Football Cheers and Chants

Competitive cheerleading squad cheering at football game

asiseeit/Getty Images

You can never have enough cheers, right? So, here is a collection of cheerleading cheers for football. Be creative, change up the words, add your own motions, and invent a cheer of your own.

Cheers to Get Fired Up

Hey, Hey you,
get out of our way.
Because today is the day,
we will put you away!

Submitted by: Alli

Are you ready?
For some BHS football.
We're here,
Two teams.
One goal.
Victory in sight.
Good luck to you,
From the orange, black, and white
Go, Redskins!

Submitted by:  Jessica

Hey Patriots, (team name)
We're back to fight with pride,
So step aside,
Yell Go, Fight, Win,
Hey (other team)
We're back to attack,
We'll show no slack,
Hey fans,
We're back to fight with all our might,
Yell Red, Blue, and White! (3 team colors)
Yell Red, Blue, and White! (​3 team colors)
Go Patriots! (team name).

Submitted by: Morgan

We're gonna fight
to win this game tonight.
We're gonna stump,
to get over the hump.
We're gonna move,
to get into the grove
Go get 'em, hey, hey go get 'em
Go get 'em, hey, hey go get 'em!
#1! (call out favorite numbers)
Go get 'em, hey, hey go get 'em!
Go get 'em, hey, hey go get 'em!
D-D-P (school nickname)
Go get 'em, hey, hey go get 'em!

Submitted by: Denisha

Don't wait.
Don't hesitate,
For the battle has just begun.
Intimidate and dominate,
For the Eagles are number 1!

Submitted by: Carla

Fire it up, (clap, clap)
Fire it up, (clap, clap)
Fire it up, and up, and up, and up, and up!
(repeat 2 times)

Submitted by: Cheer Rox

Cheers for Defense

Attack that quarterback
Attack that quarterback
Attack that quarterback
with eye to eye contact!
(repeat 3x)

Submitted by:  Amanda

Knock 'em down
Roll 'em around
Come on defense work, work!

Submitted by:  Reagan

Sack (clap, clap) that quarterback
(clap) Crash through that line (slap down)!

Submitted by: Kendra

Cheers for Offense

Check out the score
(Yeah) we want some more
(Yeah) we ain't needy, needy
We're just greedy, greedy!

Submitted by: Shanell

There's not enough to say,
There's not enough to do.
So we're gonna beat the badness out of you!

Submitted by: Jillian

Touchdown, we need a touchdown.

Submitted by: Amber

Crusaders (your team name) unite,
Fight, Crusaders, fight!
(repeat 3x)

Submitted by: KebCheer