Famous Latino Singers and Artists

Latinos have changed the cultural landscape of the United States in a significant way. This list features some of the most popular stars as well as legendary figures of the Latin music scene. All these artists either grew up in the US or became famous with the music they produced on American soil. From Jennifer Lopez to Selena, the following are some of the most influential Hispanic artists of all time.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez performs onstage during the 2013 Billboard Music Awards
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Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous Latino singers in the entire world. For the past decade, this artist from The Brox has been defining the sounds of modern Pop music. Besides this, J.Lo is also a successful actress and businesswoman. Some of her most popular hits include tracks like "Waiting for Tonight," "On the Floor" and "If You Had My Love".

Prince Royce

Prince Royce on Acceso Total in 2012
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Just like J.Lo, Prince Royce is another talent from The Bronx. This American-Dominican singer is one of today's most popular Latino music artists. His debut album transformed Prince Royce into one of the most influential singers of the Bachata genre. His latest album has consolidated Prince Royce's style and influence in the Latin music world.


Pitbull at the Planet Pit World Tour in Sydney, Australia In 2012.
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This Cuban-American rapper from Miami is one of the most famous Latino singers of the Urban genre. While his music was originally defined by Rap and Hip-hop, his most recent repertoire has incorporated sounds from Pop and Dance music. Some of Pitbull's best songs include tracks like "Give Me Everything," "I Know You Want Me" and "Rain Over Me".

Willie Colon

Willie Colon
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Another outstanding Latino artist from The Bronx, Willie Colon has been one of the most influential musicians in Salsa music. A talented trombonist, this Nuyorican legend was responsible for producing some of the best Salsa of the 1970s alongside Ruben Blades and Hector Lavoe. Hit songs from Willie Colon include tracks such as "Idilio," "Gitana" and "El Gran Varon".

Jenni Rivera

Jenni Rivera
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For nearly two decades, Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera forged one of the most successful careers in the Regional Mexican Music field. The Diva of Banda Music produced a repertoire that was always aimed at defending the dignity of women in a world where gender conventionalism is still linked to discrimination. Her tragic death consolidated the brand Jenni Rivera built around herself in the entertainment business. Top songs by Jenni Rivera include hits like "Basta Ya," "Ni Me Va Ni Me Viene" and "Detras de Mi Ventana."

Los Tigres del Norte

Los Tigres del Norte
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Although the members of Los Tigres del Norte are originally from Mexico, this popular Norteno band has been based in San Jose, California, since the very beginning of their successful career. Their hit album has exposed Norteno music to new audiences all over the place. Some of their most enduring songs include tracks like "Contrabando Y Traicion," "Jefe De Jefes" and "La Jaula De Oro".

Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos
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This popular singer is one of the artists responsible for transforming Bachata music into a mainstream phenomenon. Originally from The Bronx, Romeo Santos started his successful career as a lead singer for the sensation boy band Aventura. Now that he has embarked on a solo career, Romeo Santos has consolidated his image as one of today's most famous Latino singers in the world.

Gloria Estefan

Gloria Estafan
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Gloria Estefan was born in Havana, Cuba. However, she moved to the US with her family when she was just a baby. A pioneer of the Latin Pop genre, Gloria Estefan is one of the most influential Hispanic artists in history. Her musical repertoire has been enhanced by several Spanish-language albums where the Latin music diva has explored her original Cuban roots. Some of her most famous songs include "Conga," "Anything for You" and "Mi Tierra".

Tito Puente

Tito Puente
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Tito Puente was born in New York City. His musical legacy in genres such as Salsa, Mambo, and Latin Jazz is enormous. Because of this, Tito Puente is widely considered one of the most important Latino artists in history. During his lifetime, Tito Puente produced more than 100 albums. He was also a talented player of timbales and vibraphone.

Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony
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Marc Anthony is a popular Salsa and Pop star from New York City. Although Salsa was the genre that transformed Marc Anthony into one of today's most famous Latino artists, this popular singer has ventured into other genres with lots of success. Some of his best songs include titles such as "Contra La Corriente," "Te Conozco Bien" and "You Sang to Me".

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana
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If there is someone who truly encompasses the spirit of Latino music, that person is Carlos Santana. Although he was born in Mexico, his early music career was developed in the streets of San Francisco. A talented guitarist, Carlos Santana is by far one of the most influential Hispanic artists in history. Some of his most enduring songs include singles such as "Oye Como Va," "Samba Pa' Ti" and "Black Magic Woman".


Selena Archive
Vinnie Zuffante/Archive Photos/Getty Images

The exposure that the legendary Queen of Tejano Music provided to Latin music was enormous. After almost two decades since the tragic death of Selena, this charismatic Mexican-American singer still captures the hearts and souls of the Latino community in the US. Her bilingual repertoire includes hits like "Como La Flor," "Dreaming Of You" and "Amor Prohibido".