Fallout 3 Cheat Guide: All Bobblehead Locations Walkthrough

Get every upgrade and unlock the Vault-Tec CEO achievement

Fallout 3 is considered one of the best post-apocalyptic video games of a generation due to its massive open world littered with hidden treasures to uncover. New skills and stat boosts are unlocked by collecting bobbleheads, and you'll need to collect them all to earn the Vault-Tec CEO achievement. This Fallout 3 cheat guide will help you track down every bobblehead location in the game.

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Information in this article applies to Fallout 3 for PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows. There are also Fallout 3 weapons and ammo codes that are exclusive to the PC version.

Where to Find Fallout 3 Bobbleheads

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Of the total 20 bobbleheads, there are a few that you will be unable to return for later if you miss them. The very first one is in Vault 101. Before you leave the vault, grab it off your dad's desk.

Another missable bobblehead is at Raven Rock on Level 2 in Colonel Autumn's office. You must find it during the American Dream quest. There's also a bobblehead in Megaton that must be collected before the town is destroyed. All other bobbleheads can be collected at any time.

Where to Find Stat Bobbleheads

Bobblehead Location How to Find It


Megaton, Lucas's House Complete the Power of Atom quest and get yourself a house in the town, then you can get into Lucas' house without picking the lock. If Megaton has been blown up, then you can't get the Strength bobblehead.


Republic of Dave, Museum of Dave The Museum of Dave is one of the few buildings you can go into without first talking to Dave. You'll find the Perception bobblehead on a shelf.


Deathclaw Sanctuary, near the entrance Sneak down the hill to the south where you'll find the bobblehead on a small table. If you have trouble getting past the death claws, get a stealth boy to help.


Vault 108, Cloning labs Go eight squares north of Rivet City. Look for it on a table on the west side of the cloning lab (the room with many beds) in Vault 108. This vault is full of Gary Clones, which you can kill for easy experience.


Rivet City, Science labs During the Wasteland Survival Guide quest, there's a science lab on the ship that you can find by entering the stairwell door and following the signs. The Intelligence bobblehead is on a desk in the center of the lab.


Greener Pastures Disposal, Office Go three squares down and four squares left from the top right of the map. Find the building containing a radiation suit and anti-radiation medicine. Put on the suit, then find the area with the large radiation cloud. Enter the office building to find the Agility bobblehead.


Arlington Cemetery North, Arlington House basement Look for a shelf when you enter the basement. The Arlington House is southwest of the cemetery. To find the cemetery from Megaton, go east until you reach Super Duper Mart, then head southeast toward Flooded Metro.

Where to Find Skill Bobbleheads

Bobblehead Location How to Find It


Evergreen Mills, Market Bazaar Start by entering the Foundry, followed by the Bazaar, then to the back area where you'll find Smiling Jack (you can kill him to get a Terrible Shotgun). In the storage area behind Smiling Jack, the Barter Bobblehead is on the upper-right side of a large shelf. There's also a safe behind the counter.

Big Guns

Fort Constantine, CO Quarters in basement To get to Fort Constantine, go four squares east and one square south from the northwestern square. The bobblehead is on a shelf in the cellar.

Energy Weapons

Raven Rock, Colonel Autumn's office Your trip to Raven Rock while completing the American Dream quest is your only chance to get it. You can find the colonel's office on Level 2.


WKML Broadcast Station, Sealed cistern, tucked in rocks Find the station five squares south and four squares east from the northwest corner of the map. Go to the south of the building and down the cliff, then follow the southern area of the rock. Look for the white cistern with a grate, then climb down it.


Bethesda Ruins, Bethesda Offices East To find the Bethesda Ruins, head three squares north and two squares east of Megaton. Find the eastern tower and look for the Lockpick bobblehead on a desk. If you wind up in the western building first, enter the first tower, then use the upstairs skywalk to reach the other building.


Vault 101, Dad's Desk Collect it before leaving the vault for the first time. You won't have a chance to get it later.


Dunwich Building, Virulent Chamber Go to the far southwest corner of the map, one square east of the lower-left corner. Look in the north-central area of that square to find the Dunwich Building. At the entrance, go north and use the first door on the right, then use the southern staircase to go upstairs. Use the northeastern staircase, go left, then right, and then right once more through a door leading to the Forsaken Dunwich Ruins. You'll find Virulent Chambers if you stay on the northern wall of the path and take the door to the south.
Repair Arefu, Evan King's house Find Arefu three squares west and four squares north of Megaton. Evan King's house is on the bridge. You'll need lockpick skill 50 to open the front door.


Vault 106, Living Quarters Northwest of Vault 101 is Vault 106. Find the Living Quarters and go to the room on the far east side where the bobblehead can be found on a shelf.

Small Guns

National Guard Depot, Armory The National Guard Depot is one square north and seven squares east of Megaton, but don't enter the actual city; remain on the northern border. Head toward the Depot Training Area, then the Offices, and then back into the depot area from there. Activate the switch on the left to open some doors two levels below. Locate the doors with flashing lights, and look for the bobblehead on a shelf near an entrance.


Yao Guai Tunnels, Yao Guai Den The tunnels are nine squares west and one square north of Megaton located between two cliffs in the east-central area of the square. When you're in the tunnels, use the east door, Yao Guai Den, to find the bobblehead in the south-central area of the room.


Paradise Falls, Eulogy's Pad There are multiple ways to get to Eulogy's Pad, including enslaving four people with Mesmetron, during the Rescue from Paradise quest, and bribing the gate guard with 500 caps. The bobblehead is on a table next to the terminal.


Rockopolis, Next to Argyle's body The Rockopolis location isn't marked on your map. Get there by going one square west of Smith Casey's Garage, or eight squares west of Megaton. South of the center of the square is a banner resting over a boulder. Open the boulder like you would a door, and you'll find the bobblehead on the ground next to Argyle.