Frankoma Pottery Prices and Values

Founded in Oklahoma in 1933, Frankoma Pottery is known for its ceramic dinnerware and sculptures, including mugs, vases, and figurines. The company's wares are highly prized by collectors, with some objects selling for up to $700. More information about the value of Frankoma antiques is available from the Frankoma Family Collectors Association.

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Prairie Green Wagon Wheel Pitcher

Barbara Crews

Frankoma Pottery has had its ups and downs over the years, but as of 2018 it is still in business, producing the limited-edition artware for which the company is rightly famous.

One of Frankoma's trademark colors is Prairie Green, as seen in this well-known wagon wheel pitcher. The design was produced from 1942 until 1988 and includes a large variety of matching dinnerware pieces. Frankoma wagon wheel pitchers, depending on their condition, have a value of $40 to $65

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Prairie Green Bulbous Vase

eBay Seller: Reppgirl

Another well-known Prairie Green object is this Frankoma Bulbous Vase. It is a miniature vase measuring only three inches tall and is marked Frank Potteries/Norman Oklahoma. In 2008, the vase pictured here sold for $660.50.

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Pacing Puma

Frankoma Puma. Courtesy of eBay seller: CaughtMyFancy

A gorgeous and rare piece of early Frankoma pottery, this pacing puma is marked with the "Pot and Puma" logo only used from 1934 through 1938. This particular piece is also signed by Joseph Taylor, a sculptor who worked for Frankoma in the 1930s and 1940s. Frankoma pumas have sold for $45 to $90.

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DEM and GOP Mugs

2008 GOP and DEM Mugs. Frankoma Pottery

Political mugs have been a mainstay of the Frankoma line since the late 1960s, when the company first introduced its GOP elephant mug. Founder John Frank was a staunch Republican, and he produced the first mugs in 1968 as a fundraiser for the Republican Party. Frankoma did not produce its first Democratic Party mugs until 1975. They were designed by Frank's daughter, Joniece Frank, who took over the company in 1973.

Non-inaugural years are simply dated, but starting in 1977, the year the president was sworn into office, the mug from the appropriate party has listed the president and vice president's names on the mug.

Starting in 2005, Frankoma produced both party's mugs with their presidential nominees' names on it, with the "losers" production limited to 500 pieces.

Sold Prices and Values for Frankoma Political Mugs:

  • 1968: $25-$35
  • GOP 1969-1974: $15-$25
  • 1974 Nixon/Ford: $500 - $800*
  • 1975-Present: $5 - $20

*Limited edition made for the Republican Women's Organization

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White Buffalo Figurine

Frankoma White Buffalo
Frankoma White Buffalo. © Belhorn Auctions

This Frankoma white buffalo figurine was produced in a limited edition of 1000. Each object measures 6 3/4" tall and 8 1/2" long and is marked Frankoma 584 Joniece Frank. Copies of the figurine have sold at auction for $20 to $40.

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Art Deco Nude

This rare Frankoma statuette was designed by Gerald Smith. It measures 12 inches tall, with a 4.5-inch by 6-inch base. Like many Frankoma pieces, it features a Prairie Green glaze. In 2018, this object sold at auction for $389.99. 

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This 14-inch figurine was designed by Frankoma for Greyhound Bus Lines. In 2018, it sold at auction for $330.99.

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Dinnerware Set

In 2018, this four-person place setting sold for $175.