25 Family Portraits That Went Hilariously Wrong

Ready to take the perfect family photo? Think again.

We've all seen the glory that is the Awkward Family Photos site, so we're familiar with how good pictures can go seriously wrong in spite of (or because of?) the amount of time and effort we put into creating them. Here's a sampling of hilarious family portraits that got so messed up, they became completely EPIC!

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"Runs" in The Family

married couple with pooping baby and dog


You know you're a mother when you'd rather catch your baby's liquid poop in your cupped hands than ruin the carpet.

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"That's Some 'Snuggly' Baby"

couple with grimacing baby between

Awkward Family Photos

We're sure he's actually a very cute baby... not that you can tell from this hysterically unflattering picture.

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Lemme Out Of Here!

a pyramid of children of varying ages and a screaming baby in the foreground

 Awkward Family Photos

"Get a good picture of all the kids," they said. "It'll be fun!" They said.

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a family of reindeer with father as Santa

Awkward Family Photos 

This is never, ever, ever a good idea. Don't believe me? Find more fabulously awkward Christmas photos available online.

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Family Faceplant

child face first on grass in front of parents in wedding photo

Awkward Family Photos 

Something tells me he didn't want to be in the picture.

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Pay No Attention to the Humping Dogs

family photo with two giant dogs humping in foreground

Awkward Family Photos 

Way to photobomb, fellas! They belong on this list of the most famous animal photobombers on the internet.

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Not Subtle

child reaching down shirt of woman next to him in photo


The child reaching down a woman's shirt is clearly free from inhibitions. Oh, to be young again!

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Welcome to Dorksville

A Winnie the Pooh themed family photo

Awkward Family Photos 

We hate to break it to you, kid, but you're doomed to be dorky like your 'rents. Not that there's anything wrong with that! Dorks can be cool.

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The Family That Smokes Together

family including kids with cigarettes in mouths

Awkward Family Photos 

Gets emphysema together? Hilarious. *EYE ROLL* 

(Seriously, whose idea was this???! Dad, was it you? We bet it was you.)

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Speaking of Bad Dads

family photo with children and parents "dancing" or humping

 Awkward Family Photos

We're not sure why Dad chose his particular "dance" move. Keepin' it classy, pops! 

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I Believe I Can Fly

baby falling head first towards sand

Liz Hansen 

Photographer Liz Hansen was taking family reunion pics when she captured this funny (and scary) image. Never fear, the baby is okay!! 

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Sweet Relief

baby poops on dad during shoot

Kirsty Grant Photography 

Al Ferguson, a twenty-six year-old blogger from Kent, England, was holding his newborn Ted during a photoshoot when... poop happened. 

The best part? The satisfied look on little Ted's face when he's letting loose. We all know that feeling, Ted!

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Split Decision

split decision awkward fam

Awkward Family Photos 

According to Awkward Family Photos, this family didn't want to take the same boring, posed shots that everyone else was taking, so they thought outside the box a bit.

In retrospect, maybe the brother's head placement was a little ill chosen.

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No Babies Were Hurt in the Making of This Photo

family photo gone wrong ellen


Ellen Degeneres was the first to feature a funny picture of a baby taking a nose dive at the end of a long line of siblings and cousins. Timberrrrr!

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The WHAT Kingdom?!

family photo fail anal kingdom


When posing for pictures, don't forget to check the background!

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Mom, Dad, and Little Up-Chuck

family photo spit up


The baby probably felt so much better after he spit up. Hey, spit happens! The owner of the head he spit up on may not have agreed.

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Take That, Mom

mom son awkward fam photo

Awkward Family Photos 

Poor mom does so much, and puts up with so much. Let's hope this little guy got her a nice present for Mother's Day that year.

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Welcome To The World

family photo birth fail


Please let this be a posed picture.  Please?

Either way, what an inauspicious introduction to the world!  Let's hope it gets better from here on out, kiddo.

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Kid, Meet Cement

falling slowly awkward fam

Awkward Family Photos 

Moments before, this little girl had been tugging on her mother's hand, when suddenly she just let go.  The camera caught her just at the perfect time... right before the pavement did.

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The Fountain of Youth

family photo fail baby pee


Clearly those naked baby pictures aren't all they're cracked up to be.

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Daughter Down

girl on beach falling


This family was going for "carefree" and wound up achieving "Alert CPS" status.

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Oh Holy Fright

christmas pjs family photo fail

 The Heavy

We don't blame dad for not wanting to wear those cheesy matching pajamas, but... couldn't he put something on? Anything?

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Mom's All Choked Up

choking mom family photo the heavy

The Heavy 

This classic picture from the 80s captures so many things, from the son's "hilarious" personality to the daughter's seething hatred for her mother simmering quietly under a calm surface.

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There's Always One

awkward fam photo kid

Awkward Family Photos 

Every family has that one kid who just refuses to get with the program.

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Family Is #1. (Or Sometimes #2)

portapotty family portrait fail

 Awkward Family Photos 

Of all the ways, in all the world, to pose for a family photo... this one probably stinks the most.