Fathers' Rights Organization - DADS America

Dads Against Discrimination

DADS America is a national fathers' rights organization that works to help educate fathers on their rights and strategies for shared custody and empowers them to use that knowledge to strengthen relationships with children through father-involved custody. DADS America also advocates for fathers' rights in legislative and executive bodies throughout the United States. DADS is an acronym for Dads Against Discrimination.

Services provided by DADS America

  • DADS America has prepared a Fathers' Bill of Rights that defines what fathers can and can't do under the law and calls for reforms to eliminate discrimination against fathers
  • They have local chapters in fourteen states and in Canada that work to make changes within their own jurisdictions
  • They summarize news articles, court cases and other resources that help fathers learn more about their rights and responsibilities in the family legal system
  • Sample legal documents including a model prenuptial agreement are offered on their website
  • Members have access to a chat room and legal assistance

Membership Options

Men joining DADS America can purchase one of two membership levels. The bronze level ($19.99 per year) provides basic services and advice such as access to legal forms, participation in the chat room and news about lobbying efforts by fathers rights advocates. A platinum membership at $55 per year also includes legal consultation and voting rights to determine the direction of the organization.

What You Will Find On Their Website

The DADS America website offers sample legal documents, links to current legislation on fathers' rights at the state and national level, links to state chapter websites, and links to helpful information on fathers rights on other websites.

One can also find specific information about paternity and child custody options, highlighting specific cases where fathers' rights have been established. This information could be helpful to a family law attorney who is working on a divorcing father's child custody case. 

The site also offers very state-specific information about child support laws related to children over 18 and out of secondary schools. 

DADS America also offers a variety of resources to help in child custody cases. For example, there are links to the value of child support payments remitted by fathers but not distributed to families in every state. They also offer a number of case studies of fathers who have worked through the divorce, custody and child support processes and helped found DADS America. 

Among the most worthwhile pages on the website are comprehensive lists of links from other organizations and agencies that can help dads exercise their rights as fathers. Link groupings include topics such as:

  • Fathers' Rights Organizations
  • Father custody and information
  • Legal forms and case studies
  • Dealing with domestic violence and false accusations
  • Child support rules and guidelines 
  • Law firms that specialize in helping fathers through the family law process
  • Books, articles and publications that can help dads assess their situation and prepare for action

Bottom Line

I am impressed with the services and resources offered by DADS America. Certainly, they are a very passionate group of dads who reflect the experience of so many other fathers who feel victimized by the family law system in the United States. For any father who is seeking helpful resources for his fight for child custody, for fairness in the system and for reasonable child support orders, DADS America is a great source of information and perspective.