Cheats, Codes & Walkthroughs for Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

Study at the Secret University and train your troops

Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is a massively multiplayer online strategy game for mobile devices. It's based on the Square Enix 2016 action-RPG Final Fantasy XV and features some of the characters from that title. Although it has lengthy in-game tutorials, players are still hungry for more cheats and walkthroughs. Learn how to hone your skills, expand the boundaries of your empire, and more.

Because Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire is an online game, developers may implement changes that affect the accuracy of the information in this article. An internet connection is always required to play.

How to Use the Secret University in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire

You can study at the Secret University to boost your abilities and stats. Choose one of the following research paths:

  • Economics: Improve resource production.
  • Combat: Improve your troops' stats.
  • Defense: Fortify your walls and troops when under attack.
  • Hero: Improve your hero's stats.
  • Crafting: Expand the types of items you can make.

Once you select a research path, follow the steps below to start studying:

  1. Tap your University.

  2. Select a research path and tap the upgrade you want.

  3. Tap Research.

    Three FFXV mobile screens showing Research at the University
  4. A timer appears at the top of the screen. When it finishes, you automatically gain new abilities or stat boosts. More upgrades unlock as you complete Hero Quests, but you also want to level up your universities to learn skills faster. Starting with level 4, you must upgrade your citadel to the same level before you may level up your universities.

    It's only possible to research one subject at a time, but you can speed up the process if you have enough Gil or a special item. Make sure to build training grounds, in addition to universities, to further improve your troops' skills in battle.

How to Make Easy Money in FFXV: A New Empire

Before you spend real-world money on in-game currency, there are several things you can do to earn Gil:

  • Connect with Facebook to open up the Gil mine, which rewards you with more currency if your friends sign up to play.
  • Deposit Gil in the treasury to gain interest over time.
  • Open the game on your device four times each day to receive extra gifts.
  • Participate in special events.
  • Join a guild for 100 free Gil.
  • Register your personal game account for 200 free Gil.

How to Register Your FFXV: A New Empire Account

If you want to gain an extra 200 Gil and other perks, here's how to register your account:

  1. While playing, tap More at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Tap Accounts and Devices.

  3. Tap Create an account.

    Creating an account in FFXV: A New Empire
  4. Provide an email address and make up a password, then check your email to verify the new account.

FFXV: A New Empire Attack Tips

Pay attention to which types of troops your opponents bring to battle. Knowing each type's strengths and weaknesses can help you choose your own troops.

Troop Type Strong Against Weak Against
Warriors Cavalry Mages, Fire Traps, Siege
Mages Warriors Calvary, Lighting Traps, Siege
Cavalry Mages Warriors, Ice Traps, Siege
Siege Traps Everything else

Another thing to consider when building your party is the order of your enemies' troops. For example, if your opponent has mostly mages in their first tier, it makes sense to place calvary in your first tier to maximize the damage you inflict while minimizing the damage you receive. However, if the enemy's second tier is filled with warriors, you may eventually be in the opposite situation. Balancing your party is the key to victory.

Research higher-level monsters under the Hero path at the Secret University to improve the rewards you get from battles. Defeat monsters in one hit to increase the likelihood of item drops.

How to Unlock the Monster Farm

Since the Monster Farm is considered an advanced building, you need a special item to unlock it. The unlock item can appear in random chests as a rare drop, but the easier way to access the Monster Farm is to make an in-game purchase.

Every time you open the game, you're presented with a bundle of upgrades you can purchase with real money. Bundles contain resources and special items that unlock new building types. After closing the initial offer screen, tap Gold in the upper-right corner to browse the list of available bundles. Check what's available in bundles every day and keep an eye out for the Monster Farm.

Monsters raised in the Monster Farm function as a type of gear. When equipped, your character is replaced by the monster and gains a stat boost in battle.

How to Heal and Save Troops

Build Hospitals to heal wounded troops. Add Hospital Wards to increase the number of troops you can heal at once. Upgrade Hospital Wards to level 10 to heal all defending troops. The more Wards you build, the more HP defending troops receive.

Raiding Players in FFXV: A New Empire

Beating other players who have an excess of resources is the best way to earn your own resources. Research scouting at the University to see enemies' resources and building levels. With that information, you can do the math to determine your likelihood of success.

Raiding can backfire as other players may take your resources. Look for inactive players with troops that are hospitalized so they can't fight back. Always be courteous in communications with other players, or you might become a target for raids.

How to Join Guilds in FFXV: A New Empire

While playing, tap Guild on the bottom menu to view the Guilds that are accepting new members, then tap the one you want to join.

Joining a guild in FF XV: A New Empire

Joining a guild and taking on Guild quests with other players is the best way to earn Gil, stat boosts, and free items. It's possible to stack Guild quests so you can tackle multiple ones simultaneously.

Seek out guilds with active members. When you join a guild, you receive notifications when your fellow members need help. Assisting other players in this way rewards you with Loyalty Points, which are used to purchase items in your guild's store. Loyalty Points can also be used to upgrade your VIP status.

FFXV: A New Empire Building Types

Complete Empire Quests to gain resources and build up your empire. The most important building in the game is your citadel, which is your empire's capital. Upgrade it to unlock new building types, each with its own special function.

Building Type Function
Wall Protect your empire's borders.
Hero Monument Gain extra EXP.
Embassy House Guild reinforcements.
Watchtower Predict incoming attacks.
Hospital Heal wounded troops.
Bank Increase the amount of Gil you can hold.
Barracks Increase the size of your Training Queue.
Banishment Portal Gain stat boosts after you banish an enemy.
Prison Hold enemy Heroes prisoner.
Secret University Unlock new skills and stat boosts.
Treasury Store Gil.
Training Grounds Train your troops.
Proving Grounds Fight monsters for rewards.
Armory Craft gear.

Advanced building types can be purchased as part of bundles. Keep an eye out for daily deals.

FFXV: A New Empire Mods and Hacks

Players have created hacks and mods that can be side-loaded onto iOS and Android devices. It's also possible, although highly unethical, to create bots for raiding other players and farming resources. Hackerbot is a reliable source of information for FFXV: A New Empire mods, but always run a virus scan before opening files you download from the internet.

There are no hacks or mods for obtaining more Gil because the developers tightly control the distribution of in-game currency.