Review of the Remake of the Figure Skating Movie "Ice Castles"

Ice Castles 2010 DVD
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"Ice Castles 2010" is a remake of the 1978 Oscar-nominated movie "Ice Castles". Like the 1978 movie, "Ice Castles 2010" is an inspiring story. The skating in the story is excellent, and the story demonstrates how a person can recover and go on after a tragedy.


  • Ice Castles 2010 is a heartwarming and inspiring story.
  • Unlike the original film, all scenes in "Ice Castles 2010" are family friendly.
  • The skating in the movie is excellent.


  • Some of the things shown about the figure skating world in the story are not quite accurate.


  • Released in February of 2010, just before the 2010 Winter Games.
  • Available on DVD and available to watch on Netflix or
  • 95 minutes
  • Many of Marvin Hamlisch's songs from the original movie, including, "Through the Eyes of Love" are used in the remake.
  • Senior level elite figure skater, Taylor Firth, had never done any acting before getting a role in Ice Castles 2010.
  • Figure skating legend and Olympic medalist Michelle Kwan, makes a brief appearance in movie.
  • NBC Olympic correspondent Andrea Joyce and NBC figure skating commentator Sandra Bezic also are in the film.
  • Choreography by Sandra Bezic and David Wilson.
  • Directed by Donald Wrye.
  • Cast includes Taylor Firth, Molly Oberstar, Rob Mayes, and Morgan Kelly.

Review of Ice Castles 2010

Ice Castles 2010 is a heart-warming movie. The plot is simple. Lexi Winston (figure skater Taylor Firth) lives in a small town in Iowa with her father who is a widower. She competes in a small competition in Cedar Rapids and is discovered by an Olympic figure skating coach named Aiden. Aiden (Morgan Kelly) invites her to train in Boston, and she moves there to pursue elite and Olympic figure skating dreams.

Lexi's skating blossoms and she quickly comes "out of nowhere" and becomes a star in the ice skating world. She places 2nd in a regional figure skating event and wins sectionals. News and media follow her everywhere. She qualifies for "Nationals" and may be good enough to qualify for the Olympics.

Her boyfriend, Nick, from Iowa is not able to handle Lexi's success. He comes to the sectional event to reconcile their differences, but when he sees Lexi kiss her coach, Aiden, he is very angry. Lexi is confused and sad because Nick was so upset. She goes outside to skate on a lake during a competition celebration party to get through her sadness. She attempts a difficult jump on the rough outside ice, falls, and hits her head.

The head injury is very serious and Lexi goes blind, ending her skating career.

Lexi returns to Iowa, but goes through disappointment and depression. At first nothing can get her to move forward, but after she and her boyfriend, Nick, reconcile, he devotes himself to helping Lexi return to the ice. He believes in her and soon she is experiencing the joy of ice skating again. Quickly, she is able to do everything she could do when she could see. He talks her into competing in the a U.S. National Figure Skating Championships. He believes that doing that is necessary for Lexi to move forward in life.

With Nick's help and also the help of her original local Iowa coach and her father, Lexi does compete in "Nationals" and skates beautifully.

Ice Castles 2010 is a real tear-jerker. The remake may even be more inspiring than the original movie, and the skating in the movie is superb. People of all ages, skaters and non-skaters, will enjoy the film. The film may even inspire those who never considered figure skating, to give it a try.