How to Find the Coupons That You Want in Magazines

Most popular magazines include targeted coupons.

Woman and child clipping coupons
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Magazines can be an excellent place to find coupons. Many times, the coupons found in magazines have a longer time period before expiring compared to coupons from newspaper inserts. Also, the magazine coupons tend to be more seasonal. For example, coupons for food products used in popular winter holiday recipes show up in October and November issues.

Magazines are written for a specific interest and the coupons in the magazines usually relate to the topic of the magazine. Magazines about beauty and health often have coupons for cosmetics and health-related products. Craft magazines will most likely carry coupons for craft materials or craft stores. Popular teen magazines will have coupons for stores where teens shop and teen-related products.

Periodically changing the types of magazines we subscribe to will broaden the kind of coupons that we find.

Matching Magazines and Coupons

  • Grocery and Household Coupons

"Family Circle," "Woman's Day," "Woman's World," "Redbook" and "Good Housekeeping" are among the great choices if you are looking for coupons for food and household products.

Magazines centered around cooking also carry coupons for food and for stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond that sell cooking gadgets. "Cooking Light," "Food Network," "Everyday with Rachael Ray" and "Vegetarian Times" are good sources for food coupons, including gourmet foods.

  • Coupons for Baby Products

There are many magazines that focus on pregnancy and newborn babies. Not only do the magazines cover a lot of questions that new parents have, but also offer a little financial relief with coupons for products that newborns and babies use, including baby powder, formulas, and diapers.

The one most recognizable magazine is called "Parenting" and it sits on the table in the waiting room of almost all pediatricians' offices. "Babytalk" and "American Baby" are also popular and will likely have baby-related coupons. "Parents" magazine is another good one that goes beyond the baby years, and into the school-aged children. "Family Fun" often has coupons for cleaning and personal care products as well as some craft-related coupons.

  • Beauty Products for Teen Girls

Magazines geared to tween girls will have coupons for hair accessories, hair products, makeup, and nail polish. Teen magazines also often have coupons for stores that are popular. "Seventeen," "Allure," "Glamour" and "Girls' Life" magazine are top-selling teen magazines and worth checking out for coupons.

  • Automobile Coupons

For people who like to tinker with their cars, many of the auto-related magazines have coupons for products for car engines or discount coupons for tires. "Motor Trend," "Road & Track," and "Diesel Power" will have coupons that are auto-related or that relate to men.

  • Organic Foods, Exercise-Related Coupons

People who are interested in exercise and health will find coupons for organic food, OTC relief medicines, hair removal products, bath products, sunscreens and creams for sore muscles. "Self," "Health," "Prevention," and "Shape" are magazines with a health and exercise theme for women. "The Box," "Muscle & Fitness," "Men's Health" and "Men's Fitness" are popular exercise-related magazines for men.

Frugal Ways to Get Magazine Coupons

Subscribing to a magazine is one solution, but there are other less costly ways to collect magazine coupons.

  • Trade magazines with friends and family.
  • Suggest an area in the break room at work for everyone to leave their old magazines.
  • Browse magazines in doctors' waiting rooms. If you see a coupon you want, ask first then clip.
  • If you want to subscribe to a favorite magazine, wait for a good promotion.