Gift Ideas for Foster Parents

Thoughtful Family Gift Ideas for Busy Foster Parents

An example of an adoption care package.
An example of an adoption care package.

Is there a special foster family on your gift list? Consider gifts not only for the family but for the foster parents. Your thoughtfulness is sure to be appreciated. Here are a few to help you choose the right gift for any foster family.

  1. Gift Cards to Restaurants. A gift card for a dinner out will help the foster parents make an evening out with the family more special. Many foster children have not experienced dinners at a sit-down restaurant, but having extra children can make this outing a huge expense for the family. Consider a gift card to a fun restaurant that will be unique for the kids, or choose a family favorite. It will not only be a great help but an appreciated gift.
  2. Movie Tickets. Movie tickets are also a great family gift idea. Many foster families may not be able to take their whole family out to the movies due to the cost. Movie tickets will be another much-appreciated gift.
  3. Board Games. Board games are activities that will keep a family busy on rainy or cold days. Foster children can also learn key social skills playing board games with the family, such as turn-taking and winning or losing gracefully. Foster parents are constantly looking for fun ways to teach important life lessons, and board games are an excellent choice.
  4. Stress-relieving Items. Stress-relieving items for the foster parents like journals, bath and body type items, candles or a gift certificate for a massage make great choices too. A good book to relax with may also be appropriate if you know their interests and likes in reading material.
  5. Gift Certificates. Certificates for house cleaning or yard work would be an awesome family gift idea as many foster families are already pressed for time to get everything accomplished, especially if both foster parents work outside of the home. Single foster parents will obviously be very thankful for a gift that helps them get things done around the house.
  6. Organizers, calendars, and memo boards. Anything that helps a busy family stay organized and on track during the week would make a perfect gift. These items are also useful for families who need to track a child's behaviors and improvements from day to day.
  7. Photography Service. This is another gift certificate idea or something you could do for the family if photography is a skill you possess. We all love photos of our children. Photos of just the foster children make great gifts for birth family too.
  8. Scrapbook Materials. Items needed to help foster children create and maintain a lifebook can get expensive fast. Help a foster family by gifting a variety of papers, scissors, glues, and stamps.
  9. Movies. We all have a stash of movies, but most of us could use new ones to keep children entertained on weekends or snow days. Consider a family gift of a movie; don't forget about old movies that children may enjoy too, such as The Wizard of Oz, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Shirley Temple movies.
  10. Picture Frames/Albums. Photo albums are also a must as some foster parents have to create a lifebook for each foster child in their home. Nice picture frames are also nice gifts so that foster parents can hang their foster children's pictures on the wall, helping the children feel that they too belong to the family.

Foster Family Gift Packaging Idea

Consider packaging up a few of the above ideas to make a gift extra special. For example, the board game, some popcorn, and soda placed in a basket would make a fun gift.

Another idea would be to group together some scrapbook materials, a picture frame, and a gift certificate for your photography skills.

Get creative and happy gifting.