7 Feel-Good Things to Do During Spring Break

Stuck at home for spring break while your friends are out of town on real vacations? Don't mope - you can still have a fun, memorable spring break of your own. And since spring is all about rebirth, how about freshening up your life with one of these feel-good spring break ideas?

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Give Your Bedroom a Makeover

Young woman facing open wardrobe, rear view
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It's spring - why not do a little spring cleaning? Yeah, it's a big project, but you've got nothing but time this week. Start off small by picking apart your wardrobe for stuff to donate. Then take a look around your room and make the sort of change that'll make you happy to get grounded.

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Have Yourself a Spa Day

Bubble bath
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You don't have to dish out a ton of money to have a relaxing, refreshing experience like you'd have at a chichi spa. (Though you might have to bribe your younger brother to get out of the house.

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Start Your First Garden

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You might think gardening's just for old people, but it's actually perfect for teens: it soothes your stress and gives you something to feel proud of when the rest of your life is going nuts. Plus, you'll get to take advantage of the nice weather now that it's back. Talk to your parents about blocking off a small piece of the backyard for your own use.

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Cook Brunch

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What's even better than waking up late? Waking up late and having a long, leisurely brunch with a couple of close pals. Rather than going out to a restaurant and spending a ton, see if you can master a brunch dish.

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Tone up with Some Yoga

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Don't think you're really the yoga type? You'll change your mind once you get in the mood (and see what it does for your stress levels & muscle tone). All you'll need are some comfy clothes, a quiet spot and some knowledge of the basics.

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Volunteer Outdoors

Outdoor community service
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Doing a little outdoor community service over spring break is a quintuple win. You fill some of your volunteer hours, you get some sun, you gain some muscle, you meet new people and the superiority you'll feel over your classmates who went to Cancun will last all semester long.

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Read the Best Book Ever

A teen reading
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Reading for school can be stressful and boring. Reading on your own terms can be exciting and fun as long as you pick the right book. Whether you're into romances, thrillers or real-life dramas, pick up a title (preferably one that has no scholarly value at all) and dig in this week