Fallout 4 Cheats, Codes, and Walkthroughs for Xbox One and PC

Be your best virtual self with these Fallout 4 commands

Players have discovered hundreds of cheat codes for "Fallout 4" on PC, but the Xbox One version also has its fair share of secrets. No matter which platform you're playing on, this "Fallout 4" guide will help you survive and thrive in the post-apocalyptic hellscape known as The Commonwealth.

Fallout 4 Cheat Codes for PC

Screenshot from "Fallout 4"on Xbox One

The Command Console feature is basically a debugging mode that can be exploited to pull off some impressive tricks in "Fallout 4." To enable cheat codes, press the tilde key (~) while playing. A window will pop up where you can enter these commands for the corresponding cheat:

Some of these cheats may occasionally cause the game to crash, so save your game before entering any console commands.

Fallout 4 Console Commands
Effect Cheat code

God mode (infinite ammo and invincibility)


Invincibility to damage


Gain a level


Set your level

player.setlevel [number]

Walk through walls


Display all map locations

tmm 1

Full health (doesn't cure radiation)

Kill a targeted NPC kill

Turn off the AI


Make AI ignore you


Change your gender

Go to a special area containing every item coc qasmoke

Resurrect a targeted NPC


Kill all NPCs in an area


Delete a targeted object

Complete the main story caqs

Activate free camera mode

Freeze all animations. tfc 1

Reset damage effects


Teleport to an area

coc [location ID code]

Add an item to your inventory

player.additem [item ID code]

Manipulate time (default is 16)

set timescale to [number] 

Fallout 4 ID Codes

You'll need to know specific ID codes to use some of the above cheat codes. Fortunately, if you select a character or item while the console is open, you can view its ID.

You can also enter the following console command to search for additional commands and ID codes:

help ["item/character/command name"] 0

Use the Page Up and Page Down keys to scroll through the lists, and be sure to use quotes if searching for queries with more than one word.

Fallout 4 Cheats for Xbox One

The following cheats apply to "Fallout 4" on Xbox One, as well as the PC and PS4.

Duplicate Items Glitch

You'll need the "Contraptions DLC" to pull off this trick. Drop an item you wish to duplicate on the ground, then command your dog friend to fetch. If you pick it up at the same time as Dogmeat lowers his head, the item will go into your inventory, and he will then drop another one.

This glitch could eventually be patched, but it still works as of February 2019. Duplicate the "You're Special!" magazine to get infinite attribute points. It's located inside your old house in Shaun's room.

Infinite XP

First, have a Sniper Rifle with strong firepower and a long-range scope. You can purchase one in Diamond City or Bunker Hill.

After joining the Brotherhood of Steel at the Cambridge Police Station, complete the "Tour Of Duty" quest. Talk to Proctor Quinlan on the airship and agree to assist on a patrol to receive the "Learning Curve" quest. Head to the deck of the airship and lower the difficulty to Very Easy. Now, shoot your Brotherhood ally. After four or five shots, the quest will end, but you'll get the reward anyway. If you can safely make it back to Proctor Quinlan, he'll give you XP and the option to restart the quest. Repeat as many times as you please.

Infinite Lock XP

If you come across an unowned safe near a hackable computer terminal, you can pick the safe and lock it again using the terminal as many time as you please. You'll earn XP and raise your affinity with Piper, Cait, and Deacon all at the same time.

Infinite Fusion Cores

After completing the "Tour Of Duty" quest, you can pickpocket fusion cores from knights aboard the Prydwen airship. Go after knights in secluded areas so you can get away without being spotted. If successful, the knight will come out of their powersuit and replenish their fusion core, allowing you to steal another one. Repeat as often as you like, but quicksave after each attempt in case you're caught red-handed.

Fallout 4 Item Cap Trick

Although you can trade items directly with your companions, a better alternative is to simply drop an item on the ground. Your companion will obey your command to pick it up even if their inventory is technically full. This trick allows you to carry heavy weaponry into battle without it weighing you down.

How to Survive Long Falls

Right before you crash into the ground from a deadly height, save your game. You'll die, but when you load the save file, you'll be safely on your feet where you landed.

Where to Find the Secret Alien Blaster Pistol

East of Oberland Station, you'll find a crashed alien spaceship. Follow the nearby trail of green alien goo over the hill, down a cliff, and inside a cave. Put the alien out of its misery to obtain the Alien Blaster Pistol and ammo. This powerful weapon comes with just 400-550 rounds of ammo, which cannot be found anywhere else in the game. You can modify the weapon to use fusion cells, but the shots won't be as powerful.

Fallout 4 Unique Weapon Locations

Unique weapons grant you certain bonuses and can be obtained in the following ways:

Unique Weapon Locations
Weapon Requirement Bonus

2076 World Series Baseball Bat

Complete "Find the treasures of Jamaica Plain" quest Chance of making target fly


Side with Fahrenheit during "The Big Dig" quest

Chance of igniting target

Automatic Laser Musket

Obtained during "The Nuclear Option" quest Auto-fire

AX90 Fury

Buy from Teagan in the airship  +50 damage against super mutants

Big Boy

Buy from Arturo at Diamond City Fire an extra projectile

Big Jim

Found in Walden Pond +20 chance of crippling target


Complete the "Last Voyage Of The U.S.S. Constitution" quest None

Death From Above

Buy from Proctor Teagan after reaching Paladin +75 speed
Deathclaw Gauntlet Complete the "Devil's Due" side quest None

Eddie's Peace

Obtained during Detective Case Files: "Long Time Coming"

Inflict extra limb damage
Deliverer Complete "Tradecraft" Railroad quest None

Final Judgment

Obtained from Elder Maxson during the "Airship Down" Institute quest or  "Precipice Of War" Railroad quest
+25 rate of fire, +15 reload speed
Experiment 18-A Buy from the Institute Requisitions. +25 rate of fire, +15 reload speed

General Chao's Revenge

Buy from Trudy in the Drumlin Diner +50 damage against robots
Furious Power Fist Take out the threat of Swan in Boston Common Increased damage per hit on individual targets

Grognak's Axe

Found in a display case in Hubris Comics Inflict stagger, extra damage with bleed
Good Intentions Obtained from Clint Elevated Freeway Camp Critical hits inflict frenzy

HalluciGen Gas Grenade

Craft using material found in the basement laboratory of HalluciGen, Inc. Inflict frenzy for 60 seconds

Institute Beacon

Complete "Airship Down" Institute quest Spawn synths at a beacon locations

Homing Beacon 

Complete "Here There Be Monsters" quest Sub missile strike


Purchase from Penny in the Covenant Chance of causing stagger
Junk Jet Found in the ArcJet Systems during "Call To Arms" Brotherhood Of Steel quest None

Les Fusil Teribles

Found inside the captain's cabin in Libertalia +25 limb damage, extra recoil

Kellogg's .44 Pistol

Obtained during the "Reunions" main quest Critical hits fill AP

Old Faithful

Buy from Arturo in Diamond City Double damage to targets with full HP
Lorenzo's Artifact Complete Cabot House Repel targets with telekinesis

Pickman's Blade

Side with Pickman Extra sneak damage and bleed damage
Partystarter Buy from KL-E-O in Goodneighbor +50 damage against humans

Railway Rifle

Complete "Underground Undercover" Railroad quest None
Prototype UP77 Found inside a locked safe in the University Credit Union Unlimited ammo

Reba II

Assist Barney during "Barney Rook" miscellaneous quest +50 damage against Mirelurks and bugs
Reckoning Buy from a level 4 workshop merchant Receive 15% decreased damage while static

Righteous Authority

Complete "Call To Arms" Brotherhood Of Steel quest

Critical hits deal double damage and refill critical meter faster

Rockville Slugger

Buy from Moe in Diamond City 40% less Action Point cost
Sentinel's Plasmacaster Buy from Proctor Teagan after reaching Sentinel Double damage to targets with full HP

Shem Drowne's Sword

Obtained during Detective Case Files: "The Guilded Grasshopper" Inflict radiation damage
Shishkebab Obtained from Slag in the Blast Furnace None


Buy from Cricket the caravan trader Bullets explode on impact

Survivor's Special

Murder Paladin Brandis or ask him to join the Brotherhood during "The Lost Patrol" Brotherhood Of Steel quest Inflict extra damage while at low HP

The Gainer

Complete the Vitale Pumphouse number puzzle Ignite targets
The Last Minute Buy from a level 4 workshop merchant +50 limb damage

Tinker Tom Special

Purchase from Tinker Tom in the Railroad HQ Increased VATs accuracy while static

Wastelander's Friend 

Buy from Deb at Bunker Hill +50 limb damage
Wazer Wifle Complete Shaun's three quests Infinite ammo
Virgil's Rifle Obtain from Virgil after killing him +50 damage against super mutants

Fallout 4 Mods

In addition to console commands and cheats, "Fallout 4" also supports player-made mods. The official Bethesda website is the safest source for mods, and the Nexus Mod Manager makes installing them a breeze.