20 Of The Worst Fake Photoshop Girlfriends

Step away from the Photoshop, Dr. Frankenstein.

In case you need reminding, Photoshop is awesome. There's nothing funnier than a great Photoshop troll, catching a celebrity losing a few digital pounds, or spotting a good old fashioned Photoshop disaster in the wild. Without it, we wouldn't even have most memes; and who doesn't love a good Photoshop Battle?

But sometimes, people try to get sneaky with their Photoshop skills. It just makes sense. When people realize the unlimited potential for deception that goes along with photo editing, some think they can trick others into thinking they're much more, er, impressive than they actually are.

Take, for instance, the young gentlemen in this gallery.  They all sat down at a computer, cracked their knuckles, and created an alternate reality that they'd like to share with the world. Basically, they're dating hot model-type girls who are totally real and not fake at all.

Nice try, guys... but you're not fooling anyone. Thanks for the laughs, though!

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No Legs? No Problem.

fake legless girlfriend
Via Guff.

You'd think he'd at least take the time to Photoshop some legs for his beautiful girlfriend. It seems only polite, but okay.

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Remember When Rihanna Dated This Guy?

Fake Rihanna girlfriend
Via Twitter/HamnaQureshi.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that Rihanna never actually dated this guy. I'm not sure what gave him away, because this looks SO REAL.

Poor Rihanna, always getting Photoshopped without her consent...

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Two Is Better Than One

fake photoshop girlfriends
Via Imgur.

Why stop at having just one gorgeous woman swooning over you? With Photoshop, anything is possible!

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Looks Legit. Totally.

Via Imgur.

I'm a little concerned about how this guy seems to be melting into his slumbering girlfriend. Is he okay??

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Oh Wow, That Looks SO Real

Fake photoshop girlfriend
Via BuzzFeed.

Wait, I don't even think this is Photoshop. That looks like some straight-up MS paint action!

At least the fat stacks of cash are legit. (Riiiiiight)

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One Dimensional Girlfriend

Via Smosh.

She's gorgeous, sure, even if she does only have one foot. The important thing is that they're in love.

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I Don't Think That's Really Your Girlfriend.

Via Reddit.

Your girl seems a little blurry, buddy. No offense.

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Move Over, Jay Z

Via instagram.com/peejet.

Instagram user Peejet seems to have a lot of free time, and let's face it, if there's a better way to use that time than to Photoshop himself into pictures of celebrities, we haven't found it.

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Just Chillin' With Paris Hilton. NBD.

Via Imgur.

Remember that time you hung out with Paris Hilton?  

Yeah, neither does she, because it never happened.

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That's... Not Even a Real Picture of a Girl

photoshopped girlfriend
Via Smosh.

Forgive me if I'm wrong, but this isn't even a real human being; it's a computer generated image. I guess love really does know no boundaries.

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Different Backgrounds? Psh.

Via Smosh.

Maybe he just carries around a plank of wood siding for pictures because it brings out his eyes? It could happen.

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What a Nice Couple

fake photoshop girlfriend
Via Omgsis.

She's a very nice girl, but she has kind a flat personality. She's just a little washed out, ya know? Their relationship is superficial, to say the least.

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He's Got That Special Glow.

Via Oddee.

And I'm not talking about his Hawaiian Tropic tan, either.

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You've Got To Hand It To Him...

Via WeKnowMemes.

Ah, the old phantom hand trick. Spooky.

Everything else about this image looks totally real, though. (Yes, that is sarcasm.)

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Relaxing With My Supermodel Lady Friend.

Via WeKnowMemes.

You can tell he's a major player just by his swanky apartment, but that eye candy on his couch next to him just completes the image.

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Snuggling With Megan Fox

Via Reddit.

It seemed far fetched that Megan Fox would go for this boring guy, until we remembered that she was once married to Brian Austin Green in real life.  So you never know.

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Clearly, Paris Is The City of Lovers

Via Reddit.

This guy really seems to have it all: a stunning girlfriend, enough money to travel to Paris, and a truly awful haircut.

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Kim Kardashian Gets Around

Via Oddee.

Oh look it's Kim Kardashian, back when she used to date Paul from Kentucky. 

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Is That Sasha Grey?

Via Failblog.

Okay, I'm no expert on adult video stars, but isn't that noted porn star Sasha Grey?

What?  I recognize her from when she was a guest star on Entourage, of course. Don't look at me like that.

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So Close!

fake photoshop girlfriend
Via worldwideinterweb.

Welp, everything here checks out. Just swap out the face and apply the old black and white Instagram filter, and VOILA! Instant stud muffin.

Ladies? The line forms to the LEFT.

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