First Date Pisces Love Tips

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Pisces are strange and wonderful, and seek the same—your most unusual traits are what attract. They're also very visual, with many being artistic. 

So, they'll be feasting on your tableau—your style, your countenance, attitude and that undefinable quality of soul. 

Of all the signs, Pisces is one most likely to be attracted to who you are deep down. 


A flirty Pisces goes with the flow, right to where you are. 

If a Pisces is interested in you, he or she acts on it by arranging chance meetings. It'll appear to be serendipity, and they'll deny anything to the contrary. Don't break the spell! They want to have a tale to tell, about how you met. 

Pisces are romantics at heart, and like when there's a fated feel to the connection. "We've met before, perhaps in a past life." After all, this sign is ruled by Neptune, the planet of all things timeless, including love.

Pisces has an older ruler, too—the planet of adventure and faith, Life is full of meaning for Pisces because they are attuned to dreams and have poetic souls. 

All the Way

Fluidity and lack of boundaries are common Pisces traits, as is a sensual nature. All those together make them very juicy and emotional lovers who take the plunge when interested.

They might go all the way on the first date if the attraction is there. Pisces sends subtle signals, and don't like to have to spell it out. 

Some Pisces are excessive that way, with addictions and fantasies. You'll want to suss out whether your Fish crush likes you, or an idealized version of who you are. 

The Deep End

Pisces lovers like people who are honest, especially about their feelings. They might reveal themselves, and expect that to be held in a special atmosphere of acceptance. 

Pisces recoils like a snail retracting into its shell, at any hint of judgment. In fact, Pisces' idea of hell is listening to criticism, even the constructive kind.

They also tend to be unconventional and are bored talking about the usual things. Catch their interest with a review of a recent movie, especially if it moved you deeply.

The Rules

Pisces is different every time you meet, making it hard to advise any hard n' fast rules. But here are some general tips based on what's knowable about the sign of the fishes.

  • Do be enchanting, and appeal to their sense of wonder.
  • Do be considerate of their feelings.
  • Do suggest dates in non-chaotic places, atmospheric places.
  • Do offer thoughtful gifts.
  • Do allow them to be full of contradictions.
  • Do show them you care for animals, old people, and any other vulnerable thing.
  • Do entertain them with your imagination.
  • Do suggest dates to go to the movies, theatre or to see a concert.
  • Don't try to rush Pisces into a decision, especially not commitment.
  • Don't take Pisces to places that are overstimulating or taxing on the nerves.
  • Don't assume you've got them figured out.
  • Don't be cruel or try to intimidate them.
  • Don't be rude to the wait staff or show selfish tendencies.
  • Don't be too materialistic.
  • Don't dismiss things that you can't see (like ghosts, fairies, angels).
  • Don't be too critical.

Date Ideas

The ocean, paddling in a lake, kayaking, the aquarium, water park, intimate venue music concert, a spa or sauna, hot springs, poetry reading, 80s night dancing, a cruise, sailing, dining al fresco by the ocean, scuba diving, museum stroll, film festival, yoga retreat.