Great Expressive Gymnast Photos

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When You Get a New Skill...

Danell Leyva
Danell Leyva at the 2012 Olympics. Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

I'm the king of the world! Gymnastics is the greatest sport there is!

(Pictured: Danell Leyva at the 2012 Olympics.)

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But Then...When You've Somehow Lost a Skill You Could Always Do...

© Phil Walter / Getty Images

How is that even possible? I was just doing these yesterday. And every day since I was nine. Gymnastics is the worst sport in the world!

(Pictured: Kristian Thomas at the 2012 Olympics)

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When You Have to Try Something by Yourself for the Very First Time...

© Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

How about a spot, just one more time? Or maybe you could just stand there? Please?

(Pictured: Kyla Ross, 2012 Olympic gold medalist and multiple-time world medalist. No word on whether she's scared to try new skills for the first time, but we're guessing she's pretty good at it.)

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When You Fall and Do a Quick Check to See If Your Coach Is Watching...

Aliya Mustafina
© Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

We're in the clear. I'll just pick myself up like nothing happened.

(Pictured: World and Olympic champion Aliya Mustafina, having an off day on beam.)

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When Someone Almost Crashes, Real Bad...

Aly Raisman
© Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

No, I promise you weren't that close to the bar. You're totally fine. I'm just going to go grab some water while you do it again.

(Pictured: Aly Raisman, 2012 Olympic gold medalist, as she waited for her beam results. Raisman won a tie-break and ended up with the bronze medal.)

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When You Find Out How Many Routines You Have to Do Today...

Young gymnast
© Getty Images

Or that the conditioning changed. And your coach may actually be trying to kill you.

(Pictured: A young gymnast from a Beijing gymnastics training school.)

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When Your Teammate Takes Her Wrist Bands Off at the End of Workout...

Beth Tweddle
© Clive Rose / Getty Images

Seriously, a washing machine could be OK here. Just give it a try.

(Pictured: Beth Tweddle, at the 2009 worlds, waiting for a score. She won gold on floor.)

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When You Know You Deserved a Score Better Than That...

© Lintao Zhang / Getty Images

That judge has never liked me!

(Pictured: Ri Se-Gwang of North Korea, at the 2014 worlds. He actually won vault there, so this likely wasn't a moment of frustration after all. Still, his expression was too good to pass up for this caption.)

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When You're Freaking Out Just a Little Bit During the National Anthem...

Carly Patterson
© Donald Miralle / Getty Images

Why is it always this song that releases the butterflies? It's like some sort of a sick joke.

(Pictured: Carly Patterson at the 2004 Olympic Trials. Patterson was the co-national champion that year and went on to win the Olympic all-around title, but at the Trials, the butterflies did indeed get her. She fell multiple times on beam, her best event, and finished third all-around.)

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When You Just Missed Qualifying by the Smallest Amount Possible...

Viktoria Komova
© Ronald Martinez / Getty Images.

Or, missed out on Olympic gold. It's pretty much the same thing.

(Pictured: Viktoria Komova, after missing out on the all-around gold in 2012.)

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When You Want It Oh-So-Badly...

Gabby Douglas
© Streeter Lecka / Getty Images

But of course you have to wait for the judges. Don't they know you need to know your score right now? You can play it cool though.

(Pictured: Gabby Douglas, at the 2012 Olympics, before her gold-medal results were known.)

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When You Know You've Got This Routine...

Nastia Liukin
© Nick Laham / Getty Images

I'm going to own this one. Big time.

(Pictured: Nastia Liukin at the 2008 Olympic Trials. She did own it -- she earned a spot ont he Olympic team by placing second all-around. And then later, she won the Olympic all-around title.)

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And Then, When You Do Rock It at Just the Right Time...

Sasha Artemev
© Al Bello / Getty Images

Gymnastics, once again, is the best sport in the world!

(Pictured: Sasha Artemev after hitting a routine at the 2008 Olympic Trials.)