Collection of Cheerleaders' Favorite Cheers

A collection of cheers and chants

Cheerleaders throw up a girl in the air
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Cheerleaders are always looking for new and exhilarating cheers. They tend to like crowd pleasin', foot stompin', hand clappin' cheers or chants. The kind that will get the fans moving, raise the rafters on a court or shake the ground in a stadium. They love to inspire and arouse the spectators to enlivening heights.

Here are some of the most popular cheers among experienced cheerleaders that you can repurpose for your squad.

Hey Tanks, let's do it!

The Shermans can't be beat!
Come on crowd, let's hear it now!
UHS is number 1!
Yell it
UHS is number 1,

Purple Power


We got the ball, we got the ball, Shermans, go, go!

T-A-N-K-S Tanks (pause,pause) the Best!

Come on, Come on

Lets Score
Go for six More

Watch out (Pause)
We´re here (Pause)
and ready to cheer.
The blue and the white
Are here to fight.
So, yell with us this little words.
Yell blue and white (Pause)
Fight Huskies fight.
Blue and white (Pause)
Fight Huskies fight.

(hit it)
Come on
Lets go
For victory~
For the purple
for the gold
and the white
Lets win (pause)
Lakers lets fight

Who rocks the house
I said the Spartans rock the house
and when the Spartans rock the house
They rock it all the way down!

Bulldogs is our name and football is our game
Blue is our color and silver is the other
Hey! You think you're good
Hey we know we're good

Beat 'um! Bust 'um!
Beat 'um bust 'um that's our custom!!

When the mighty Rams come through the door!
They're gonna dribble that ball right down the floor!
They're gonna roll that score right to the sky!
'Cause we're from Springfield High!!

Oo! Ah! You wish you were a Tiger!
Oo! Ah! You wish you were a Tiger!

Hey Hey are ya Ready? Are ya Ready
To strut your stuff (PAUSE)
Hey Hey are ya Ready? Are ya Ready
To get fired up

The ________ are dynamite, Don't mess with dynamite
Cause if you mess with dynamite it goes
Tick, tick, tick, tick,
Boom Dynamite
Boom Boom Dynamite

Awesome Oh wow!
Like totaly freak me out I mean right on!
The_______ sure are number one!

Peanut Butter
Reeses Cup!
You mess with us!
We'll kick your butt!
Our hands are high!
Our feet are low!
and thats the way the seniors go!
(pause, pause)
We got it!
We got it!

Submitted by: MEGANRUNYAN

We've got spirit, yes we do
We've got spirit, how bout you?
1-2-3-4 we've got more than you can score
5-6-7-8 we've got more than you can take
9-10-11-12 we've got more than you can spell

Hey Hi Howdie, Warriors get rowdy
Hey Hi Ho, Warriors lets go!!

Half time/quarter cheer:
Panther fans up in the stands yell gooooo panthers(repeat)
Panther fans up in the stand yell beat those tigers( repeat)
(clap and chant) one more time show your spirit fans, lets hear it,
Goooo panthers, beat those tigers!

Panthers are #1, straight to the top.

We are the best. Panthers fight non stop.
Lets go, lets fight, we're here to win all right.
You are looking at the best, yes! CFHS

Go fight win Panthers, go fight win

Go, go panthers go
Fight fight fight Panthers fight 
Win win panthers win 
Go fight win CFH (repeat)

Hey hey it's time to fight
Everybody yell, burgundy and white
Yell it burgundy and white.
Hey hey lets do it again,
Everybody yell go fite win
Yell it, go fight win!

Lets get physical, get rough, get tough, get mean,
Lets get physical and roll rite over that team! (repeat)

Panthers lets do it, dont let it fall,
We've got that spirt ya! We want it all!

Hey go panthers, Hey beat tigers

We are the panthers n we live in a hut.
'n if u dont believe us, than watch us shake our butt,
Uh sha bang bang, uh sha wana wana,
Uh sha bang bang, uh sha wana wana!

H-O-T-T-O-G-O Panther team is hot to go,
Say whop hot to go, say whop hot to go!

G-O lets go panthers G-O lets go


Aww shucks hey now, Panthers gettin' down,
We got pride, jump back,
Show us where its at,
Cause when it comes to winnning, its second to none,
Cause we know that you know that we're number one!

Hey you panther fans,
Stand up and clap ur hands
Say go panther go, go panther go!
Hey u panther fans, now lets c u wave ur hands,
Say go panthers go, go panthers go!
Go panthers go, go panthers go!

Go, g-o panther (pause pause) lets (pause) go!

S-U-C-C-E-S-S (stomp clap clap (repeat)
That's the way we spell success

Basketball Favorite Cheers

Hold that line Panthers, hold that line

Take it away take it away take that ball away 

Rebound that basket ball  panthers have got it all 

T-A-K-E take that ball away 

What do the (mascots) say? shoot shoot

What do the (mascots) say? 2 2
What do the (mascots) say? shoot shoot
Shoot (mascots) for 2

Shoot that ball in the hoop a whoop for 2

b-a-s-k-e-t basket basket

--Go Big Blue(your team color)--
Go Big (color)!
Everybody yell "Go Big (color)"
"Go Big (color)!"
(Mascot), yell it-
"Go Fight Win!" yell,
"Go Fight Win!" yeah!
Do it, AGAIN!

--Who Are You Yelling For?--
Who are, you yelling for?
(Town), (Mascot)!
Stand up, and yell once more,
(Town), (mascot)!
Louder now, let's hear it for....
(Town!), (Mascot!)

Were gonna B-E-A-T
Were gonna B-U-S-T
Were going to beat them, bust them, thats their custom,
Come on (team name) lets rejust them!
GOOOOOO (teamname)

Ready? OK!
Bang, bang, choo, choo train
Come on (team name), Do your thing
Get um, get um, get um get um,
Got um got um got um got um...
Uh and let um roll

Dribble that ball right down the court and shoot for two
Dribble that ball right down the court and shoot for two
Dribble that ball right down the court and shoot for two