About the Figure Skating Waltz Eight

Waltz Eight
Waltz Eight. Illustration Courtesy of http://worldfigureskating.net

The waltz eight is a figure skating move and exercise done in a figure eight pattern. Here is a Video of an Adult Skater Doing a Waltz Eight

First the skater choses a "center" place to begin. The skater will do this move in a figure eight pattern.

The skater starts on his or her right foot and first performs a right forward outside three turn. The three turn is done on the first third of the circle. The length of the forward entry and the backward exit of the three turn should be equal.

The three turn is followed by a left back outside edge which makes up the second section of the move. The back outside edge should be at the top of the circle and cover the second third of the circle.

Next, the skater steps forward, by doing a back outside mohawk and does a right forward outside edge back to the center. That forward outside edge takes up the third and last section of the circle. As the skater returns to the center, he or she must pass the free foot forward and show much edge control. Wobbling back to center is not correct.

The skater repeats the same exercise on a second circle starting with a left outside three turn.

As the skater does the waltz eight exercise, he or she should count. Each section of the waltz eight is done to a count of six, just like dancing a waltz.

Examples of When the Waltz Eight is Performed

The waltz eight is part of the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field test in figure skating. It is also part of the Adult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field test.

The Preliminary Figure test also includes the waltz eight. When figures were required for figure skating competitors, many new skaters struggled with the waltz eight since the three turns had to be traced and shaped neatly on the ice.

The waltz eight is an excellent exercise for ice skaters since it involves three turns, edges, and turning from backward to forward.