Final Fantasy X-2 Walkthrough and Cheats

A guide to Final Fantasy X-2 HD on PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and PS Vita

The HD remaster of Final Fantasy X-2 includes enough new content to merit another trip through the world of Spira. This Final Fantasy X-2 walkthrough covers how to unlock secret dungeons, how to get the best ending, and how to use the Creature Creator.

These cheats are for the 2017 Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster for all platforms including PS3, PS4, PS Vita, and Xbox One.

Yuna, Rikku, and Paine of Final Fantasy X-2.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD Walkthrough: Ending Guide

There are six possible endings to FFX-2. To see every ending, you must complete specific actions during Chapter 3 and in Chapter 5 after defeating the final boss.

Ending Requirement
Bad Ending Lose the final battle.
Normal Ending A Win the final battle.
Normal Ending B Without seeing the secret scene in Chapter 3, press X in the field of flowers after the last battle.
Good Ending A See the secret scene during Chapter 3, press X in the field of flowers after the last battle, then answer "Yes" to the Fayth's question.
Good Ending B See the secret scene during Chapter 3, press X in the field of flowers after the last battle, then answer "It's better this way" to the Fayth's question.
True Ending Meet the requirements for Good Ending A and finish the game with 100% completion.

How to See the Secret Scenes in FF X-2 HD

To trigger the secret scenes in Chapter 3 and 5 so you can view the best endings:

  1. Talk to Maechen in Guadosalam in Chapter 3.

  2. When Yuna falls into the Farplane in Chapter 3, press the action button (X for the PlayStation versions) repeatedly after Yuna says "I'm all alone." You should hear four whistles and see a brief scene. Keep pressing X until the scene concludes.

  3. Press X as you're leaving the Farplane at the end of the game (just after you see "Chapter 5 Complete").

How to Unlock New Game Plus

Beat the game and get any ending to unlock New Game Plus mode, which lets you start the main story again with all of your dresspheres, garment grids, and items you collected during your first playthrough. Your completion percentage also carries over, but your levels and experience do not. You'll need to play through the game at least twice to achieve 100 percent completion.

FF X-2 Crimson Sphere Locations

The ten Crimson Spheres are required to unlock the secret dungeon inside the Den of Woe.

Crimson Sphere Area Location
Crimson Sphere 1 Bevelle in Chapter 3 Where you fought Bahamut
Crimson Sphere 2 Djose Temple in Chapter 3 Down a hole after you defeat Ixion
Crimson Sphere 3 Djose Temple in Chapter 3 Same as Crimson Sphere 2
Crimson Sphere 4 Guadosalam in Chapter 2 or later Top section of the treasure room in Chateau Leblanc
Crimson Sphere 5 The Celsius in Chapter 4 In the engine room of the Celsius after watching the Yunapalooza concert
Crimson Sphere 6 Bevelle in Chapter 5 Cloister 0 of the Via Infinito
Crimson Sphere 7 Mushroom Rock Road in Chapter 2 The Den of Woe
Crimson Sphere 8 Bevelle in Chapter 5 Cloister 20 of Via Infinito
Crimson Sphere 9 Mushroom Rock Road in Chapter 1 The Den of Woe
Crimson Sphere 10 Guadosalam in Chapter 2 Logos and Ormi's room in Chateau Leblanc

Final Fantasy X-2 HD Walkthrough: Creature Creator

Talk to Shinra in the Celcius to access the Creature Creator where you can manage the fiends you've captured. Shinra will explain the basics of trapping and training monsters. New traps are earned primarily by winning battles in the Fiend Arena.

How to Unlock Colosseum Cups

The Colosseum Cups in the Fiend Area contain some of the game's most challenging enemies. You must beat some tournaments multiple times and meet other requirements to unlock every cup.

Colosseum Cup How to Unlock
Standard Cup (Hard) Complete Standard Cup three times.
Grand Cup Complete Standard Cup (Hard).
Grand Cup (Hard) Complete Grand Cup three times.
Chocobo Cup Complete Grand Cup (Hard) twice, then defeat the Chocobo team.
Cactuar Cup Complete Grand Cup (Hard) four times, then defeat the Cactuar team.
Youth League Tournament Complete Grand Cup (Hard) six times.
Aeon Cup Capture specific creatures and complete their fiend tales.
Fiend World Cup Capture specific creatures and complete their fiend tales.
Farplane Cup Complete all tournaments except Almighty Shinra Cup.
Almighty Shinra Cup Complete Omega Weapon's fiend tale.

How to Unlock Aeon Cup

Trap the following creatures and complete their fiend tales to fight for the Aeon Cup.

Fiend Trap Type Area
Flame Dragon Large Chapter 1-4 (Besaid Island)
Flan Blanco Small Chapter 2 (Moonflow, Bevelle, Calm Lands)
Mycotoxin Small Chapter 3-5 (Mi'ihen Highroad, Zanarkand Ruins)
Critical Bug Medium Chapter 5 (Bevelle)
Azi Dahaka Large Chapter 5 (Bevelle)
Jumbo Cactuar Large Chapter 5 (Bikanael Desert)
Aranea Large Chapter 5 (Bevelle, after clearing Cloister level 20)
Machina Striker Large Chapter 5 (Thunder Plains)

How to Fight the Superbosses in FF X-2 HD

Final Fantasy X-2 HD has a few superbosses:

  • Almighty Shinra always appears as the last boss of the Almighty Shinra Cup in the Fiend Arena.
  • Major Numerus is the final boss of FF X-2: Last Mission, the bonus scenario available in the main menu. He can also be encountered in the Farplane Cup.
  • Trema and Paragon are the final bosses of Via Infinito.

Final Fantasy X-2 HD: Secret Dungeons

You must complete all secret dungeons to achieve 100 percent completion.

Secret Dungeon How to Unlock
Besaid Secret Cave Search Besaid Island to find the four digits of the passcode.
Bikanel Desert: Central Expanse Dispatch a chocobo to Bikanel (only playable in Chapter 5).
Den of Woe Collect every Crimson Sphere.
Fiend Colony Dispatch a level 5 chocobo to Mihen Road.
Ruin Depths Dispatch four level 5 chocobos anywhere and have them return safely.
Via Infinito Find the portal at the New Yevon Headquarters during Chapter 5.

FF X-2 HD New Dresspheres

FF X-2 HD Remaster features two new secret dresspheres.

Dressphere How to Unlock
Festivalist Talk to Brother on the Celcius. Complete the Grand Cup (Hard) in the Fiend Arena three times to get a second dressphere.
Psychic Complete the Standard Cup in the Fiend Arena.

How to Earn Easy AP in FF X-2 HD

To master your dresspheres as fast as possible: 

  1. Obtain the Key To Success accessory from the chest in Tobli's house in Chapter 5 after completing every Moonflow mission perfectly and letting the Ronsos invade Guadosalam during Chapter 3.

  2. Obtain the AP Egg accessory from the Ruin Depths, or win it as a prize by playing blitzball.

  3. Equip both accessories on any character.

  4. Purchase 99 potions.

  5. Fight an easy opponent and have the characters repeatedly use potions on themselves.

  6. When you run out of potions, defeat the enemy to receive a large sum of AP.