Fallout 4 Cheats, Codes, and Walkthroughs for PS4

Earn every achievement, get unlimited XP, and duplicate items

Unfortunately, the command console used for "Fallout 4" cheat codes on PC don't work with the PS4 version of the game. Nonetheless, there are some secrets you can take advantage of to make earning every achievement much easier.

Fallout 4 Cheats for PS4

These cheats apply to "Fallout 4" on all platforms, including Xbox One and PC.

How to Duplicate Items

If you have the "Contraptions" DLC, you can do an impressive trick with your canine companion. To duplicate an item, drop it on the ground and tell Dogmeat to fetch. As he lowers his head, try to pick up the item at the same time. If you time it right, the item will go back into your inventory, and Dogmeat will drop a duplicate. If you duplicate the "You're Special!" magazine, you can get as many attribute points as you please. Find the magazine in Shaun's room in your old house.

This cheat is obviously the result of a glitch, so it could one day be patched, but it's still working as of early 2019.

Unlimited XP

First, you need a weapon with strong fire power and a long-range scope. For example, you can buy a Sniper Rifle from Diamond City or Bunker Hill.

After you join the Brotherhood of Steel and complete the "Tour of Duty" quest, talk to Proctor Quinlan on the airship. When he asks you to go on patrol, agree to activate the "Learning Curve" quest. Now, lower the difficulty to the easiest setting, go to the airship's deck and shoot your Brotherhood partner four or five times to take him out. You'll fail the mission, but when you go back to Proctor Quinlan, he'll reward you with XP anyway and ask you to restart. You can do this as many times as you like to rack up XP.

Unlimited Lock XP

Find a safe without an owner that is near a terminal you can hack. Pick the safe, then use the terminal to re-lock it. Repeat as many times as you wish to gain lock XP while also raising your affinity with Piper, Cait, and Deacon.

Unlimited Fusion Cores

After finishing the "Tour of Duty" quest, you can pickpocket the knights aboard the Prydwen airship to score free fusion cores. Target knights who are wandering alone so that you can escape without detection. You can steal as many cores as you want, but be sure to save after each successful run.

Fallout 4 Item Cap Cheat

If your inventory is overflowing, don't bother directly trading with your companion. Just drop the item you wish them to carry on the ground, and instruct them to pick it up. Your companion will abide even if their inventory is technically full. Exploit this trick to keep your heavy artillery on hand without it weighing you down.

Survive Falls From Deadly Heights

Save your game just before crashing into the ground. You'll perish, but you will restart on your feet in the location where you landed.

Secret Alien Blaster Pistol Location

There's a downed UFO east of Oberland Station. Look for a trail of green alien blood and follow it into a nearby cave. Defeat the alien to retrieve the Alien Blaster Pistol and 400-550 rounds of ammo. This ammo is not available anywhere else, but you can modify the Alien Blaster to launch fusion cells.

Fallout 4 Unique Weapon Locations

Weapon Requirement Bonus

2076 World Series Baseball Bat

Finish "Find the treasures of Jamaica Plain" quest Possibility of making target fly


Align with Fahrenheit during "The Big Dig" quest

Possibility of igniting target

Automatic Laser Musket

Find during "The Nuclear Option" quest Automatic fire

AX90 Fury

Purchase in the airship from Teagan  +50 damage to super mutants

Big Boy

Purchase at Diamond City from Arturo Fire an extra bullet

Big Jim

Find in Walden Pond +20 chance of limb damage to target


Finish "Last Voyage Of The U.S.S. Constitution" quest N/A

Death From Above

Purchase from Proctor Teagan after reaching Paladin +75 speed
Deathclaw Gauntlet Finish "Devil's Due" side-quest N/A

Eddie's Peace

Obtain during Detective Case Files: "Long Time Coming"

Extra limb damage
Deliverer Finish "Tradecraft" Railroad quest N/A

Final Judgment

Get from Elder Maxson during "Airship Down" Institute quest or "Precipice Of War" Railroad quest
+25 fire rate, +15 reload speed
Experiment 18-A Purchase from the Institute Requisitions +25 rate of fire, +15 reload speed

General Chao's Revenge

Purchase in the Drumlin Diner from Trudy +50 damage to robots
Furious Power Fist Neutralize the threat of Swan in Boston Common Extra damage per successive hits on individual targets

Grognak's Axe

Find in a display case in Hubris Comics Stagger, increased bleed damage
Good Intentions Find at Clint Elevated Freeway Camp Frenzy with critical hits

HalluciGen Gas Grenade

Craft with materials in the HalluciGen, Inc. basement laboratory Frenzy for 60 seconds

Institute Beacon

Finish "Airship Down" Institute quest Spawn synth at beacon location

Homing Beacon 

Finish "Here There Be Monsters" quest Submarine missile strike


Purchase from Penny in the Covenant Possibility of stagger
Junk Jet Find in the ArcJet Systems during "Call To Arms" Brotherhood Of Steel quest N/A

Les FusilTeribles

Find in the captain's cabin in Libertalia +25 limb damage, extra recoil

Kellogg's .44 Pistol

Obtain during the "Reunions" main quest Critical hits fill AP

Old Faithful

Purchase in Diamond City from Arturo 200% damage to targets at full HP
Lorenzo's Artifact Finish Cabot House Telekinesis

Pickman's Blade

Align with Pickman Increased sneak and bleed damage
Partystarter Purchase in the Goodneighbor from KL-E-O +50 damage to humans

Railway Rifle

Finish "Underground Undercover" Railroad quest N/A
Prototype UP77 Find in main locked safe in the University Credit Union Infinite ammo

Reba II

Aid Barney in "Barney Rook" miscellaneous quest +50 damage to Mirelurks and bugs
Reckoning Purchase from a level 4 workshop merchant Take 15% less damage while static

Righteous Authority

Finish "Call To Arms" Brotherhood Of Steel quest

200% damage with critical hits, critical meter refills faster

Rockville Slugger

Purchase in Diamond City from Moe  40% reduced Action Point cost
Sentinel's Plasmacaster Purchase from Proctor Teagan after reaching Sentinel 200% damage to targets at full HP

Shem Drowne's Sword

Obtain during Detective Case Files: "The Guilded Grasshopper" Radiation damage
Shishkebab Receive in the Blast Furnace from Slag N/A


Purchase from Cricket the caravan trader Exploding bullets

Survivor's Special

Kill Paladin Brandis or ask him to join you during "The Lost Patrol" Brotherhood Of Steel quest Extra damage at low HP

The Gainer

Solve the Vitale Pumphouse number puzzle Ignite targets
The Last Minute Purchase from a level 4 workshop merchant +50 limb damage

Tinker Tom Special

Purchase in the Railroad HQ from Tinker Tom Improved VATs accuracy while static

Wastelander's Friend 

Purchase at Bunker Hill from Deb +50 limb damage
Wazer Wifle Finish Shaun's three quests Unlimited ammo
Virgil's Rifle Retrieve from Virgil's dead body +50 damage to super mutants

Fallout 4 Achievements

Achievement Requirement
Prepared for the Future Decide the fate of the Commonwealth

They're Action Figures

Collect 20 bobbleheads
Born Survivor Reach Level 5
Commonwealth Citizen Reach Level 10
Unstoppable Wanderer Reach Level 25

Legend Of The Wastes

Reach Level 50

Animal Control

Kill 300 creatures
Homerun! Score a homerun
Touchdown! Score a touchdown
They're Not Dolls… Collect 10 bobbleheads

Ranger Corps

Discover 100 locations
Print’s Not Dead Read 20 magazines
Prankster’s Return Place a grenade or mine while pick pocketing
Masshole Kill 300 people


Max out relationship level with a companion
Fix-Er-Upper Build 100 items in the workshop
Future Retro Play a game at a retraction terminal

The Harder They Fall

 Kill 5 giant creatures

RobCo’s Worst Nightmare

Hack 50 terminals
Armed and Dangerous Create 50 mods for weapons
Wasteland D.I.Y. Craft 100 items
Never Go It Alone Recruit 5 companions


Complete 10 side quests
Mercenary Complete 50 miscellaneous objectives
Scavver Collect 1000 crafting resources
What’s Yours Is Mine Pick 50 locks

Rockets’ Red Glare

Complete "Rockets' Red Glare" quest
Sanctuary Complete "Sanctuary" quest
Community Organizer Ally with 3 settlements
Benevolent Leader Max out happiness in a large settlement

Blind Betrayal

Complete "Blind Betrayal" quest
Ad Victoriam Complete "Ad Victoriam" quest
Tradecraft Join the railroad
Underground Undercover Complete "Underground Undercover" quest

The First Step

Join the Minutemen

Taking Independence

Complete "Taking Independence" quest

Old Guns Complete "Old Guns" quest
Semper Invicta Join the Brotherhood of Steel

War Never Changes

Enter The Wasteland
When Freedom Calls

Complete "When Freedom Calls" quest

Unlikely Valentine Complete "Unlikely Valentine" quest
Reunions Complete "Reunions" quest

Dangerous Minds

Complete "Dangerous Minds" quest


Complete "Hunter/Hunted" quest

The Molecular Level

Complete "The Molecular Level" quest

The Nuclear Option

Complete "The Nuclear Option" quest


Complete "Institutionalized" quest
Mankind-Redefined Complete "Mankind-Redefined" quest
Powering Up

Complete "Powering Up" quest

Nuclear Family Complete "Nuclear Family" quest

Fallout 4 Mods for PS4

"Fallout 4" for PS4 provides limited support for player-made mods that enable even more cheats. Visit Bethesda's website for more information about installing mods on the console versions of "Fallout 4."