Cheerleader-Submitted Cheers for Football

Cheers for Football Games or for Cheerleading Tryouts

Tulane Public Relations/flickr/CC BY 2.0

These cheers were submitted by cheerleaders and are used to cheer at football games.

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Submitted by:Sister Lou
First down,
get a touchdown.
Stop the clock,
gotta get down!

Submitted by:LaxGirl5
The red lights are flashing,
so you better jump back.
'Cause the EAGLE locomotive is coming down the track.
It goes chuga, chuga, WHOO;
Chuga, chuga, WHOO!

Submitted by:Bieber Freak
Best of the best is back again.
Bridge City Cardinals (your team name) are here to win!

Submitted by:KY
Shake it (what?), shake it.
Don't ya even mistake it.
'cause we will drive through.
We're here, we're ready, to conquer you!

Submitted by:E'Lona
Shake it to the left,
shake it to the right.
Come on, Wildcats, lets fight, fight fight!
Push them back, push them back.
Come on, Wildcats lets attack!

Submitted by:Kelsi
We will, we will rock you down.
Shake you up,
mighty volcanoes ready to erupt.
Mighty Falcons (your team name) here to say,
We're gonna rock you night and day.
So, buckle your seat belts,
step on the gas,
we're gonna kick you in the shh...
We will, we will rock you, rock you!

Submitted by:Maddy
Gotta be tough,
gotta be tough.
Gotta be tough,
to play with us (clap,clap)!

Submitted by:Destiny
Let's get physical (hands out, clasp, hands out, clasp).
Get down, get tough, get mean (hands to knees and bounce 3 times).
Let's get physical (hands out, clasp ,hands out, clasp).
And roll right over that team (step right foot forward and roll arms)! (repeat 3 times)

Submitted by:Maddy
We are the (team name),
mighty, mighty (team name).
And we got V (clap x4) I (clap x4 ) C - T - O (clap x4) R - Y.
We got the victory.
Everyone in the crowd,
get on your feet and let's drop a beat
(stomp on left and clap under right leg, then stomp on right clap under left leg, then clap in front, then clap behind back, then pump your fist in air with your left hand on hip)
Gooooo (team name)!

Submitted by:Angle
We are the (team name),
so get with the beat (clap clap clap).
We are the (team name),
so get out of your seat.
Once that spirit hits you, make your fingers wanna pop,
jam with the beat,
and you'll never wanna stop.
Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick (repeat 3 times) team name.

Submitted by:Lila
We're number 1,
can't be number 2.
And Cuz we're number 1 we're gonna boogie for you!

Submitted by:CheerQueen
hold that V,
dot that I,
rock that C-T-O-R-Y!

Submitted by:Trinity
Let's get fired up,
get rough, get tough, get mean!
Let's get fired up,
and roll over the other team!

Submitted by:VMason27
We are the Wildcats (your team name), from LRHS (your school initials)
Tonight we will show that we are the best!
Stand up and shout,
for maroon and white (your school colors),
The Wildcats are here,
with victory in sight!

Submitted by:Monkey
Just can't get enough of the (team name),
they're tough!

Submitted by:Clatskanie Cheer Baby
Spirit, spirit that's what we got.
Spirit, spirit we got a lot.
Spirit, spirit we got even more.
If you're a Cougar (team name), let's hear you roar!

Submitted by:Car Car
(Team Name) Chargers, we scored a touchdown (Clap Clap Clap),
A touchdown (Clap Clap Clap).
T-O-U-C-H-D-O-W-N, yes, a touchdown (Clap Clap Clap),
A touchdown (Clap Clap Clap)!

Submitted by:Jbird
We are the Patriots (team name),
now you know our name.
We are the Patriots (team name),
so we will win the game!

Submitted by:Jbird
Patriots (team name) got the power,
you got the heat.
We are moving to kick you off your feet!
Go, Patriots (team name)!

Submitted by:Giggles
The red, white and black (team colors) are here to attack.
Say it loud, shout it proud!
Gadsden Cubs (team name),
that's right Gadsden Cubs!

Submitted by:Hay Bear
Dominate and devastate,
we'll blow you away.
Wildcats (team name) are number one,
and we are here to stay!

Submitted by:Amy
Attack, that quarterback,
and make them, step back!

Submitted by:Amy
G-O, let me hear you say go, GO.
That's right, unite,
let me hear you say fight, FIGHT.
W-I-N let me hear you say win, WIN!
Together again,
Let me hear you say,
Go, Fight, Win! What? Go, Fight Win!

Submitted by:Lauren
We're number 1, not 2, not 3, not 4.
We're gonna win, not lose, not tie the score.
We're gonna kick some butt, and score some more!
Gooooooo (team name)!

Submitted by:Nadia
We're number 1, we can't be number 2.
So we're going to beat the whoops out of you,
whoops out of you!

Submitted by:No name
Hornet (team name) fans let's hear you shout,
We're number 1 without a doubt.
Undefeatable, out of sight,
Chelsea Hornets (team name),

Submitted by:Amari
Wildcats (school mascot), let's rock it.
Get up, get up,
don't stop it!

Submitted by:Olivia
1. We are the Eagles (mascot)
2. We still can't hear you.
3. Just a little bit louder.
4. We're number 1!
(repeat 3x)

Submitted by:Amy
Don't wait, don't Hesitate,
for the battle has just begun!
Intimidate and dominate,
for ____(Team Name)___ are number one!