7 Favorite Figure Skating Boots and Blades

The Best Figure Skating Boots and Blades Brands

Endorsements and sponsorships certainly play a role in what figure skating boots and blades professionals favor, but figure skaters of all levels have developed a fondness for certain boots over their years of training. Whether it's a professional recalling a first pair of figure skates or an enthusiast making the jump from stock skates to custom boot/blade combos, several brands pop up on favorite lists across the board.

From classic brands of entry-level skates to newcomer companies producing innovative custom boot/blade combos, the market for figure skating boots and blades can be overwhelming. Regardless of brand, fit and purpose are the most important factors in buying a pair of figure skates.

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Jackson Ultima

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These classic skates are a good entry-level option that offers new skaters a low price point to get started in the sport. Jackson Ultima also offers some advance features on its premium models, allowing a skater progressing from beginner to intermediate the chance to stick with the brand while progressing on the ice. 

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Riedell offers figure skates that fit the needs of most ice skaters, from beginning to advanced. On the advanced end, Riedell boots have features like cork heels and taller-than-standard toe boxes for skaters working on double and triple jumps, while beginner and recreational skaters can choose from vivid colors and features like quick-dry lining and Achilles tendon support collars. Along with the stock, semi-custom or custom figure skating boots, Riedell also has a line of Eclipse blades.

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Harlick offers custom and stock boots at a premium price, but the quality of these figure skates is high. Among Harlick's features are heel huggers and a comfortable rubber tongue lining, giving skaters the ability to customize a boot to both their foot and their style.

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GAMSPORTS, Inc. got its start borrowing from the hockey industry to create figure skates that concentrated on comfort without sacrificing performance, utilizing features that include side padding and lower cut boots. GAM now offers a small line of entry- to mid-level skates for women and children that feature an all leather boot combined with heat molding capability. 

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MK blades feature carbon fibre technology, which reduces weight, and a tapered shape for control on edge work. Blade choices accommodate figure skaters from entry level to dance competitors to professionals. 

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John Wilson

John Wilson blades are the premier blade choice for top figure skaters. These blades cost more than some other on the market, though a lower-end line is aimed at skaters making the jump from fixed skates to boot/blade combinations. 

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SP-Teri boots are considered by many the best fitting boots available. The traditional design of SP-Teri boots hasn't been left behind, as these stock and custom boots have evolved in shape and comfort to support advanced figure skating techniques and movements.