How to Find a Freelance Writing Job Online

Leads and Legitimate Places to Find Work

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With the growing necessity of small, medium, and large business to have a strong online presence, writing opportunities are on the rise. But as the demand increases for content writing, so does the competition for writing jobs.

It is important that you match your writing skills and interests with the right opportunities if you want to get the gig. Take time to research opportunities thoroughly - it will be good preparation for when you will have to research the topics you will be writing about.

Although writers do network themselves and share leads, the best place way to find work is to be prepared and be aggressive. The more jobs you look at, the choosier you can be. You may need to take small, less exciting and lower paying assignments at first, but the more you make a name for yourself as a reliable writer and easy person to work with, the more likely it is that soon clients will be seeking you.

Where To Find Freelance Writing Jobs Online

Beware of scam sites - there are plenty out there. While it is reasonable for a website to ask you to pay to advertise your services, rates, and availability, stay away from any site that asks you to pay them for leads, or that asks you to complete assignments without a contract.

Here are a few great sites that offer real opportunities to help get you started. 

Browse through ads calling for everything from editors tomagazine articles to ghostwriting projects. A great site to find hot picks. 

This is a tidy little site for writers looking for freelance writing jobs with an emphasis on journalism. Also featured on the site is a section on fellowships, awards and contests, and even online classes. 

Generous and regularly updated job listings for just about every industry that requires writing of some kind: sales and advertising, marketing, design, online publications, social apps and gaming, educational materials, web development and much more.

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