How To Find a Pair Skating or Ice Dance Partner

Skating Partners
Skating Partners. Photo Copyright © JO ANN Schneider Farris

This short article gives some ideas about how to go about the difficult task of finding a figure skating partner for either pair skating or ice dancing.

Difficulty: N/A

Time Required: There is no set time for this task. Fnding a skating partner could take weeks, months, or years.

Here's How:

  1. Master all the figure skating basic skills and become an excellent ice skater.
    1. Both pair skating and ice dancing require strong skating skills. If you choose to become a pair skater, become an excellent single skater. If you choose ice dancing, freestyle will make you a better ice dancer, so if possible become strong at your single skating skills.
  2. Pass Moves in the Field tests.
    1. In order to compete in pairs or ice dancing, some figure skaters must pass certain Moves in the Field tests. Don't wait to pass those tests after finding a skating partner.
  3. If you choose ice dancing, learn to dance by yourself and pass some ice dance tests.
    1. Ice dancing can be done alone or with a partner. Don't expect a prospective ice dancing partner to be interested in a skater that knows nothing about the discipline.
  4. Find a good pair or ice dancing coach.
    1. Figure skating coaches sometimes are able to set up tryouts or find partners for their dance or pair skating students. Tell your coach you want a partner so that he or she can help you in your partner search.
  5. Advertise in skating magazines, through email, and on the internet.
    1. In the past, many skating partnerships were formed because of ads placed in U.S. Figure Skating's SKATING magazine. Today, skaters can also advertise on the web. A skater looking for a skating partner can make an entire website that shows his or her ice skating accomplishments, photos, videos, skating dreams, and goals. Many skaters have found partners through message boards, discussions groups, and through private emails.
  6. Take advantage of skating partner search databases and websites.
    1. One resource that those looking for skating partners use is The service, endorsed by U.S. Figure Skating, allows ice skaters looking for skating partners to post biographical information, photos, videos, contact information, and qualifications. Data is entered by skaters and searching the partner database is simple. Ice dancers can also try's partner search. also has an easy to use a partner search database.
  7. Consider recruiting a partner who is not a figure skater..
    1. Look for a skating partner in "untraditional places." Go to local hockey games and look for players with excellent skating skills. Perhaps there is a hockey player who secretly wishes to be a figure skater? Or, look for someone who is not a figure skater who could be made into one? Dancers, actors, or gymnasts may make excellent ice skaters and may be able to learn to ice skate quickly. Roller skaters could also be approached about the possibility of switching to ice skating.
  8. Arrange or go to skating partner tryouts.
    1. Official skating partner tryouts take place at certain ice skating events. Contact your skating club or coach for information on partner tryouts.
  9. Ask other skaters that seem to display no interest in pair skating or ice dancing if perhaps they'd be interested in trying out a new figure skating discipline and if they'd consider you as a skating partner.
    1. A skater may be honored if you approach him or her about the possibility of being your pair or ice dance partner. Sometimes getting the nerve up to ask is the most difficult part of a skating partner search. After asking about the possibility, arrange a tryout. The tryout could turn into a partnership.
  10. Skate with a family member.
    1. Brothers and sisters or husbands and wives can make great skating partners. There is less hassle involved with that type of skating partnership since coordination of ice time and lessons stay in one family. Traveling to competitions can be done together as a unit. Skating partnerships that are in one family usually last for many, many years.
  11. Consider relocating, traveling, or having a skating partner move into your home.
    1. Serious figure skaters may have to consider moving to a new city or state to skate with a partner. Parents may have to open up their homes to house their child's skating partner.
  12. Arrange a short-term skating partnership.
    1. Find a partner to skate or compete with for just one event. Perhaps there is a local figure skating competition, show, or exhibition the two of you could participate in? In that short period, the two of you can decide if you want to continue skating together for a longer period. A short-term skating commitment won't be overwhelming and can also be fun.
  13. Take care of your body and mind.
    1. Make yourself into a beautiful and interesting person. Do more than just skate. Exercise, read, play music, and educate yourself. Dress your best when you skate. A prospective skating partner may be looking for a very attractive individual.
  14. Be patient.
    1. If you really want to skate with a partner, keep looking and keep skating. Don't give up. The perfect person to skate with may be out there, but finding a skating partner may take time.