Receding Hairlines - Famous Men with Receding Hairlines

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Josh Lucas

Brad Barket / Getty Images

Josh Lucas is a well known actor and has chosen not to tamper with his receding hairline. That's big considering he's in Hollywood. Kudos to him.

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The Rock

Charley Gallay / Getty Images

The Rock has carved out quite a career for himself, first as a WWE star then a movie star. He has an amazing physique and is one hot commodity.

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Lance Armstrong

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

Lance Armstrong is an American icon for reasons we are all well aware of. He is one handsome guy and his receding hairline doesn't make him any less so.

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Jesse Martin

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

If you are a Law and Order fan you know who Jesse Martin is. He was also in the film version of Rent. He has clearly embraced his hair loss and he looks great. Like many men with receding hairlines he keeps his hair trimmed quite short, which is the best approach.

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George Eads

Stephen Shugerman / Getty Images

George Eads, the CSI super hottie is, well, just that--a super hottie. Hair or no hair, who cares?!

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Chris Meloni

Peter Kramer / Getty Images

Chris Meloni is another Law and Order actor i just love. He is so handsome and I can't imagine him with a full head of hair. He looks better without it.

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Matthew Rhys

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Matthew Rhys is a relatively new Hollywood star, having made quite a splash on the television series Brothers & Sisters. He's certainly not trying hide his receding hairline and it didn't seem to hurt his career. Glad to see it .

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Michael "Flea" Balzary

Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

I have always loved the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. They are one of my favorite bands and they continue to impress. They are one of those bands where it seems all four of the members enjoy equal billing and equal success. Of all of the members though, I love Flea's style the most.

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David Gray

Dave Hogan / Getty Images

Before David Gray's breakthrough into the mainstream, he was well known in the UK folk-rock scene. David is a singer/songwriter but he also uses computer generated music to accompany his sound, which separates him from his contemporaries.

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Sting is possibly one of the coolest musicians out there. Many people I know consider The Police to be one of their all time favorite bands. Sting is also well known for being charitable and an activist. His famous physique is primarily from doing yoga. Did I mention he has dabbled in acting too? Whoa!