Flattering Hairstyles by Face Shape

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Alicia Keys' Square Faced "Do"

Alicia Keys arrives for the MTV Video Music Awards
Gregg DeGuire / Contributor/Getty Images

When you want a hairstyle that "wows," you have to choose designs that work with your unique face shape. Check out these looks modeled on celebrities that flatter different face shapes, from round to square to long, and that "perfect" oval.

Here, Alicia Keys makes the most of her square face shape with a high pompadour and trailing lengths that travel down her back.

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Queen Latifah - Round and Bobbed

queen latifah
Queen Latifah. Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images

Queen Latifah has a classic round face​ but minimizes it well with a side-part and this straight style that falls past the chin.

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Taraji Henson - Soften a Square Jawline

taraji henson
Taraji Henson at a screening of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Taraji Henson is usually pictured wearing this sideswept style and it works perfectly to soften her strong, square jawline. The length falls past her chin and those bangs cover a small forehead. Got a square face, too? Avoid pulled back ponytails, unless you add wispy or strong bangs directed to one side.

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Jurnee Smollett - Round with Curls

jurnee smollett
Actress Jurnee Smollett attends the 39th NAACP Image Awards Nominee Luncheon. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Jurnee Smollett proves that round faces can sport curls, so long as it's done the right way. Wear hair parted on one side. The part doesn't have to be exact or definite, as shown here. Also, make sure your hair doesn't stop at the roundest part of your face, your cheeks.

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Halle Berry: Oval Face Shape - The Lucky Ones

halle berry
Actress Halle Berry arrives at the screening of "X-Men Origins: Wolverine". Kevin Winter/Getty Images

What hairstyle can't Halle Berry wear? While her super short cut shows off her facial features to their best advantage, she can still rock a high-volume bob and look great.

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Halle Berry: Oval Face - Short and Sassy

halle berry
Actress Halle Berry. John Shearer/Getty Images

Here Halle Berry returns to the cut that's become her signature. Because she has a classic oval face, where just about any style works, she can pull off short and long styles with equal ease.

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Queen Latifah - Sleek Style

queen latifah
Queen Latifah at the second annual Curvation Project Confidence Awards. Peter Kramer/Getty Images

Think you can't wear a sleek style because your face is round? Think again. Follow Queen Latifah's lead with a defined side part pulled back into a bun. Keeping hair off of your face is the way to go when it's round. Avoid center parts and blunt-cut bangs.

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Jordin Sparks - Round Faced Beauty

jordin sparks
Singer Jordin Sparks. Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The last thing round-faced beauties like Jordin Sparks should do is wear their hair closely plastered to their faces. She sports just the right amount of volume and a key round face move for slenderizing the face -- a side part.

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Jurnee Smollett - Round with Straight Hair

jurnee smollett
Actress Jurnee Smollett. Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Jurnee Smollett demonstrates key details for minimizing a round face with this straight style: off-center part, just enough volume and the right length. Avoid styles that focus volume right at the cheeks; instead, keep the length past your chin for the most flattering effect.

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Kelly Rowland - Long with Bangs

kelly rowland
Kelly Rowland. Dave Hogan/Getty Images

Kelly Rowland has the length perfect for not dragging down her long face shape but could use some side-swept bangs instead of the nearly blunt-cut ones featured here. Bangs work to shorten a long face, but it's important to choose the right style.

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Kelly Rowland - Long and Full of Volume

kelly rowland
Kelly Rowland on MTV's Total Request Live July 3, 2007 in New York City. Evan Agostini/Getty Images

Kelly Rowland minimizes the longness of her face with high-volume curls on the side and directed toward the back. She also chooses a good length for long hair -- not too long and not poker straight.

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Meagan Good's Good Bangs

meagan good
Meagan Good at the premiere of "The Love Guru". Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Meagan Good's long face shape is accentuated nicely by these uneven bangs and pulled-back hair. Long faces can successfully wear long hair, but make sure it's not super long. Ultra-long lengths will pull your face down and make it look even longer.