Navy Enlisted Classifications (NECs) - Fire Controlman

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Fire Controlmen are highly trained in electronics and the mechanics of modern weaponry. Modern Naval weaponry is linked to computers and software programs and requires lots of maintenance when onboard a ship exposed to saltwater and the elements.

A Fire Controlman is responsible for ensuring that weapons firing systems are fully operational and able to defend assets or attack targets as required.

The Navy Enlisted Classification (NEC) system supplements the enlisted rating structure in identifying personnel on active or inactive duty and billets in manpower authorizations. NEC codes identify a non-rating wide skill, knowledge, aptitude, or qualification that must be documented to identify both people and billets for management purposes.

The NECs for the Community

The NECs for the Fire Controlman community area are:

704B - Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) MK1 Operator

V61B - MK 46 MOD 2 Gun Weapon System (GWS) Technician

V01A - ACB-12 Gun Computer System (GCS) MK 160 MODs 14-16/Electro-Optical Sensor System (EOSS) MK 20 MOD 0 Fire Control (FC) Technician

V02A - Close-In Weapon System (CIWS) Phalanx Block 1B Baseline 2 Technician

V10A - Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) MK-31 Mod 1 & 3 Guided Missile Weapons Systems Technician

V15A - Gun Computer System (GCS) MK 160 MOD 11/Electro-Optical Sensor System (EOSS) MK 20 MOD 0 Fire Control Technician

V17A - GCS MK-160 MOD 4 Fire Control Technician

V18A - CIWS MK-15 BLOCK 11-14 Technician

V19A - Phalanx Close-In Weapon System MK 15 MOD 21, 22, and 25 (BLOCK IB) Technician

V20A - Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System (TTWCS) Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Technician

V21A - GCS MK 160 MOD 8/OSS MK 46 MOD 1 Fire Control Technician

V22A - AN/SPS-48E Search Radar Technician

V25A - Rolling Airframe Missile (RAM) MK-31 Guided Missile Weapons Systems Technician

V26A - Gun Computer System (GCS) MK 160 MOD 9/10 Fire Control Technician

V27A - NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System MK-57 MOD 2, 3 Technician

V29A - Improved Point Defense Target Acquisition System MK-23 (IPD/TAS)

V30A - AN/SYQ-27 Naval Fire Control System (NFCS) Phase I Fire Control Technician

V31A - NATO Sea Sparrow Surface Missile System (NSSMS) MK 57 Mods 10 and Above

V32A - Improved Self Defense Surface Missile System Technician

V33A - Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) MK1 Maintenance Technician

V34A - Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) MK1 Systems Technician

V35A - HARPOON (AN/SWG-1A) Maintenance Technician

V38A - AGFCS MK 86 MOD 9 Systems Technician

V40A - AN/SPQ-9B Radar Technician

V41A - Tomahawk Strike Manager (TSM)

V15B - SSDS OA Maintenance Technician

V86B - SSDS Open Architecture (OA) Tech Refresh Maintenance MOD 1C/3C/5C/6C Technician

V16B - Shipboard Tactical Data Systems Technician

V17B - AN/UYQ-21 Computer Display System Maintenance Technician

V18B - SSDS MK-2 Maintenance Technician

V21B - LHD 1 Class ITAWDS Computer/ Peripheral Subsystem Maintenance Technician

V39B - MK-15 MODS 31-33 SeaRAM CIWS Technician

Qualifications to Be a Fire Controlman

To be able to receive a designation as a Fire Controlman, you'll need to be between the ages of 17 and 34, in good health, and have average strength and physical abilities.

You'll also need a combined score of 223 from the Verbal Expression, General Sciences, Math Knowledge, and Electronics Information areas of the Armed Forced Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) test.

An enlisted person will need to be able to complete and pass a background investigation that will allow them to have a Secret or higher-level security clearance.

Sea/Shore Rotation for Fire Controlmen

  • First Sea Tour: 60 months
  • First Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Second Sea Tour: 60 months
  • Second Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Third Sea Tour: 48 months
  • Third Shore Tour: 36 months
  • Fourth Sea Tour: 36 months
  • Forth Shore Tour: 36 months

Sea tours and shore tours for sailors that have completed four sea tours will be 36 months at sea followed by 36 months ashore until retirement.

Fire Controlmen, as a community, are tasked with ensuring Naval weapon systems on the land, sea, and in the air are operational and ready to be used when called upon.