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Eyelash Extensions
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A few years back, I had eyelash extensions. While I loved the results, I didn't love the upkeep and maintenance. They seemed to start falling out nearly the day I got them, it took two hours to have them applied and they are costly ($300 and up).

I decided to give eyelash extensions another shot last month before my beach vacation. The possibility of long, dark lashes made me willing to overlook the hassle of the last time around.

Were they any different two years later?

How Do Eyelash Extensions Work?

I had my eyelash extensions applied at the Pierre Michel Salon in New York, by Colette. The cost was $350, with a $100 touch up recommended after two weeks. It took 90 minutes from start to finish for her to apply the lashes. I napped a bit during that's not much else to do when your eyes are closed for that length of time.

During eyelash extensions, individual lashes are glued to your own individual lashes, which is why the process takes so long.

How Are the Results of the Eyelash Extensions?

The results are immediate and dramatic. My eyelashes were long and gorgeous—just like I wanted. It's safe to wear eyeliner, shadow and other makeup, but I found that for daytime, I didn't need anything else, especially when I was at the beach. Because lash extensions are only for upper lids, I did need to use mascara on my lower lashes.

In fact, when I didn't, I looked slightly odd as my upper ones were so dramatically dark and long.

Alas, the eyelashes are still high maintenance. You can only use a certain type of eye makeup remover, so as not to destroy the glue. One of the approved brands is Maybelline Expert Eyes. I didn't like using it.

It's greasy and got in my eyes. I had to wash my face in two parts, so I don't get my facial cleanser near my eyes (which would also risk ruining the glue).

How Long Do the Eyelash Extensions Last?

The eyelash extensions lasted for about three weeks. These did last longer than the ones I had a few years back. I did not go for my touch up. I was back from the beach and ready to go back to lower-maintenance lashes, i.e. my own natural ones.

Are Eyelash Extensions Right for Me?

Eyelash extensions are not for everyday. They are time consuming and costly. But boy, did I love having them!