Four (Non-Black) Versatile Handbag Colors That Will Go With Everything

Women who are looking to get the most use out of their handbags (especially if they looking to purchase an investment piece), are likely to purchase black bags over any other color. Before you go and buy yet another black bag, keep in mind black is not the most versatile handbag color you can own. While it may match a lot of items, it tends to clash with navy, and can really drag a colorful outfit down. These four handbag colors are even more versatile than black, while being both functional and stylish.

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Woman holding metallic handbag
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Metallic handbags, be they gold, silver, copper, or any other metallic shade, are incredibly versatile. They are also season-less, which means you can carry them all year long. A metallic bag will match any color you are wearing, can dress up a more casual outfit while also adding a punch of style to a basic pair of jeans and a top. A metallic is like a black handbag with style, it functions just as well but looks a whole lot more interesting when carried. In addition to handbags, metallic is a versatile accessory choice in general.

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Fashion Blogger Eleonora Carisi wears a Fendi suit with a Gucci bag during Paris Fashion Week
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Green is often called a "colored neutral" because it is a color that is as versatile as a neutral shade (neutral meaning colors like navy, brown, grey, black and tan). A green handbag will not only add a bright punch to a somber, neutral-colored outfit, but will also complement nearly any color you may wear, without looking out of place. Combinations like pink and green, purple and green, coral and green, and yellow and green are simply gorgeous. While many green hues could work for your wardrobe, by far the most versatile shade is a bright grassy green. Some claim the color green has potential to relieve stress and create a calming feeling — it couldn't hurt to try, right?

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A guest is wearing a bag from Loewe seen in the streets of Milan during Milan Fashion Week
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Tan handbags, that fall into the beige, mid-brown or cognac category, are incredibly versatile because they can not only be carried with whatever color you are wearing but can work well with both brown and black. A deep brown handbag would clash with a black ensemble, (and vice versa), but a tan handbag can work in both cases, ensuring you will not only get a lot of use out of this color but will also not have to change your bag as frequently. 

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Fashion editor at Garage magazine Michelle Ellie during Paris Fashion Week
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Teal is considered a universally flattering color, meaning that all skin-tones look great in it. This is because teal is a very warm-based blue. As an accent color for handbags this shade is also very universal because, like green, it complements most other colors without looking too jarring or out of place. Combinations like a pink outfit and teal handbag, a coral sweater and teal purse, a purple dress and teal clutch, and more, are all lovely and flattering. This hue also works well with neutral shades like grey, navy, black, brown, tan and khaki.

Choose the handbag color that is most versatile for you

With all these versatile handbag shades there is bound to be one that you will like. Start by looking at your wardrobe and finding a universal theme in color to decide which of these functional shades will get you the most wear. Often, when we think of function, we assume style will have to go by the wayside. Being stylish does not have to be hard, complicated or fussy. So ditch the black handbag, bring in some other versatile options to spice up your look.