Flash Tattoos: Jewelry Inspired Temporary Tattoos

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Flash Your Metal...Temporarily

Photo Courtesy of Flash Tattoos.

What do you get when you combine the bling of jewelry with the fun of temporary tattoos? Jewelry inspired temporary tattoos?   Flash Tattoos, the company behind this hot new trend of being able to get a commitment-free metallic tattoo, has taken accessorizing to a whole new level, and it's summer's hottest accessorizing trend.  Find out more about Flash Tattoos and check out some inspiring Flash Tat images.

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How Flash Tattoos Work

Photo Courtesy: Flash Tattoos.

Flash Tattoos couldn't make it easier to apply this trend to your body.  All it takes is some clean, dry, oil-free skin (meaning no lotions or body oils), a sheet of Flash Tattoos, a wet cloth and the ability to sit still for less than a minute.  Like traditional temporary tattoos, you lay the design face down on the skin, hold the wet cloth against the tattoo and your skin for 30 seconds and, voila, you're all blinged out.  After applying, the company advises you not twist or bend the skin for about ten minutes (ideally one to two hours) after applying in order to set your fresh tattoo.  As exciting as your temporary metal can be, try to hold still.  You'll be happy you did. 

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How long do Flash Tattoos last?

Photo Courtesy of Flash Tattoos.

Like anything, the better you treat your Flash Tattoos the longer they will last.  After applying it is suggested that you avoid soap, oils, sunscreen and any other products near your temporary tattoo that can degrade the adhesive.  If you are going out in the sun, remember, sunscreen is still important.  Be mindful of this if you aren't wearing sunscreen over the tattoo. 

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Are Flash Tattoos safe for all skin types?

Photo Courtesy: Flash Tattoos.

Unless you are allergic to adhesives, Flash Tattoos should be safe to use.  The company uses non-toxic materials that  pass safety standards for the cosmetic and toy product industries and meet all U.S. and international regulatory requirements.  Of course it is important to be smart and not apply this product anywhere near your eyes.

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How to Remove a Flash Tattoo

Photo Courtesy: Flash Tattoos.

Okay, so you tried a Flash Tattoo and didn't like it, the tattoo lost its shiny metallic luster or you're just ready to remove it because, after all, this is the beauty of a temporary tattoo, right?  Removal is as simple as the application.  Simply soak your skin in baby oil, olive oil or coconut oil for a minute and scrub the tattoo off.  Apply lotion to the area afterwards to soothe the skin.  Another way to remove a temporary tattoo is to use hand sanitizer. If you went out in the sun, you may notice a mark left behind from the tattoo.  This could be another fun feature of these tattoos. 

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Why Flash Tattoos are so wearable?

Photo Courtesy: Flash Tattoos.

It makes sense that Flash Tattoos are a hot summer trend.  While we may be baring a lot of skin to beat the heat, the last thing we often want to do is wear jewelry.  The idea of hot metal against skin and fussy chains around a sweaty neck sounds about as appealing as wearing a cashmere sweater on a hot, humid and sticky day.  Plus, who is hanging around the pool or beach blinged out in jewels?  How tacky!  Flash Tattoos give you the ability to wear jewelry without actually wearing it.  In addition, while on vacation, at a festival, concert, poolside or beach-side, when wearing a temporary jewelry tattoo, you don't have to worry about theft.  Unless someone is carrying a scalpel, you're as good as gold, just like your metallic Flash Tats. 

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Where to Buy Flash Tattoos

Photo Caption: Flash Tattoos.

Flash Tattoos can be purchased on their website along with other retailers.  Each set of Flash Tattoos contain three-four sheets of various designs and retail between $20-$30. 

One last side note: Flash Tattoos do cause tan lines, which can be really cool or really freaky, depending on your tattoo design, how well you tan, and where it is placed.  Of course, the company has a name for this Flash Tattoo tan line effect-- Flash Tans.