FAQs About Paranormal Phenomena

Readers have many questions about many kinds of paranormal phenomena. Here are the answers you need to know.

Ghost and Haunting FAQs

Photo: S.S.W.P.I.

Answers to frequently asked questions about ghosts, hauntings, and life after death.

Monsters and Weird Creatures FAQs

Answers to frequently asked questions about monsters and other creatures, such as bigfoot, chupacabras, living dinosaurs and more.

Psychic Phenomena FAQs

Answers to questions about psychic phenomena, including premonitions, remote viewing, ESP, telepathy and more.

Are Your True Tales really true?

"I would like to know if the stories are actual occurrences, not because I feel they are impossible, but because I have grown skeptical," says Machaela. "I noticed that you only place several stories every month. Why? Are these true stories emailed to you by real people? I emailed a few of my stories, but they did not get published. Why?"

Is the paranormal real?

"I have before now taken a look at the paranormal and I have tried to persuade myself into believing it was fake," writes Amanda. "But now I have gotten into it again and I am very curious. I have some questions that just generally say: Does it exist and how do I find out for myself? I have some doubt from the way I was raised. Any advice?" Read my answer.

Is there an afterlife?

I think I'm safe in saying that the vast majority of people on this planet believe in some sort of life after death, but belief doesn't really get us anywhere with this profound question. Either there is an afterlife or there isn't, and believing in it doesn't make it so, just as not believing in it doesn't rule it out. So if we set belief aside, then we must see if there's any evidence for an afterlife.