower Taboo cards.

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Bridal Bingo

A gray and white bridal shower bingo card

The Things Hannah Loves

These lovely bingo cards from The Things Hannah Loves can be downloaded in green, gray, and yellow, and come two per page. Hannah suggests cutting them out and using a corner punch, if you have one, to round the corners. Great idea!

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Bridal Bingo Cards

A bride wearing a dress on the background of a bridal shower bingo card

Bingo Card Template

These are some gorgeous and unique bingo cards from Bingo Card Template that can be downloaded in turquoise, pink, or soft pink in two design variations. These squares are small enough you could use small candy pieces as markers while you play. You'll need to print out an extra bingo card, cut out the squares, and use it as the calling card for this game.

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Bridal Bingo Cards

A pink and white bridal shower bingo card

Personalized Brides

Personalized Brides has bingo cards in pink, purple, and red with different designs like stripes, florals, and polka dots. With all those choices, you're sure to find one that goes with the bridal shower color scheme. These cards are nice because there are gift suggestions at the bottom of each card if any guests go blank. There are also some matching games that go along well with the bingo cards. Check them out and see if they're a good fit for your shower.

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Free, Printable Bridal Shower Bingo Game Cards

A bridal shower bingo card in pink, peach, and yellow

My Party Games

You've got a ready-to-go bridal shower game with these pre-filled bingo cards from My Party Games. There are three different designs: a floral peach and pink, a floral purple and pink, and black and white stripes with pink flowers. Each design is available as a set of 20 bingo cards and they include popular words that are said during a bridal shower. All of these open up as image files, making it easy to print more than one at a time. There's also a checklist available so the hostess can keep track of what words have been said. Here are some blank bridal shower bingo cards that come in a wide variety of designs and have blank spaces so the guests can write what gifts they think the bride will receive.