Five Ways Your Hair Can Help You Look Younger

Valentine/Getty Images

As men, we often become obsessed with looking younger. Of course, keeping a healthy mind and body are important to looking young. Skin care, wardrobe, and attitude are key factors as well. So is the hair. Getting a new haircut, a clean shave, and toning down gray are fairly cheap and easy ways to knock a few years off your appearance. These are my five ways hair can help you look younger from the neck up.

1. Get a New Haircut

One way to freshen up your look and give yourself a more youthful appearance is to change up the hairstyle. A more stylish haircut can knock a few years off your appearance. Just make sure the cut is still age appropriate. For example, a faux hawk is probably not the best option for a 45 year old man, while a classic taper with a textured top would work well. When in doubt, ask your stylist's honest opinion. It's also important to make sure to choose the right hairstyle for your lifestyle and, if going a bit trendy, know how to pull off a trendy haircut at work.

2. Get Rid of Gray

I think there's nothing more handsome than a nice head of gray hair, especially when paired with a stylish haircut. That said, gray hair can add a few years to your appearance, so toning it down a bit might be a good option. Of course there are things to consider before coloring gray hair such as cost and maintenance.

Should you decide to get rid of gray, I can't stress enough that you should go to a professional for the best results. Home color jobs almost always look fake. Rather than getting rid of all of your gray, find a stylist who uses a product that can be used to tone down gray hair in just a few minutes.

This will give you a more subtle change that can knock years off your look. American Crew has a similar color process called Precision Blend that works quite well, too.

3. Shave

While a beard or some sort of facial hair can give you a more trendy look, I think facial hair almost always makes a guy look older. Consider a clean shave for a more youthful appearance. If you've had facial hair for a long time, I recommend giving yourself a treat and going to the barber for a professional shave. It feels great and it's a nice way to transition back into the world of the clean-shaven.

4. Manscape

Maintaining body hair ("manscaping") should be part of your regular grooming ritual. Now, I'm not talking about shaving everything from the neck down until you look like a plucked chicken, but it is a good idea to keep things neatly trimmed. If you do nothing else, pay close attention to your ears and eyebrows -- the brows should always be neat and ears should be free of hair. I know some people think those bushy eyebrows add character, but I think they make a guy look old and sloppy.

5. Maintain Health Hair and Scalp

A healthy looking head of hair will enhance a guy's looks at any age, especially when he's more mature.

Knowing how to maintain great looking hair and caring for your scalp are essential to great looking hair.