Final Fantasy X Cheats and Secrets for PS2

Get all hidden aeons, overdrives, and weapons in the PS2 version

Final Fantasy games are known for their secrets and side-quests, and the PS2 version of Final Fantasy X certainly has its fair share. Use this Final Fantasy X cheat guide to find all hidden aeons, unlock all overdrives, and get each character's ultimate weapon.

These cheats are for the original PlayStation 2 release. The Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster features additional content not found in the PS2 version.

How to Unlock Overdrives

Every character has special attacks they can use when their overdrive meter is full. New overdrives are unlocked in different ways.

Character How to Unlock Overdrives


Find Jecht Spheres hidden throughout the world. Collect all ten to get Auron's final overdrive.
Kimahri Use the Lancet ability to drain HP and MP from the enemy. If the enemy has a skill that Kimahri can learn, he gains it automatically. Obtain his ultimate attack from the Omega Weapon.


Lulu's overdrives get stronger as she learns new spells. Rotate the right analog stick clockwise as fast as you can to make her cast multiple spells.
Rikku Combines two different items to discover special attacks and power-ups during battle. Using two of the same item will not work.


Use Tidus's overdrives over and over to automatically learn his new ones.
Wakka Reach the top of the Blitzball rankings by placing first in tournaments.
Yuna Yuna can use new overdrives as she gains new aeons. 

Secret Map Coordinates

When you get the airship, move the cursor to the following coordinates on the map and press X to reveal hidden locations.

Location Coordinates
Baaj Temple X:14, Y:60
Sanubia Desert X:15, Y:41
Omega Ruins X:74, Y:36
Besaid Falls X:31, Y:73
Mi-I'hen Ruins X:34, Y:58
Battle Site X:42, Y:57

Final Fantasy X Map Passwords

There are also secret locations you can only get to by entering passwords at the airship navigation screen.

Location Password
Lower Mushroom Rock Road GODHAND
Ruins of Besaid 1 VICTORIOUS
Ruins of Besaid 2 MURASAME

Passwords are case-sensitive.

The Monster Arena

Visit the Monster Arena in the Calm Lands to purchase special weapons that you can use to capture fiends. You can then fight the fiends you captured at the Monster Arena. If you collect all of the fiends in one region, a secret boss is unlocked. Battling in the Monster Arena is the most efficient way to farm for experience and items.

When fighting in the Monster Arena, you get to keep any items you have stolen even if you die.

The Cloisters of Trials Hidden Treasures

Each Cloister of Trials has a secret treasure that is required to unlock the hidden aeons. If you miss one, return to most Trials near the end of the game after you get permission from Maester Mika on High Road.

You cannot return to the Cloister of Trials in Bevelle, so if you miss the hidden treasure, the only way to get the hidden aeons is to start a new game.

How to Find the Hidden Aeons

There are three optional aeons that Yuna can summon.

How to Get Yojimbo

In the Calm Lands, circle around the right side of the bridge leading to Mt. Gagazet. Go down into the gorge that is below and enter the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth to the left of the Save Sphere. Defeat Yojimbo, then speak to him to negotiate a fee for his services.

How to Get Anima

After obtaining all hidden treasures from the Cloisters of Trials (including Zanarkand Dome), fly to Baaj Temple and dive into the water to fight Geosgaeno. Defeat it and swim toward the underwater temple entrance to claim your prize aeon.

How to Get The Magus Sisters

You must possess all other aeons including Yojimbo and Anima.

  1. Capture all the required types of fiends on Mt. Gagazet, then return to the Monster Arena to get the Blossom Crown.

  2. Go to Remiem Temple and defeat Spathi to receive the Flower Scepter.

  3. After defeating all the Isaaru's aeons at Remiem Temple, use the Blossom Crown and the Flower Scepter on the door in the back to unseal it and get the Magus Sisters.

How to Dodge Lightning and Earn Special Items

In the Thunder Plains, dodge lightning by pressing X when the screen flashes. After dodging a certain number of strikes in a row, visit the Thunder Plains Travel Agency and open the chest outside to receive a random reward. Dodge 200 consecutive strikes to get the crest for Lulu's ultimate weapon.

Equip armor with the No Encounters ability to make dodging lighting less frustrating.

How to Get the Celestial Mirror

The Celestial Mirror is required to obtain each character's most powerful weapon.

  1. Go to Remiem Temple and win a Chocobo race. You'll be rewarded with the Cloudy Mirror.

  2. Go to Macalania Woods and talk to the woman who tells you her husband is missing.

  3. Head east to the next area, then head west to find the man at a campsite. Tell him that his family is looking for him.

  4. Return to Macalania Woods and talk to the couple, who will tell you that their child is missing.

  5. Go to the nearby Save Sphere and search for a hidden crystal path leading upward.

  6. Keep north at the intersection and use the Cloudy Mirror at the top of the path to get the Celestial Mirror.

Return to this spot when you have each character's ultimate weapon as well as the requisite crests and sigils to unlock their full potential.

How to Get All Ultimate Weapons

Once you have the Celestial Mirror, you can unlock every character's ultimate weapon.

Character Weapon How to Find It
Tidus Caladbolg Race and defeat the Chocobo trainer in the Calm Lands, then walk to the upper-northwest section of the Calm Lands and follow the narrow pathway down into the gorge. Use the Celestial Mirror on the glyph to acquire the Caladbolg.
Yuna Nirvana Capture all nine types of fiends in the Calm Land region, then return to the Monster Arena owner.
Auron Masamune Acquire the Rusty Sword from the eastern cliff of the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth in the Calm Lands. Take the Rusty Sword to the statue of Lord Mi'ihen on the Mushroom Rock Road, then place the Rusty Sword before the statue to reveal a glyph. Touch it to reveal the Masamune's secret location.
Wakka World Champion Win several Blitzball games, then talk to the bartender in Luca Cafe.
Rikku Godhand Input the airship password GODHAND to open a secret location at Mushroom Rock. Head north to the end of the ravine and use the Celestial Mirror on the symbol embedded in the rock face.
Lulu Onion Night Complete Baaj Temple.
Kimahri Spirit Lance Search the Thunder Plains for stones with a cactus on them. Pray in front of three such stones by pressing Square while they are glowing (there are more than three stones, and they glow at different times). After praying the third time, follow the ghost that appears to a tower, then pray again to get the Spirit Lance.

How to Defeat Evrae Altana

When cornered by this underwater monster, use two or three Phoenix Downs on it for an easy kill. Alternatively, target the locks on the nearby gate to escape from battle.