10 Faux Fur Vest and Coat Outfits to Try This Winter

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How to Wear Faux Fur Vests and Coats

Getty Images: Chelsea Lauren, Pierre Suu

If we're being honest, we could rename this post, "The Olivia Palermo Guide to Wearing Faux Fur." The socialite, mogul, and model has, over the years, worn so many inspiring faux fur vest outfits (and jackets, too) that we could fill a whole slideshow with them. However, in an effort to keep it mixed up and provide you with multiple sources of inspiration, we've peppered in some outfit ideas staring our favorite bloggers and other street style stars, too.

Vests can be tough to figure out, we know. They can feel superfluous, bulky and awkward — but we happen to think that faux fur vests are the easiest look to try, since they layer with just about everything — from feminine dresses to jeans, leather leggings, knits, and more.

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Wear a Faux Fur Coat Over Your Casual Basics

Who What Wear, Getty Images (Mireya Acierto)

We love the easy glamour of pairing faux fur and jeans. You can play up the drama by choosing a faux fur with long, extra-fluffy fibers, and pairing it with a knit in the same color family underneath. This will give your outfit an especially chic twist, since outfits with less colors tend to read as more sophisticated and stylish. (At least, according to us.)

This outfit is so easy to replicate, the first step is just to find the ideal coat. We love white or grey tones, but also consider black or even burgundy. Light to medium wash jeans (with a vintage look) are all the rage now, but your favorite dark denim will work just as well. Add a crewneck sweater or sweatshirt and your sneakers and voila—an instant uber-stylish and comfortable look.

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Layer a Faux Fur Vest Under a Coat (Maybe)


We'll be the first ones to admit that beautiful images of models, bloggers, and influencers wearing impossibly chic winter outfits can feel rather unrealistic. Whether it's the shape of your figure, the depth of your closet or just your general aptitude for putting clothes together — don't worry. We get it.

This look on Atlantic-Pacific blogger Blair Eadie is a perfect example. She's quite thin and tall, which makes the look of a bulky faux fur vest under a slim wool coat seem quite realistic and chic. If you want to try and work this look yourself, look for a vest that isn't too thick, and take cue from Blair — belt it! This will help define your waist and retain your figure under all those layers.

See more on Atlantic-Pacific.

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Wear a Faux Fur Vest to the Office

Getty Images: Chelsea Lauren

Take another cue from Olivia Palermo if you want to try wearing a faux fur to the office. To avoid looking frumpy or too bulky, wear your vest over crisp separates — perhaps even a monochromatic look. We love how OP is wearing her brown vest over crisp wide-leg white pants and a coordinating white sleeveless top. (We think she layered it over a thin navy top, which looks really chic.) There's no need to over-think it, though: pair black and black, dark denim and navy, you get the idea! Throw your vest or coat on over that and you're all set. Solidify the polished ensemble with subtle gold jewelry and an extra-shiny blowout.

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Style a Faux Fur Vest Over Your Coat

Getty Images: Daniel Zuchnik

We love the look of layering a vest over a coat — but it's not the easiest outfit to pull off. Once again, this is sort of advanced-level styling, but you can do it! Make sure the arm holes of your vest are generous, so generous that they can fit the occasionally bulky sleeves of a wool coat. To do this, we suggest ordering one size up in your vest. This combination works over a wool coat, but will also look great with a denim jacket, a leather jacket, or canvas field jacket.

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Try a Faux Fur Vest Over a Feminine Dress

Getty Images: Venturelli, Kirstin Sinclair

If you live in Australia or even Southern California, you might not exactly need to pile on the layers this winter. Warmer weather means you can wear dresses and open-toe shoes most of the year — not exactly right for fur. However, layering a vest over a bohemian-style dress or skirt-and-top pairing will allow you to feel seasonally cozy while still being comfortable and not overdressed.

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Colorful Faux Fur Is Easier to Wear Than You Think

Song of Style, Getty Images: Vanni Bassetti and Dominique Charriau

​If you feel you've mastered (or maybe just grown bored of) basic faux fur in tawny brown, black, and grey — why not try something more playful? Try a funky colorful faux fur over your favorite winter essentials in easy neutral colors. Let the coat or vest be the statement piece, and let the rest of your outfit serve as the background. Don't forget that faux should be fun!

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Try the Trendy Look of a Fur Over Matching Separates

Getty Images: Kirstin Sinclair, Francois G. Durand

Whether or not the pajama dressing trend is for you, we love the on-trend look of throwing on a fur coat over matching separates. This can be as simple as blue jeans and a blue button-up shirt, or black pants and a black cashmere sweater, worn under a colorful fur (see last image) or a natural-looking fur that provides a cool contrast. Keep the look of-the-moment with backless loafers or sneakers.

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Go Vintage!

Getty Images: Christian Vierig, Michael Stewart, Pierre Suu

Whether or not you wear real fur, just like eating meat, is a personal choice. If you're okay with fur, consider hunting down a fabulous vintage coat with glam, retro appeal. Local consignment and vintage stores are the perfect place to start, but you can also look at online shops like Ebay. We love the look of vintage fur worn over a contemporary ensemble — like cropped flare jeans, ankle boots, and a slim turtleneck, for example.

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Try a Glamorous Fur Stole

Getty Images: David M. Benett, Gregg DeGuire, Jeff Kravitz

Looking for the most glamorous coverup for a fall or winter wedding? Heading to a cocktail event or a formal gala when there's a chill in the air? A real or faux fur stole is the perfect accessory to drape over your shoulders. It's not as heavy or as warm as a coat or a fur, so keep that in mind. The stole works best with a cocktail dress or a formal gown, but don't be afraid to wear one over a sweatshirt and jeans if it feels right to you!

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Have Fun With Fur

Getty Images: James Devaney, Robert Kamau, Alo Ceballos

The most important thing to keep in mind when you're wearing fur or faux fur? Don't take it too seriously! Fur should make you feel glamorous and warm, but also playful, stylish and daring. Wear a coat over a long gown or a t-shirt dress, or a blood-red cropped coat over some 1970s-inspired flare jeans. There's really no wrong answer to when and where you can rock a fur, as long as it's seasonally appropriate.