Fire Emblem: Three Houses Walkthrough, Cheats, and Codes

Your guide to the stories in each house

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the most complex game in the entire Fire Emblem franchise, which is really saying something. Learn how to recruit every character, tackle every class, and unlock the secret fourth path with this Fire Emblem: Three Houses walkthrough.

Byleth commands the Black Eagles in Fire Emblem: Three House for Switch

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Walkthrough

At the start of the game, you'll be asked to instruct one of the eponymous three houses. This decision, as well as the others you make, will greatly impact the story and the flow of battle. No single path is more difficult than the others because each house has its own strengths and weaknesses. To see the entire story play out, you must complete each houses path and the secret fourth path.

How to Unlock the Fourth Path

The Black Eagles path actually diverges in two, making for a total of four playable paths. To unlock the secret path, you must make very specific choices throughout the story:

  1. Choose to instruct the Black Eagles at the beginning of the game.

  2. Get your Support Level with Edelgard to C+ or higher by the second calendar month (Pegasus Moon).

  3. During "Chapter 11: Throne of Knowledge," explore the Monastery and talk to Edelgard near the entrance. Agree to accompany her to Enbarr.

  4. During the "Conflict in the Holy Tomb" battle, you must make a decision that determines your path:

    • Choose to side against Edelgard to follow the standard path.
    • Choose to side with Edelgard to follow the secret path.

    If you follow Edelgard, you'll lose Rhea, Cyril, Catherine, Seteth, and Flayn as party members. If you side against her, Edelgard and Hubert will leave the party, but most of your other companions will continue to support you. You'll also have the opportunity to recruit other characters, such as Hilda of the Golden Deer.

    If you didn't talk to Edelgard in the Monastery earlier, you won't have a choice, and you'll be locked into the standard path.

New Game Plus Mode

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is a game that's meant to be played multiple times. After completing any path, you can restart the story in New Game + mode. Your levels, Renown, and other stats will carry over from each playthrough. You'll also earn extra Renown for completing missions and unlock the notebook, which lets you purchase various extra features.

Additionally, new crests will be available in each playthrough. The crests you unlock are determined by decisions you made in the previous run. If you scan any Fire Emblem amiibo at the Monastery in New Game + mode, a secret area will unlock where you can talk to Sothis and receive a powerful spell. Scanning amiibos will also unlock a bonus music track.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Classes

To unlock most new classes, you must reach a certain level, obtain the appropriate seal, and learn the skills required to complete certification exams. There are also unique classes that specific characters learn automatically as the story progresses.

Class Level Seal Skill Requirements
Fighter Level 5+ Beginner Axe D, Bow D, Brawl D
Monk Level 5+ Beginner Reason D, Faith D
Myrmidon Level 5+ Beginner Sword D
Soldier Level 5+ Beginner Lance D
Archer Level 10+ Intermediate Bow C
Armored Knight Level 10+ Intermediate Axe C
Brawler (Males Only) Level 10+ Intermediate Brawl C
Brigand Level 10+ Intermediate Axe C
Cavalier Level 10+ Intermediate Lance C
Dark Mage (Males Only) Level 10+ Intermediate Reason C
Lord (Edelgard, Dmitri, and Claude) Level 10+ Intermediate Sword D, Authority C
Mage Level 10+ Intermediate Reason C
Mercenary Level 10+ Intermediate Sword C
Pegasus Knight (Females Only) Level 10+ Intermediate Lance C, Flying D
Priest Level 10+ Intermediate Faith C
Thief Level 10+ Intermediate Sword C
Assassin Level 20+ Advanced Sword B, Bow C
Bishop Level 20+ Advanced Faith A
Dark Bishop (Males Only, requires Dark Mage Certification) Level 20+ Advanced Reason A
Fortress Knight Level 20+ Advanced Axe A, Heavy Armor B
Grappler (Males Only) Level 20+ Advanced Brawl A
Hero (Males Only) Level 20+ Advanced Sword B, Axe C
Paladin Level 20+ Advanced Lance B, Riding B
Sniper Level 20+ Advanced Bow A
Swordmaster Level 20+ Advanced Sword A
Warlock Level 20+ Advanced Reason A
Warrior Level 20+ Advanced Axe A
Wyvern Rider Level 20+ Advanced Axe B, Flying C
Bow Knight Level 30+ Master Seal Lance C, Bow A, Riding A
Dark Knight Level 30+ Master Seal Lance C, Reason B+, Riding A
Falcon Knight (Females Only) Level 30+ Master Seal Sword C, Lance A, Flying B+ 
Great Knight: Level 30+ Master Seal Axe B+, Heavy Armor A, Riding B+
Gremory (Females Only) Level 30+ Master Seal Reason A, Faith A
Holy Knight Level 30+ Master Seal Lance C, Faith B+
Mortal Savant Level 30+ Master Seal Sword A, Reason B+
War Master (Males Only) Level 30+ Master Seal Axe A, Brawl A
Wyvern Lord Level 30+ Master Seal Lance C, Axe A, Flying A

How to Unlock the Secret Dancer Class

Select a character to participate in the White Heron Cup during Chapter 9. Talk to them in the Monastery and tell them to practice until their Cha stat reaches 13 or higher. After winning the competition, that character will have access to the Dancer class in the Reclass menu.

The dance ability gives other units a second turn during battle. Only one unit can become a Dancer in each playthrough.

How to Recruit Characters in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

When you talk to students in the Monastery, you'll have the option to recruit them for your house. When you try to recruit a student, there is always an element of chance to whether or not they accept your offer. To increase the likelihood that they'll agree, you can either:

  • Raise your Support Level with the student.
  • Raise your proficiency in skills that interest the student.

As your Support Level with each student goes up, the skill requirements for recruiting them will go down. The students' interests are as follows:

Black Eagle House

Character Interests
Bernadetta Bow, Strength
Caspar Brawl, Strength
Dorothea Authority, Charm
Ferdinand Heavy Armor
Linhardt Reason, Magic
Petra Riding, Dexterity

Blue Lion House

Character Interests
Annette Faith, Magic
Ashe Lance, Charm
Felix Speed
Ingrid Flying, Dexterity
Mercedes Bow, Magic
Sylvain Reason, Charm

Golden Deer House

Character Interests
Hilda Axe, Charm
Ignatz Authority, Dexterity
Leonie Lance, Strength
Lorenz Reason, Charm
Lysithea Faith, Magic
Marianne Riding, Magic
Raphael Heavy Armor, Strength

How to Recruit Any Student in the Monastery

You can recruit any student with a Support Level of at least B-, regardless of your own skills and stats. Save the game before asking, then reload if they turn you down. They might say yes on the next try.

There are a few ways to raise a character's Support Level:

  • Buy them gifts on their birthday.
  • Bring them flowers from the green house.
  • Have them join you for tea or a meal in the dining hall.
  • Retrieve lost items.

The quickest way to any student's heart is to give them flowers, so harvest as many as you can in the greenhouse.

How to Quick Reset in Fire Emblems: Three Houses

Every battle in Fire Emblem is a close call, so you'll likely find yourself frequently restarting. If you're caught in a losing battle, hold L, R, +, and - on the controller to return to the main menu where you can resume from your last autosave.

The quick reset trick also comes in handy if you don't get the outcome you want from a conversation.

How to Get Easy Tournament Wins

At one point during Part One of the game, you'll have the option to temporarily recruit students from any house. They won't gain experience from battle, but you can enter them in tournaments to win prizes for your team. Since tournaments don't reward experience anyway, recruit characters who excel at specific skills, and send them to tournaments they can easily win. You may repeatedly reenter tournaments to keep racking up rewards.