30 Lip Smacking Food Quotes to Satiate Your Soul

Eat to Live or Live to Eat? Famous Food Quotes Resolve This Puzzle

aerial view of family having Thanksgiving dinner

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The fetish for food is like a secret affair you never want to reveal. You can't help salivating when you see the oh-so-delicious birthday cake, or the crisp fries, or even the melt-in-your-mouth lamb shanks. You may want to pretend that food does not affect you that much. But come on! Let's be honest here. Don't you wish you could eat all those yummy, to-die-for candies without putting an ounce of weight?

What thought crosses your mind when you see a delicious slice of cheese? Most of us would think of how it would melt in our mouth. But only a true connoisseur of fine food, like Clifton Fadiman, could think of another viewpoint, "Cheese—milk's leap toward immortality."

Clearly, food is an obsession with many. Binge on these other famous quotes about food. 

  • Mark Twain: "Sacred cows make the best hamburger."
  • Alphonse Allais: "Coffee is a beverage that puts one to sleep when not drank."
  • Samuel Johnson: "He who does not mind his belly will hardly will hardly mind anything else."
  • Elizabeth Berry: "Shipping is a terrible thing to do to vegetables. They probably get jet-lagged, just like people."
  • President George Bush: "I do not like broccoli. And I haven't liked it since I was a little kid and my mother made me eat it. And I'm President of the United States and I'm not going to eat any more broccoli."
  • George Bernard Shaw: "There is no sincerer love than the love of food."
  • Confucius: "The way you cut your meat reflects the way you live."
  • Spanish Proverb: "The belly rules the mind."
  • Socrates: "Worthless people live only to eat and drink; people of worth eat and drink only to live."
  • James Beard: "A gourmet who thinks of calories is like a tart who looks at her watch."
  • Mahatma Gandhi: "To a man with an empty stomach, food is god."
  • Arthur Pendenys: "A good meal makes a man feel more charitable toward the whole world than any sermon."
  • Harry Hopkins: "Hunger is not debatable."
  • Polish Proverb: "Even were a cook to cook a fly, he would keep the breast for himself."
  • Christopher Morley: "No man is lonely while eating spaghetti—it requires so much attention."
  • Philip W. Haberman: "A gourmet is just a glutton with brains."
  • Sir Robert Hutchinson: "Vegetarianism is harmless enough, though it is apt to fill a man with wind and self-righteousness."
  • H. S. Leigh: "If you wish to grow thinner, diminish your dinner."
  • Adelle Davis: "Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper."
  • Alice May Brock: "Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good."
  • Anthelme Brillat-Savarin: "Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you what you are."
  • Eike von Repkow: "He who comes first, eats first."
  • Epictetus: "Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat as becomes you, and be silent."
  • Fran Lebowitz: "Food is an important part of a balanced diet."
  • Elsa Schiaparelli: "A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness."
  • French Proverb: "A good meal ought to begin with hunger."
  • Plutarch: "It is a hard matter, my fellow citizens, to argue with the belly, since it has no ears."
  • Latvian Proverb: "A smiling face is half the meal."
  • Polish Proverb: "Fish, to taste right, must swim three times—in water, in butter, and in wine."