10 Fab Beatle Christmas Gifts

Do you have a die-hard Beatles fan in your life? If so, these 10 gifts might be the perfect thing for you to get them this Christmas season.

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"The Beatles 1+" DVD or BluRay

The Beatles 1+ DVD or BluRay Box Set
Apple Corps Ltd.

This year's holiday season "must have" product for Beatle fans the world over is the newly released Beatles 1+ box set. What you get is a beautifully packaged three-disc set with a thick book, all included in an outer slipcase. The three discs comprise the standard DVD (or BluRay) with 27 videos of all their Number One hits, all freshly restored, remastered and re-mixed. Added to that is an additional disc with 23 rare or alternative video film clips, plus a CD of the 27 number one hits, also remastered and remixed.  

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"The Beatles 1" DVD or BluRay

The Beatles 1 DVD or BluRay
Apple Corps Ltd.

If your budget doesn't run to the three-disc Beatles 1+ set there is also a single disc DVD or BluRayBeat option, or you could go for this set which is kind of half-way between the two. This Beatles 1 set contains the DVD (or BluRay) with 27 freshly restored, remastered and re-mixed Number One hit songs in video form, plus the 2015 version of The Beatles 1 CD, which has also been remastered and remixed. These are contained in a triple-fold, digi-pac cover with a booklet included. 

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"The Beatles 1" on Double Vinyl LP

The Beatles 1 Vinyl - 2015 re-mix and remaster
Apple Corps Ltd.

If the Beatle fan in your life is into vinyl, then they won't be disappointed if this is a gift under the tree. It's the latest edition of The Beatles 1 (27 songs that went to the Number One spot on the charts). Like the DVD and CD sets, these have all been remixed and remastered in 2015 at the Abbey Road studios in London by Giles Martin (son of George Martin, the Beatles original producer). This double LP gatefold set is beautifully packaged. It comes with special illustrated inner sleeves, four-color portraits (one for each Beatle), plus a giant poster with examples of Beatle singles covers from around the world. Really nicely done.

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Ringo Starr's "Photograph" Book

Ringo Starr "Photograph" Book (2015)
Genesis Books

When you see photographs of the early Beatles you often see them carrying their own cameras. So whatever happened to all those photographs they must have taken of themselves as the Beatles whirlwind unfolded around them? Well, in Ringo Starr's case they were thought to be lost forever until one day he re-discovered them. "We finally found them in a basement in storage," he told Rolling Stone magazine. "I was shocked.....we even found two books of negatives." These have now been compiled into a fascinating book published by Genesis simply called Photograph. Ringo's photos take us from his childhood, The Beatles, friends, family, and beyond. Many of the images have never before been published.

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"The Zapple Diaries"

The Zapple Diaries: The Rise and Fall of the Last Beatles Label
Peter Owen Publishers

There have been many books written about The Beatles. Most focus on them as a band and their music, but a few look at their business dealings and the group's foray into running their own company, called Apple. When Apple was first set up in the late 1960s it had bold ambitions to create music, films, shops, an electronics division, and even an Apple school. The mainstream Apple Records would release Beatle music of course, plus a wide variety of other artists. The Beatles also established a label called Zapple Records, which was to issue more obscure, artistic and experimental works. It was run by Barry Miles and he details what happened in The Zapple Diaries: The Rise and Fall of the Last Beatles Label. For anyone really interested in Beatle history this would be a great holiday must-read.  

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The Beatles Monopoly Game

The Beatles Monopoly board game
Hasbro/Monopoly/Apple Corps Ltd.

Let's face it. When it's holiday season it is always good to have a few good board games on standby for when the family or friends need to challenge each other. What better game for the Beatle fan who has everything than the classic Monopoly, customized to tell the story of the band with each album represented, famous recording studios, Beatle money, and six collectible tokens. 

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Paul McCartney "Tug of War" and "Pipes of Peace" Re-issues

Paul McCartney "Tug of War"
MPL Communications Inc/Ltd and Concord Music

For some time now Paul McCartney has been re-issuing his back-catalog in expanded and remastered versions. He calls this The Archive Collection, and the most recent releases in the series are his 1982 album Tug of War, and from 1983 Pipes of Peace. Both have been given the deluxe treatment (available as lavishly illustrated books with CDs and DVDs included), but also as more affordable standard editions (and also as double vinyl LPs for the vinyl collector in your family). 

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"The Beatles: All These Years"

The Beatles: All These Years Volume 1 Tune In
Crown Archetype Publishers

Despite being released in 2013, if the Beatle nut in your life doesn't already have this book then you can't go wrong in purchasing a copy. This is the first of three volumes in what will eventually become the definitive history of the Beatles. This first book takes the story up to the end of 1962, as the band stood on the very cusp of the huge success they were to enjoy. Yes, it has a very long title: The Beatles: All These Years. Volume 1: Tune In, but Mark Lewisohn's writing is superb and involving. Highly recommended.

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A Beatles Tee

Beatles Tee - "Revolver"
Apple Corps Ltd.

When it gets down to it you can't go past a good quality Beatle t-shirt as a gift. Best to go with the officially licensed product if you can, but there are a lot of other choices out there.

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The Beatles Official Stores

Beatles Official Site Store
Apple Corps Ltd.

Finally, if the search for Beatle gifts gets to be all too much and you need further inspiration, have a browse around The Beatles' own online stores. They have separate sites for the UK/Europe, USA, Brazil, Japan, Canada, and an iTunes site as well. Happy holidays!