Final Fantasy X Walkthrough and Cheats

Fight the Dark Aeons and more secrets in the HD Edition

Per tradition in the Final Fantasy series, the HD remaster of Final Fantasy X features new challenges and other extra content. This Final Fantasy X walkthrough covers all Dark Aeons location, how unlock all Celestial weapons, and how to fight the new super boss, Penance.

Tidus and Yuna stand side by side in FFX HD Remaster on PS4.

These cheats are for the 2017 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for all platforms, including PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

FFX HD Walkthrough: How to Unlock All Overdrives

The requirements for unlocking new overdrives differs for each character.

Character How to Unlock Overdrives
Auron Collect all 10 Jecht Spheres hidden across Spira.
Kimahri Use the Lancet ability to learn new skills. His ultimate attack can be obtained from the Omega Weapon.
Lulu Learn new black magic abilities.
Rikku Combine two different items to unleash special attacks and power-ups.
Tidus Use Tidus's overdrives repeatedly.
Wakka Climb the Blitzball rankings by winning tournaments.
Yuna Obtain new Aeons. 

Hidden Map Locations

After obtaining the airship, hover the cursor other these coordinates on the map to reveal new areas.

Area Coordinates
Baaj Temple X:14, Y:60
Sanubia Desert X:15, Y:41
Omega Ruins X:74 ,Y:36
Besaid Falls X:31, Y:73
Mi-I'hen Ruins X:34, Y:58
Battle Site X:42, Y:57

Final Fantasy X Map Passwords

Enter these passwords on the airship navigation screen to reveal hidden locations.

Area Password
Lower Mushroom Rock Road GODHAND
Ruins of Besaid 1 VICTORIOUS
Ruins of Besaid 2 MURASAME

Map passwords are case sensitive.

How to Battle in the Monster Arena

Purchase weapons from the Monster Arena in the Calm Lands that allow you to capture fiends, then return to the Monster Arena to fight the fiends you captured. Collect all fiends in an area to unlock a new secret boss in the Monster Arena.

The Monster Arena is the best source of experience points and items. You'll keep any item you steal, even if you lose the battle, so steal from every enemy.

The Cloisters of Trials Hidden Treasures

To unlock every Aeon, you must find the hidden treasures in each Cloister of Trials. If you missed a treasure during your first visit, talk to Maester Mika on the High Road at the end of the game and get permission to revisit the temples.

It's not possible to revisit the Cloister of Trials in Bevelle, so if you don't get the hidden treasure, you must begin a new game to obtain the secret Aeons.

Final Fantasy 10 Walkthrough: Secret Aeon Locations

There are three secret Aeons for Yuna.

How to Unlock Yojimbo

Go to the gorge below the bridge that leads to Mt. Gagazet to find the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth. Go inside and defeat Yojimbo, then talk to him and request his assistance in battle.

How to Unlock Anima

Get all six all hidden treasures from the Cloisters of Trials and go to Baaj Temple with the airship. Jump into the water to battle Geosgaeno, then swim to the underwater temple to find Anima.

How to Unlock The Magus Sisters

Once you have Yojimbo and Anima, you can get the most powerful Aeons, the Magus Sisters.

  1. Obtain the Blossom Crown from the Monster Area after capturing all fiends on Mt. Gagazet.

  2. Defeat all of Belgemine's Aeons, including Spathi at the Remiem Temple, to get the Flower Scepter.

  3. Use the Blossom Crown and the Flower Scepter in the Remiem Temple to unlock the sealed door and find the Magus Sisters.

How to Dodge Lighting in The Thunder Plains

In the Thunder Plains, press the action button when the screen flashes to dodge lighting bolts. Dodge a specific number of strikes in a row to unlock new rewards in a chest outside the Thunder Plains travel agency.

Equip armor with the No Encounters ability to avoid battles as you try to dodge lighting.

How to Get the Celestial Mirror

The Celestial Mirror is required to obtain each character's most powerful weapon.

  1. Go to Remiem Temple and win a Chocobo race to receive the Cloudy Mirror.

  2. Go to Macalania Woods and talk to the woman who tells you her husband is missing.

  3. Head east to the next area, then head west to find the man at a campsite. Tell him his family is looking for him.

  4. Return to Macalania Woods and talk to the couple, who will tell you their child is missing.

  5. Go to the nearby Save Sphere and search for a hidden crystal path leading upward.

  6. Keep north at the intersection and use the Cloudy Mirror at the top of the path to get the Celestial Mirror.

  7. Return to this spot when you have each character's ultimate weapon, as well as the requisite crests and sigils to unlock their full potential.

FFX HD Ultimate Weapon Locations

The Celestial Mirror is required to unlock the full potential of ultimate weapons.

Character Weapon How to Find It


Caladbolg Beat the Chocobo trainer in a race, then take the upper-northwest path in the Calm Lands to find a glyph containing the Caladbolg in the gorge.
Yuna Nirvana Receive from the Monster Arena after capturing each type of fiend in the Calm Lands.
Auron Masamune Take the Rusty Sword found on the eastern cliff of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth to the statue of Lord Mi'ihen on the Mushroom Rock Road to reveal a glyph containing the Masamune.


World Champion Talk to the bartender at Luca Cafe after winning several games of Blitzball.
Rikku Godhand Enter GODHAND as a password in the airship to reveal a secret location and use the Celestial Mirror on the glyph at the end of the ravine.
Lulu Onion Night Finish Baaj Temple.
Kimahri Spirit Lance Pray in front of three cactus stones in the Thunder Plains as they are glowing, then follow a ghost to a tower where you can pray and receive the Spirit Lance.

Celestial Weapon Crests and Sigils Locations

Collect each character's crest and sigil to power up their Celestial Weapons.

Character Crest Sigil
Tidus Find at the bottom of the stairs where you fight Yunalesca at Zanarkand Dome. Beat the Chocobo Trainer with a time better than 0:00:00 by collecting balloons.
Wakka Find in a locker in the Aurochs' changing rooms in Luca. Win as a prize in Blitzball after getting all 4 overdrives and using Wakka in 450 battles.
Auron Find at the bottom of the Mii'ghen Lowroad. Get from the Monster Arena after unlocking 10 unique monsters.
Khimari Find at the top of Mt. Gagazet after fighting Seymour for the third time. Find in Macalania after completing the butterfly side-quest.
Lulu Find in the area where you fight Gaesgano behind some rocks. Dodge 200 lightning bolts consecutively in the Thunder Plains.
Rikku Find in a chest on Bikanel Island left of the Cactuar Village. Complete the Cactuar side-quest in Bikanel.
Yuna On the beach of Besaid Island where you first washed ashore. Receive at Remiem Temple after collecting all Aeons except the Magus Sisters.

How to Easily Kill Evrae Altana

The Evrae Atlana underwater boss you face early in the game is weak against Phoenix Downs. Use two or three on him for an easy kill.

How to Fight Omega Weapon

Find the Omega Weapon in the Omega Ruins to face him in battle. Omega has one million HP in FFX HD, so be prepared for a long battle.

Dark Aeon Locations in FFX HD

The Dark Aeons are powerful bosses exclusive to the international and HD versions of FFX. They appear in various locations after you complete the Zanarkand Ruins. 

Dark Aeon Location How to Find It
Dark Valefor Besaid Village Go to the village entrance.
Dark Ifrit Al Bhed Home Agree to help the man looking for his daughter and follow his directions.
Dark Ixion Thunder Plains Talk to the soldier by the lightning tower north of the travel agency.
Dark Shiva Macalania Temple Go to the entrance of the Temple.
Dark Bahamut Zanarkand Dome Go the the room where you defeated Yunalesca.
Dark Yojimbo Cavern of the Stolen Fayth Find the teleportation panel leading to the back of the cave, then try to exit.
Dark Anima Mt. Gagazet Gate Repeat the First Trial of Gagazet.
Dark Magus Sisters Mushroom Rock Talk to the two summoners near the entrance to the North End of Mi'ihen Highroad.

How to Fight the Secret Boss Penance

Defeat all Dark Aeons to unlock a new super boss, Penance. His main body has 12,000,000 HP, and he has two arms 500,000 HP each that regenerate when destroyed. Penance requires both arms to perform his most devastating attacks, so take down the more dangerous left arm before focusing on the body.

Penance follows a very predictable attack pattern that switches up slightly once he losses about three million HP. As long as all of your party's stats are maxed out at 255, you can win this battle with a bit of patience.

Like all other enemies, Penance can be killed instantly with Yojimbo's Zanmato ability, but the chances of this happening are very low.