Female Genital Piercings Guide

Body Piercings
 Alessandra Pace / EyeEm/Getty Images

Genital piercings are by far the most erotic, sensual, controversial, and lately...the most popular form of bodily enhancement. There are a wide variety of reasons people choose to pierce their genetalia, whether it be to celebrate a slave/master relationship, to enhance sexual stimulation, or simply to adorn the body with yet more shiny jewelry. Whatever your personal reason may be, it goes without saying that a genital piercing requires a lot of commitment and dedication to baby your new piercing to prevent infection. This requires sacrifices, including sexual limitations, which you have to determine whether or not they are worth. This guide is to help you decide whether or not a genital piercing is for you, and to inform you on the different styles available.




Horizontal Clit Hood

Inner Labia

Outer Labia


Vertical Clit Hood


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