Favorite Music for Figure Skating

There are certain pieces of music that are the favorites of figure skaters and ice skating fans. Below is a list of some of the favorites. Almost every piece of music listed below will be heard at an ice skating event.

Recommended Figure Skating Albums

George Gershwin's Music

Ice Skating
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Music composed by George Gershwin is very popular among ice skaters. American in Paris and Rhapsody in Blue are top favorites. Skaters that perform to George Gershwin's songs look like they are dancing and smiling on the ice.

The Nutcracker

Ballet on Ice
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Music from "The Nutcracker" has been skated to by ice skaters of all ages and levels. It is appropriate to skate to music from the Nutcracker at any time of year, and almost every song from the Nutcracker ballet is fun to skate to.

The Sound of Music

A Figure Skater Skates to Music
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Music from "The Sound of Music" soundtrack has been used ever since the movie was produced in the early 1960s.  Do-Re-Mi is easy to skate to!

Ravel's Bolero

Dancing On Ice - Dress Rehearsal

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Ravel's Bolero was made popular by 1984 Olympic Ice Dance Champions Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean.  The nine perfect 6.0 scores that they earned after skating to that music will always be remembered.

Disney Music


Music from any Disney musical is very popular among ice skaters of all ages.  Every time a skater or parent enters an ice rink, he or she may hear music from popular Disney musical films playing in the background.  After the Disney film Frozen became popular in 2014, it seemed as if every little girl wanted to skate to "Let It Go!"

Swan Lake

Kitty and Peter Carruthers skate together during the P&G & Wal-Mart 'Tribute to American Legends of the Ice'

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The music from Swan Lake is very popular among women figure skaters.  It was said that Olympic figure skating bronze medalist Janet Lynn's skating was as ​beautiful as a swan.  She and others made skating to Swan Lake popular.

Fiddler on the Roof

Ice dancers
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Songs from the musical Fiddler on the Roof are top favorites among figure skaters. The song, "If I Were A Rich Man," is quite popular. Several pair skaters and ice dancers throughout figure skating history have skated to programs from Fiddler on the Roof.

Star Wars

Figure skaters
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It seems like every little boy who ice skates will skate to Star Wars at least once in his skating career.  Boys especially like doing artistic skating programs with the Star Wars theme, but some figure skaters enjoy using the music from Star Wars in their short programs or free skate programs.


Figure Skating - Kurt Browning

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During every figure skating competition season, skaters everywhere will be seen competing to Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata."  Figure skaters have also skated to tunes composed by Johann Sebastian Bach.

Phantom of the Opera

Tara Lipinski performs

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In recent years the music from the Phantom of the Opera is popular among all figure skaters.  Other Broadway show music is heard at most figure skating competitions and events.

What is Your Favorite Ice Skating Music?

What is your favorite ice skating music? Most people like classical music for figure skating. Others love music from Broadway musicals and movies.