Famous Gymnasts' Birthdays

Here is a monthly birthday calendar of famous gymnasts from the past and present.


Kohei Uchimura of Japan reacts as the final score comes through giving him a dramatic gold medal victory during the Artistic Gymnastics Men's Individual All-Around Final at the Rio Olympic Arena on August 10, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

Jan. 1:
Natasha Kelley (born 1990); 2006 world team silver medalist.

Jan. 3:
Kohei Uchimura (born 1989); three-time world all-around champ and 2012 Olympic all-around champ .
Olga Mostepanova (born around 1969); five-time gold medalist for the Soviet Union at the 1984 Alternate Games (for countries that boycotted the 1984 Olympics).

Jan. 13:
Vitaly Scherbo (born 1972); six-time gold medalist at the 1992 Olympics.

Jan. 19:
Shawn Johnson (born 1992); four-time Olympic medalist in 2008 .
Svetlana Khorkina (born 1979); seven-time Olympic medalist for Russia, two-time Olympic gold medalist on bars (1996; 2000).

Jan 23:
Lexie Priessman (born 1997); 2012 US junior national champ.

Jan. 24:
Mary Lou Retton (born 1968); 1984 Olympic all-around champion.

Jan. 26:
Natalia Yurchenko (born 1965); inventor of the Yurchenko vault.

Jan. 27:
Peyton Ernst (born 1997); US senior national team member.

Jan. 30:
Viktoria Komova (born 1995); 2012 Olympic all-around silver medalist.


Carly Patterson, USA, wins Gold in Women's Artistic Gymnastics All-Around Individual Final competition at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece. (Martin Rose/Bongarts/Getty Images)

Feb. 2:
Jazmyn Foberg (born 2000); 2014 US junior national champ.

Feb. 4:
Carly Patterson (born 1988); 2004 Olympic all-around champ.

Feb. 6:
Elise Ray (born 1982); 2000 US national champ and 2000 Olympic bronze medalist with the team.
Kim Zmeskal (born 1976); first American world all-around champion.

Feb. 8:
Yao Jinnan (born 1995); 2012 Olympic team member for China.
Yang Wei (born 1980); 2008 Olympic all-around champion, two-time world all-around champ.

Feb. 9:
Svetlana Boguinskaya (born 1973); 1989 world all-around champ.

Feb. 15:
Elena Produnova (born 1980); 2000 Olympic team member for Russia (silver medalist with the team; bronze medalist on beam).

Feb. 17:
Vanessa Atler (born 1982); 1997 US national champion.

Feb. 19:
Brett McClure (born 1981); 2004 Olympic silver medalist with the US team.

Feb. 25:
Zou Kai (born 1988); five-time Olympic gold medalist for China in 2008 and 2012.


Gymnast Shannon Miller of the United States competes in the Floor Exercise during the Games of the XXV Olympiad in the 1992 Summer Olympics circa 1992 in Barcelona, Catalonia. (Focus on Sport/Getty Images)

Mar. 4:
Brenna Dowell (born 1996); US senior national team member.

Mar. 10:
Kristen Maloney (born 1981); Two-time US national champ.
Shannon Miller (born 1977); Seven-time Olympic medalist, two-time world all-around champion.
Mitch Gaylord (born 1961); 1984 Olympic gold medalist with the US team.

Mar. 14:
Simone Biles (born 1997); 2013 world all-around champ.

Mar. 16:
Bailie Key (born 1999); US junior national team member.

Mar. 23:
Wendy Bruce (born 1973); 1992 Olympic team bronze medalist.
Kristie Phillips (born 1972); 1987 US national champion.

Mar. 26:
Mackenzie Caquatto (born 1992); 2010 world team silver medalist.
Corrie Lothrop (born 1992); 2008 Olympic team alternate.

Mar. 28:
Bart Conner (born 1958); 1984 Olympic gold medalist with the US team and on parallel bars.


Courtney McCool on floor exercise at the 2004 USA Gymnastics Olympic trials on June 25, 2004 at Arrowhead pond in Anaheim, California. (Jaye Howell/Getty Images)

Apr. 1:
Courtney McCool (born 1988); 2004 Olympic silver medalist with the US team .
Beth Tweddle (born 1985); long-time leader of the British team, three-time world champ (twice on bars; once on floor).

Apr. 9:
Kristina Comforte (born 1987); 2002 junior national vault champion.

Apr. 12:
Katelyn Ohashi (born 1997); 2013 American Cup champion.

Apr. 21:
Deng Linlin (born 1992); 2012 Olympic beam champion.


Olympian Aly Raisman arrives at the premiere of RADiUS-TWC's 'Bachelorette' at ArcLight Cinemas on August 23, 2012 in Hollywood, California. (Charley Gallay/WireImage)

May 2:
Jamie Dantzscher (born 1982); 2000 Olympic bronze medalist with the US team.

May 10:
Amanda Borden (born 1977); 1996 Olympic gold medalist with the US team.

May 15:
Amy Chow (born 1978); 1996 Olympic gold medalist with the US team, 2000 Olympic bronze medalist with the team, 1996 Olympic silver medalist on bars.

May 16:
Olga Korbut (born 1955); six-time Olympic medalist for USSR.

May 20:
Mattie Larson (born 1992); 2010 world silver medalist with the US team.

May 24:
Sabrina Vega (born 1995); 2011 world gold medalist with the US team.

May 25:
Aly Raisman (born 1994); three-time Olympic medalist at the 2012 Games.

May 28:
Elizabeth Price (born 1996); 2012 US Olympic team alternate.
Cheng Fei (born 1988); five-time world gold medalist for China.
Alexei Nemov 12-time Olympic medalist.


Bridget Sloan attends the IPL 500 Festival Parade on May 23, 2009 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Michael Hickey/WireImage)

June 9:
Laurie Hernandez (born 2000); 2013 US junior national runner-up.

June 14:
Annia Hatch (born 1978); 2004 Olympic silver medalist on vault and with the US team.

June 19:
Larisa Lordache (born 1996); 2012 Olympic bronze medalist with the Romanian team.

June 21:
John Roethlisberger (born 1970); three-time US Olympian (1992; 1996; 2000).

June 23:
Bridget Sloan (born 1992); 2008 Olympic silver medalist with the US team, 2009 world all-around champ .
Chellsie Memmel (born 1988); 2008 Olympic silver medalist with the US team, 2005 world all-around champ.

June 27:
Morgan White (born 1983); 2000 Olympic team member (unable to compete due to injury.


Jordyn Wieber, USA, in action on the uneven bars during the Women's Artistic Gymnastics podium training at North Greenwich Arena during the London 2012 Olympic games preparation at the London Olympics. (Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images)

July 11:
Rebecca Bross (born 1993); six-time world medalist for the US.

July 12:
Jordyn Wieber (born 1995); 2012 Olympic gold medalist.

July 27:
Courtney Kupets (born 1986); Two-time Olympic medalist in 2004 (team; bars).

July 29:
Jennie Thompson (born 1981); Two-time world team member and 1993 US junior national champ.


In this undated photo Blaine Wilson, four-time U.S. all-around men's gymnastics champ, displays his strength and supreme confidence in executing an iron cross on the rings in Los Angeles, California. (Joe McNally/Getty Images)

Aug. 3:
Blaine Wilson (born 1974); five-time US national champion.

Aug. 14:
Terin Humphrey (born 1986); Two-time Olympic silver medalist in 2004 (team; bars).

Aug. 15:
Lilia Podkopayeva (born 1978); 1996 Olympic all-around champ.

Aug. 19:
Jake Dalton (born 1991); 2012 Olympic team member.


Olympic Medalists Paul and Morgan Hamm show their medals at Chelsea Piers in New York, New York, United States. (M. Von Holden/Getty Images)

Sept. 2:
Shayla Worley (born 1990); 2007 world champion with the US team.

Sept. 4:
Anna Li (born 1988); 2012 Olympic alternate.

Sept. 5:
Tatiana Gutsu (born 1976); 1992 Olympic all-around champ.

Sept. 24:
Morgan and Paul Hamm (born 1982); Paul was the 2004 Olympic all-around champion; Morgan was a two-time Olympian (2000 and 2004).

Sept. 26:
Jaycie Phelps (born 1979); 1996 Olympic gold medalist with the US team.

Sept. 29:
Mohini Bhardwaj (born 1978); 2004 Olympic silver medalist with the team.

Sept. 30:
Aliya Mustafina (born 1994); 2010 world all-around champ
Dominique Moceanu (born 1981); 1996 Olympic gold medalist with the US team.


Nastia Lukin competes in the Uneven Bar Finals at the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympics. (Eddy Le Maistre/Corbis via Getty Images)

Oct. 7:
Simona Amanar (born 1979); Seven-time Olympic medalist for Romania, credited as the first to compete the Amanar vault
Ludmilla Tourischeva (born 1952): Winner of the 1972 Olympic all-around title and eight other Olympic medals.

Oct. 13:
Sam Mikulak (born 1992); 2012 US Olympic team member.

Oct. 24:
Kyla Ross (born 1996); 2012 Olympic gold medalist with the US team.

Oct. 30:
Danell Leyva (born 1991); 2012 Olympic bronze medalist in the all-around.
Nastia Liukin (born 1989); 2008 Olympic all-around champion and five-time Olympic medalist in all.


Future gymnastics legend Nadia Comaneci works out on the balance beam as a 13 year old girl in 1975. (Hulton Deutsch/Getty Images)

Nov. 12:
Nadia Comaneci (born 1961); 1976 Olympic all-around champ and first gymnast in Olympic history to score a perfect 10.0.

Nov. 14:
Sarah Finnegan (born 1996); 2012 Olympic alternate.

Nov. 19:
Kerri Strug (born 1977); Olympic gold medalist in 1996 with the US team.

Nov. 20:
Dominique Dawes (born 1976); Olympic gold medalist with the US team in 1996, bronze medalist on floor in 1996.

Nov. 21:
Tasha Schwikert (born 1984); 2000 Olympic bronze medalist with the US team.


Gabby Douglas, (left), and McKayla Maroney, during presentation at the Senior Women Competition at The 2013 P&G Gymnastics Championships, USA Gymnastics' National Championships at the XL, Centre, Hartford, Connecticut, USA. (Hulton Deutsch/Getty Images)

Dec. 3:
Alicia Sacramone (born 1987); 10-time world medalist, the most in US history.

Dec. 6:
Hollie Vise (born 1987); 2003 co-world champion on bars.

Dec. 9:
McKayla Maroney (born 1995); 2012 Olympic gold medalist.

Dec. 11:
Ivana Hong (born 1992); 2007 world team gold medalist, 2008 Olympic alternate.

Dec. 12:
Cathy Rigby (born 1952); first American to win a world medal.

Dec. 14:
Samantha Peszek (born 1991); 2008 Olympic silver medalist with the US team.

Dec. 30:
John Orozco (born 1992); 2012 US Olympic team member and 2012 US national champ.

Dec. 31:
Gabby Douglas (born 1995); 2012 Olympic all-around champion and gold medalist with the US team.

Jonathan Horton (born 1985); Two-time Olympian for the US, bronze medalist in 2008 with the team.