Fashion Advice and Tips for Men Over 40

Hispanic businessman suit shopping
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A man should not give up on style just because he is over the age of 40. It's always important to dress your best, but how do you go from cool, trendy styles to dressing more appropriately for your age?

There is a point in every man's life when you do need to make this transition and we have some tips to help you out.

Does That Color Make Him Look Sick?

Men over 40 have to realize that their body has changed. This includes your hair and skin color and this, in turn, also changes your color palate. It is important to make sure the colors you are wearing are still flattering.

Tip: Review your closet and examine the how different colors look on you today to determine if you need to make a shift. If needed, get a second opinion and be sure to always do these color tests under natural light.

He Must Have Borrowed His Son's Clothes

Men should pay attention to what fits correctly, but avoid wearing trendy clothes. Trendy clothes may make you look like you're hanging onto your youth. More importantly, they may make you look like you haven't found yourself, which is probably not true at your age.

Tip: Stick with classics, but remember that 'classic' doesn't have to mean boring. A subtle embellishment or change in the cut can make a big difference.

What Time Is T-Off?

Many men change their lifestyles after 40 as well. Perhaps you have stopped working and now lead a more leisurely life. Men in this particular situation often don’t know what to do since they were used to wearing a suit to work every day and jeans and t-shirts on the weekends. You might find that you have a hard time transitioning your wardrobe to fit your new lifestyle.

Tip: A sport coat is a great transition item, and consider one in a nice suede. Also, where you used to wear dress shoes during the week and sneakers on the weekend, you may now find more casual shoes like driving moccasins appropriate (and more comfortable).

Just Because He Has a Nice Body...

Despite your great body, when you turn 40 you should wear clothes differently than you did in your younger years. For example, even if you have a six-pack and a great butt, avoid wearing low-cut and tight-fitting jeans. Save those for the younger guys because it will just look like you're trying too hard.

Of course, you can still wear flattering, stylish jeans and t-shirts. Simply approach the look from a more mature standpoint. You will look and feel more comfortable, which is the point of clothes in the first place.

Style Challenged?

If you're struggling with style and really need help, go to a really good men’s store. Try things on to get an idea of what is flattering. The salesperson should be able to provide some good tips as well. You don't necessarily have to buy anything or everything, and the advice is free.