First Few Weeks Home with a Newly Adopted Child

One of the most often asked questions I get hit with after teaching a new batch of foster and adoptive parents is, "What about those first few days in our home? How do we help the child feel comfortable?" Adding to our home and family is such a personal experience, it's natural that we want the child to feel comfortable and welcome. We as parents want to feel that we are not missing anything and that we are doing a good job. Here are a few ideas on how to do that.

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Hold a Family Meeting

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Within a few days of a child being in your home, hold a family meeting. This family meeting will focus on three different main areas: 1. Rules, 2. Consequences, 3. Likes/Dislikes. Use this meeting as a way to get to know the child and help the child feel like he has a bit of ownership in some the rules and consequences used in the home.

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Establishing Yourself as a Parent

When it comes to parenting, especially with older kids, it is very important to establish your role as a parent as soon as the children walk in the door.

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Introducing an Adopted Child to Your Family

It's important to prepare your children for a new arrival. Here are a few points to review with the kids.

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Setting Up a Bedroom and Closet for Older Adoptive Youth

When we were first setting up our guest bedroom for foster care and eventually adoption, I had no real idea of what I needed. I really could have used a handy list like this one that my friend helped develop.

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Bare Necessities: Basic Baby Needs

Babies have an entirely different set of needs on their shopping lists. Are you sure you remembered everything?

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Creating a Bond with Your Newly Adopted Child

Activity ideas to help you bond with your new child. Pick and choose what would work best for you and the child.