Final Fantasy 15 (XV) Cheats, Codes & Walkthroughs for PS4

Unlock the secret dungeons and bring down the Adamantoise

Screenshot from Final Fantasy XV

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Final Fantasy games are made to be played with a guide, so get ready to take on every secret dungeon and bring down the imposing Adamantoise with the help of these Final Fantasy XV cheats.

The following Final Fantasy XV cheat guide applies to both the PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game.

Earn Quick AP

Unlock the Ascension skill that gives you 1 AP every time you kill an enemy with a warp strike. Find a spot with a lot of low-level enemies you can one-shot kill to rack up easy AP.

Easy Experience Points

After raising Ignis' cooking skill to level 2, gather the required items for the multi-meat sandwich recipe:

  • Buy the gighee ham from the shop at Hammerhead.
  • Defeat the bird enemies near Hammerhead to get the daggerquill breast.
  • Find the aegir root near the Vennaugh Haven campground on the way to Galdin Quay.

Cook the multi-meat sandwich and tackle quests that grant experience points. Rest at the Galdin Quay inn to maximize your gains. You can also earn easy experience points by crafting spells using coins.

Easy Gil

Visit the arena in Altissia to bet on fights. When your pick is victorious, you'll win medals you can trade for items. Exchange your medals for the Great Garula Tusk, which you can sell for a paltry 700 gil.

This method is slow, but it requires less effort than completing quests since the arena battles play out automatically, so you can do something else as you collect medals. For best results, stick with the higher level combatants.

Avoid Daemons at Night

If you keep the shop menu open while driving at night, monsters will not attack your party.

Unlock the Regalia Type-F

After completing the main story, call Umbra to return to the open world. Locate the Formouth Garrison in Leide and drive to it. Bring down the base to earn the "Strange Engine" item. Take the part to Cindy at Hammerhead, and she will upgrade the Regalia so it can fly.

The Regalia Type-F flies over the Disc of Cauthess in FFXV.

Legendary Weapons

To unlock the powerful Legendary Weapons, return to the open-world after beating the final boss and locate Randolf the blacksmith in an alley in Lestallum. He'll give you a series of difficult hunts you must complete to earn the materials needed for forging the weapons.

The Ultima Blade

To unlock Notcis's most powerful weapon, the Ultima Blade, you must upgrade the Engine Blade three times. Talk to Cid after Chapter 1 to unlock the "Better Engine Blade" series of quests. 

The first upgrade requires a rusted bit, which is a common enemy drop. Next, you'll have to find a glass gemstone, another common item that can be found near Lestallum. The final upgrade requires a rare sturdy helixhorn from a Duplicorn. 

Take on "The Last Spiracorns" hunt in Old Lestallum and travel southwest. When you find your targets, lock-on to a Duplicorn's horn and warp-strike it until it breaks off. The item drop is not guaranteed; you will sometimes get a useless crooked helixhorn instead. Repeat the quest if necessary until you get the required item. Equip the Engine Blade and take the sturdy helixhorn to Cid so he can turn it into the Ultima Blade.

Unlock the Secret Dungeons

Complete the main story and call Umbra to return to the open world. Find and complete the following optional dungeons:

  • Balouve Mines
  • Crestholm Channels
  • Daurell Caverns
  • Costlemark Tower

Then, travel to the Meldacio Hunter HQ outpost in north Cleigne and talk to the old lady in the chair. She will give you the key that unlocks all eight of the secret dungeons, which will be marked on your map.

The Sealbreaker's Key is needed to access the secret dungeons in FFXV.

The enemies inside the secret dungeons are far stronger than the game's final boss, but you can tone down the challenge by lowering the difficulty setting.

Pitioss Ruins

There is an optional dungeon that can only be accessed with the Regalia Type-F. You must land in the far northwest section of the map. Look for a landing strip north of The Rock of Ravatogh.

The Pitioss Ruins has no enemies. Instead, you'll have to rely on your platforming abilities to survive. If you make it to the end, you'll obtain the Black Hood accessory, which allows Noctis to automatically block many attacks.

Fight the Adamantoise

The Adamantoise is the most powerful enemy in the game, and he cannot be encountered until after completing the main story. Return to the open world and talk to Cindy at Hammerhead to unlock the "Let Sleeping Mountains Lie" quest. After completing that quest, talk to the restaurant owner at Hammerheard. Accept the "Lonely Rumblings In Longwythe" monster hunt quest to awaken the Adamantoise.

With about 5 million HP, the Adamantoise is the strongest enemy in the game, but he's not necessarily difficult to defeat if you go in prepared. Regardless of how powerful you are, the battle can take close to an hour. Don't bother lowering the difficulty because easy mode won't prevent you from getting crushed.

To make the battle go as quickly as possible:

  • Be at least Level 40.
  • Bring as many health potions, muscle stimulants, and magitek boosters as you can carry.
  • Unlock the Warp Factor II ascension skill.
  • Camp and cook the Golden Tail Soup recipe before going into battle.
  • Focus on the Adamantoise's right paw with warp strikes until he becomes vulnerable, then switch to attacking his eye. Repeat until he falls.
FFXV Certificate of Completion with the defeated Adamantoise.

Chocobo Races

After you complete the "Friends of a Feather" quest during Chapter 5 (or earlier), visit the race track southwest of the Chocobo Post in Duscae. Each course has a hidden Chocobo Pear you must find to unlock different colored birds. Hold down the boost button during the countdown just as the 3 disappears to get a head start in races.

Max Out Skills

You can max out each character's special skill early on by exploiting some simple tricks.

Noctis's Fishing Skill

Buy the upgraded fishing rod and the Great Maiboro lure from the Vesperpool Lake fishing shop. Fish off of the east bank of Vesperpool Lake to find rare and large fish that raise your skill level.

Ignis's Cooking Skill

Buy 70 luncheon meats from vendors in Lestallum and make 70 Mystery Meat Sushi. You can camp in the same spot over and over again to quickly max out the cooking skill and unlock the best recipes.

Prompto's Photography Skill

Prompto takes pictures every 3 minutes when you're walking around, so find a spot with no enemies and strap a rubber band around your controller's analog stick to make Noctis continuously walk in circles.

Gladious's Survival Skill

Use the rubber band trick described above to increase Gladious's survival skill.

Final Fantasy XV Trophies

FFXV Trophies
Trophy Requirement

The World Wanderer

Collect all trophies

Learner's Permit

Drive the Regalia
Chocobo Jockey Ride a chocobo
Quadruple Threat Use all four weapon slots

New Power

Learn any ability


Activate 20 ability nodes


Activate 50 ability nodes

Angling Rookie

Raise fishing skill to level 2

Survival Rookie

Raise survival skill to level 2
Photo Rookie Raise photography skill to level 2
Cooking Rookie Raise cooking skill to level 2
Angling Expert Max out fishing skill

Survival Expert

Max out survival skill
Photo Expert Max out photography skill
Cooking Expert Max out cooking skill
Just Hangin' Around Perform a point-warp suspension


Execute a companion technique
Blind Spot Execute a blindside link
Noct You Like a Hurricane Execute a link-strike after parrying
The Power of Kings Activate the Armiger

Magical Worker

Craft a spell
Black Mage Cast a spell
Divine Intervention Summon one of the six Astrals
High Five for Justice! Play the "Justice Monsters Five" pinball game

Spinning a Yarn I

Complete a side-quest
Spinning a Yarn II Complete 5 side-quests
Spinning a Yarn III Complete 10 side-quests
Spinning a Yarn IV Complete 20 side-quests
Spinning a Yarn V Complete 40 side-quests
Weaving a Tapestry Complete 80 side-quests

My First Hunt

Complete a hunt

Insomnia's Waking Nightmare

Finish the prologue


Finish Chapter 1

No Turning Back

Finish Chapter 2
The Open World Finish Chapter 3
Living Legend Finish Chapter 4
Dark Clouds Finish Chapter 5
A Way Forward Finish Chapter 6
Party of Three Finish Chapter 7
Seaworthy Finish Chapter 8
Callings Finish Chapter 9
The Heart of a King Finish Chapter 10
In the Dark Finish Chapter 11
End of Days Finish Chapter 12
Redemption Finish Chapter 13
Homecoming Finish Chapter 14

Chosen King

Defeat Ifrit on normal difficulty

Regalia Pilot

Fly the Regalia Type-F
Faithful Heir Collect all thirteen royal arms
Immortal Photobomb Get a picture of Gentiana (obtained randomly)
Tortoise Toppler Defeat the Adamantoise

Final Fantasy Soundtrack Locations

Original Final Fantasy soundtracks can be purchased from vendors in the following locations:

Final Fantasy XV Soundtrack Locations
Soundtrack Location

Final Fantasy 1

Available automatically
Final Fantasy 2 Longwythe JM Market in Leide
Final Fantasy 3 Alstor Station in Duscae
Final Fantasy 4 Hammerhead Mini-Mart

Final Fantasy 5

Aldare's in Galdin Quay
Final Fantasy 6 Taelpar JM Market in Duscae
Final Fantasy 7 Available automatically

Final Fantasy 8

Hammerhead Mini-Mart

Final Fantasy 9

Cauthess Coernix Station in Duscae

Final Fantasy 10

Wiz Chocobo Post in Duscae

Final Fantasy 11

Burbost Souvenir Emporium in Duscae

Final Fantasy 12

Ravatogh Verinas Mart in Duscae

Final Fantasy 13

Available automatically

Final Fantasy 14

Lestallum Coernix Station in Duscae
Final Fantasy Dissidia Old Lestallum JM Market
Final Fantasy 0-Type Altissa JM Market