Fallout 3 Weapons and Ammo Codes

Pimp your personal arsenal with these cheats

Fallout 3 is a post-apocalyptic, open-world role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks in 2008. The PC version has a cheat code that instantly adds items to your inventory. If you know all of the weapon and ammo codes for the game, you can get as much firepower as you need to explore the Capital Wasteland. We have those codes below.

These cheats work exclusively with Fallout 3 for PC.

How to Use Fallout 3 Weapon and Ammo Codes

Open Fallout 3's cheat console by pressing the tilde key (~). Type player.additem followed by the item code and the desired quantity, then press Enter.

For example, to add an assault rifle to your inventory, enter the following:

player.additem 0001FFEC 1

Fallout 3 Weapon Codes

Weapon Code
.32 Pistol 0000080A
.44 Magnum 00050F92
10mm Pistol 0000434F
10mm Sub Machine Gun 00004321
Alien Blaster 00004322
Ant's Sting 000C553E
Assault Rifle 0001FFEC
Baseball Bat 0000421C
BB Gun 00004323
Black Bart's Bane 0006B535
Blackhawk 000303A2
Board of Education 000C310F
Bottlecap Mine 0000433A
Brass Knuckles 00004324
Breaker 000CB546
Buzzsaw 0003BC6F
Chinese Assault Rifle 00046BDD
Chinese Officer's Sword 0006415D
Chinese Pistol 00004325
Combat Knife 00064093
Combat Shotgun 00004327
Combat Shotgun 0003713D
Dart Gun 0000432A
Deathclaw Gauntlet 0000432B
Electrical Zap 00022FF1
Eugene 0006B538
Excalibat 000C80BC
Fat Man 0000432C
Fire Hydrant 00021367
Flamer 00039550
Frag Grenade 00004330
Frag Mine 00028172
GasTrap Dummy 000001F6
Gatling Laser 0000432E
Hand Laser 00018B9E
Hunting Rifle 00004333
Jack 000C6E5B
Knife 00004334
Laser 0007B237
Laser Pistol 00004335
Laser Rifle 00004336
Lead Pipe 00004337
Liberty Laser 00033FE2
LibertyPrimeWeapBomb 0005932F
Mesmeron 00004339
Mesmetron 000BF5A4
Minigun 0000433F
Mirelurk Bait Grenade 00030664
Miss Launcher 000B2644
Missile Launcher 00057E8F
Nail Board 000A01DD
Nuka-Grenade 00004342
Plasma Grenade 00004332
Plasma Gun 0003954F
Plasma Mine 0000433D
Plasma Pistol 00004343
Plasma Rifle 00004344
Police Batton 00004345
Pool Cue 00004346
Power Fist 00004347
Protectron's Gaze 000C553F
Pulse Grenade 00004331
Pulse Mine 0000433E
Radioactive Spit 00058717
Railway Rifle 00004348
Repellent Stick 0002D3B7
Reservist's Rifle 00092966
Ripper 00004349
Rock-it Launcher 0000434B
Rolling Pin 00029769
Sawed-Off Shotgun 0000434C
Scoped .44 Magnum 0000434D
Shishkebab 0000434E
Silenced 10mm Pistol 00004350
Sledgehammer 00004351
Sniper Rifle 00004353
Spiked Knuckles 00004354
Super Sledge 00004352
Switchblade 000289C3
Tire Iron 00004328

Fallout 3 Special Weapon Codes

Weapon Code
10mm SMG Sydneys 'Ultra' 0006E7CC
A3-21's Plasma Rifle 0006B539
Burnmaster (Unique Flamer) 000C80BD
Butch's Toothpick 00078440
Chinese Pistol (Zhu-Rong v418) 00060C2C
Clover's Cleaver 000C80B8
Col. Autumn's 10mm Pistol 0006B531
Col. Autumn's Laser Pistol 000ABBE4
Curse Breaker 000C80BB
Experimental MIRV 0003422B
Fawkes' Super Sledge 0007843F
Firelance 000C80BA
Fisto! 000CB601
Highwayman's Friend 00078442
Law Dog 0006B532
Lincoln's Repeater 0003C07A
Love Tap 000C80B9
O'Grady's Peacemaker 0007843D
Occam's Razor 000CB602
Ol' Painless 00066C76
Plunkett's Valid Points 000CAFA9
Shriek 0007F598
Slasher Knife 0002869C
Smuglers End (Laser Pistol) 0006B536
Stabhappy 000C80BE
Sydney's 10mm "Ultra" SMG 0005DEEE
The Break 00066C77
The Kneecapper 0006B53A
The Shocker 000BFF62
The Tenderizer 000A874B
The Terrible Shotgun 0006B534
Vengeance (Gatling Laser) 000CB547
Vampire's Edge 00078441
Victory Rifle 000CB548
Wazer Wifle 00061793

Fallout 3 Ammunition Codes

Ammo Code
.308 Caliber Round 0006B53C
.32 Caliber Round 000207F7
.44 Round Magnum 0002937E
10mm Round 00004241
5.56mm Round 00004240
5mm Round 0006B53D
Alien Powercell 00029364
BB - Ammo 0002935B
Bottlecap Mines 0000433A
Dart 00047419
Electron Charge Pack 0006B53E
Energy Cell 00020772
Flamer Fuel 00029371
Frag Grenades 00004330
Frag Mines 0000433C
Mesmetron Power Cell 0006A80D
Microfusion Cell 00004485
Mini Nuke 00020799
Missile 00029383
Pulse Grenades 00004331
Railway Spikes 00029384
Shotgun Shell 00028EEA
Sonic Energy 00056634